Sat: Jul 22, 2017

» Surviving My Own Stupidity. Holy crap, I had no idea linseed oil could just spontaneously combust like that!     #

» unshorten, see where those stupid short links lead to (things like     #

» Iz U Ded? and Dead Man's Switch. Both sites let you setup automated actions to happen if you die (or don't respond to them in a timely manner). Handy if you live alone and want to make sure someone deals with things if you can't make it.     #

Wed: Jul 19, 2017

» USPS Informed Delivery. Set this up recently and I find it really interesting. They send you a photo every day of the mail that will be coming to your mailbox. Handy if you are waiting on something in particular and want to know if it's being delivered.     #

Sat: Jul 01, 2017

» Converting PST files to Linux MBOX format.     #

Tue: Jun 27, 2017

» etckeeper, helps keep /etc in version control.     #

Sat: Jun 24, 2017

» Mousetrap (Denver). Hah, I had no idea this monstrosity had it's own Wikipedia page!     #

Thu: Jun 15, 2017

» Linux Backup Solutions. Great list.     #

» How To Safely Store A Password. TL;DR - use bcrypt.     #

Tue: Jun 13, 2017

» Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Artisan’s Asylum. Oh man, if I lived there I’d join in a heartbeat.     #

» OUTSMART BIG BRANDS, Find perfect, money saving alternativesto expensive brand products!     #

» The Base Trip - Portugal. I like how the information is presented, especially things like power plug types and such.     #

» Shawnessy, Calgary, Alberta Current Weather Conditions. Not that the location is important but it really show the power of weeWX. I look forward to making my own weather station at some point.     #

» How to Cook on Himalayan Salt Blocks. I've done shrimp on mine a couple times and it's amazing.     #

» Pi Camera Setup. When I got mine I noticed there were no instructions at all (including which way to plug the cable in...) This helps.     #

» Wilderness Survival - Signaling for help.     #

» Wirelessly Control Your DSLR for Less Than $40 by using a small travel router. Clever idea.     #

» How To Make Ketchup in the Slow Cooker     #

» A SOFT MURMUR, Ambient sounds to wash away distraction.     #

» Anatomy of a First Aid Kit. From the Red Cross, they give you a list of items you should have.     #

» htaccess - A collection of useful .htaccess snippets. For the Apache web server. There's also something similar for NGINX.     #

» Giant Photostrips. That's pretty cool, and a super reasonable price (2 for $20 right now).     #

» Mopher - Firewall like mail filter. Runs as a Sendmail Milter. I've been thinking about finally moving away from Sendmail and over to Postfix, hoping the conversion will be simple.     #

Mon: Jun 12, 2017

» SCORKL - Breathe underwater with TOTAL freedom. I like the idea - especially that you can refill with a hand pump but yeesh that price ($250!)     #

» Over the weekend I picked this up at the GoPro Mountain Games: Matador Freerain24 Backpack and I kept thinking "I know I've seen this before". Then I found this in my open browser tabs: Sea x Sky - The Waterproof Backpack That Fits In Your Pocket. I have no idea if the two companies are related, or if one ripped off the other but those are identical bags...     #

Sun: Jun 11, 2017

» NextCloud on Pi 2/3 Start to finish Guide. Not a bad guide but it may need some updating.     #

» OpenVPN Static Key Mini-HowTo, basically what I used for my home router setup. It's working great for my phones and tablets.     #

» RemixRotation EDM Player, scans across YouTube and comes up with new music every day.     #

» microPython and the ESP. Looks like it's still a little too early to start using it but interesting none the less.     #

» Get your loved ones off Facebook. Yes.     #

» Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape. This seems like something that should be in every well-stocked home repair kit, you never know when you'd need something like that.     #

» Network Protocols. If you care about how the Internet actually works this is worth a read.     #

» 27 Styles of Rapping. I found this highly entertaining.     #

Tue: Jun 06, 2017

» Worth looking through these resources...


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