Wed: Feb 08, 2017

Tool Storage Cabinet. I love how the "wings" swing out and it's double-sided peg-board...     #>

Mozilla adds working HTML5 Video autoplay blocking to Firefox. This actually happened a year and a half ago but not everyone is aware that you can edit your about:config to force the setting (it's media.autoplay.enabled and you need to set it to "false").     #>

Razberry Z-Wave, turns your Raspberry Pi into a z-wave hub.     #>

. Open-source management software (you run a server and it connects to the clients you have installed on other devices).     #>

Portable Mini Timelapse Camera. Tech is getting super cheap and super capable, this is pretty interesting.     #>

This is Why People Fear the ‘Internet of Things’. My current track is to have my router run an OpenVPN server and then deny my cameras and other IOT devices access to the Internet via firewall. That way I can VPN into my house and access everything but nothing speaks outbound without my permission.     #>

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