Wed: Apr 19, 2017

» [ROM] [FLOUNDER] [WIFI] [OFFICIAL] RESURRECTION REMIX v5.8.2. Tossed this in a Nexus 9 tablet I just picked up and am pretty happy with it. Add the Open GApps (Arm64 nano version) and life's good.     #

Tue: Apr 18, 2017

» Iron Tips: Soldering Headphones and Enamel Wire. I remember trying to repair a favorite pair of headphones years ago, those wires are ridiculously thin...     #

» Building A Raspberry Pi VPN Part One: How And Why To Build A Server. I opted to do it via my router since I'm running Tomato and it was an option, but if I didn't have that choice I'd definitely implement this for when I travel.     #

Sun: Apr 16, 2017

» How To Use SSHFS to Mount Remote File Systems Over SSH. Been doing this for a while for a couple things, it's handy having remote mounted as a local file system.     #

» How to find out Raspberry Pi GPU and ARM CPU temperature on Linux. Handy.     #

» A Simple Guide to the ‘Desaturated Urban Look’ in Lightroom. Like so many things it's easy to over-use, but I think it has it's place.     #

» The Quick-Access Kenti Backpack. Not bad.     #

» Phrame is a New Frame Designed to Show Off Instant Photos. Looks nice until you realize you can get an Ikea RIBBA frame that's basically the same but a fraction of the price.     #

» Animated Picture Frame Needs Charging Once Per Month. Clever use for an old Kindle...     #

» Script day – Amazon AWS Signature Version 4 With Bash. Uggh, I've been dealing with this at work and let's just call it a challenge... The failure mode is also just "signature not valid", that's it, you get no more information. It makes it incredibly difficult to debug issues.     #

» The Document Which Used To Be Called The MIT Lockpicking Guide. I picked up one of those clear padlocks, it's kinda fun to just noddle around with. Might try to pick my front door deadbolt, see if I can start learning more.     #

» Marmot Specials, solid deals straight from the manufacturer... I love my Marmot gear, I have a few jackets from them that get a lot of use in the winter.     #

» The Vanual, for making your own camper van conversion.     #

Sat: Apr 15, 2017

» Introducing “gnirehtet”, a reverse tethering tool for Android. That's actually really cool, use your computer and a USB cable to get Internet access for your phone (good in places where maybe you only have a wired connection or limited to the number of devices you can attach to wifi...)     #

» Coyote Hazing: Guidelines for Discouraging Neighborhood Coyotes. It's a shame that this is required but it's better than pushing them out of the neighborhoods entirely...     #

» Canon Powershot G12 Digital Camera at KEH (so used). After so many years of excellent service mine finally died (some part of the lens control broke, the lens wouldn't extend or retract, it was stuck in this grey area.) I'm still debating replacing it with the same thing, but in all honesty I should just upgrade to current technology (though there's a lot to be said for this G12...)     #

» Converting h.265 (HEVC) to h.264 (AVC) with ffmpeg. My FireTV was playing HEVC fine, then it had some problems, now with an upgrade to Kodi 17 it's back to working fine again. This is bookmarked just in case it acts up again.     #

» R-Pi Troubleshooting and The Boot Problems Sticky. I had a problem with my RPi3 twice now, re-flashing the card fixed it. I've swapped the card out, and I'm going to just back it up into a disk image to save me the grief of rebuilding from scratch next time.     #

» LackRack. Turns out a cheap Lack table from Ikea is the right dimensions to mount rack-mount computer equipment...     #

» PCBite, The professional and affordable PCB holder. I like the idea but holy crap, $80 for a magnetic post that includes a spring?     #

» How to Create a Simple DIY Smoke Effect for Product Shots. Pretty clever.     #

» Colorado from space: Astronauts’ shots of Denver and the Front Range over the years. Neat!     #

» How to Upgrade Debian 7 Wheezy to Debian 8 Jessie. Worked perfectly on a VPS I have. I did get bit by a couple of things so be sure to check Issues to be aware of for jessie. I specifically got hit with: Apache Upgrading to 2.4 from 2.2. This went smooth enough I'm going to migrate my CentOS servers over to Debian (there's no way to go from CentOS 6 to 7, you have to start from scratch and rebuild... Screw that noise.)     #

» Help the Honey Bees Pesticide List. Helps you determine what NOT to use so you can keep the bee populations up.     #

» Best view of Denver skyline, with mountains behind it (from the East looking West)? Discussion on Reddit /r/Denver...     #

» Sonoff - WiFi Wireless Smart Switch. Five bucks and it's got a little ESP8266 embedded in it... So tempted, though I don't know for what yet.     #

» Read, write and modify ISO images Using ISOMaster. The modify is the handy bit in this one, it's been easy to read and write for a long time now.     #

Thu: Apr 13, 2017

» I really dig Mike Realm's stuff, this one is no exception. Dead Room.     #

Wed: Apr 12, 2017

» Simple Nextcloud Installation on Raspberry Pi. This worked fine for me, though I'm using MariaDB for the database (just an "apt-get install mariadb-server"). I originally was trying with PHP7 as well and had trouble with the php-gd and php-curl modules not being recognized by Nextcloud. Downgrading to PHP5 worked just fine though.     #

Tue: Apr 11, 2017

» LeapSecond. That is certainly an obsession with clocks and time... Excluding national government laboratories, my home time lab now has the most accurate clock in the world.     #

Thu: Mar 30, 2017

» Fuck Cory Gardner. That asshole of a Senator has taken every chance possible to sell out Coloradans and then has the balls to claim everyone calling his office is a "paid protestor". Fuck him.     #

Sat: Mar 25, 2017

» 4 Tips for Posing Subjects by Wedding Photographer Lexia Frank. I really like the 2nd tip down, using the small box or brick to elevate one foot.     #

» Drugslab. Interesting YouTube channel.

Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs. On this YouTube channel we will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effects of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type of drug by commenting in the comment section below our videos or by using the hashtag #drugslab.

» Pi Relay, Switching Relays With Android & Raspberry Pi     #

» Raspberry Weather, build a Raspberry Pi based weather station. I'm going to do something similar but with a NodeMCU instead.     #

» iSpyConnect, Open Source Video Surveillance Software (for running cameras from a Windows system.)     #

» Illuminating New Take on Magnetic Switches. Fantastic!     #

» Neat, I had no idea you could do automation with Google Sheets (their online spreadsheet app):


» Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route. Ride across Colorado on a motorcycle using minimal paved roads.     #

» Nimuno Loops - The Toy Block Tape. Rubber tape you can use with Lego!     #

» Advertising online is getting to be too pervasive for me, so here's some solutions:


» Use the hardware-based full disk encryption of your TCG Opal SSD with msed. I found out that if your SSD (Solid State Disk) supports Opal then it has a hardware level encryption built-in. I wonder how I find out if my current disk has it...     #

» SSHFS Windows 10. Nice, if I ever upgrade to Win10 this will be going on it.     #

» SST Is A Very Tidy ESP8266 Smart Thermostat. I am super interested in replacing my thermostat with something like this, something where I have the ultimate control (I'm really unhappy with the constant "all data is online" push from crappy vendors.)     #

» How Do I Crack Satellite and Cable Pay TV?. From the Chaos Computer Club so you know it'll be comprehensive.     #

» This Free Lightroom Plugin Reveals the Active Focus Point in Your Photos. There's been more than once where I've reviewed photos and asked "what the f-- did the camera actually focus on???"     #

» Termux for Android. Oh hells yeah, especially since it's available on F-Droid. The website also includes instructions on using a soft keyboard so you can use things like the volume button to be able to hit the escape key (so useful in vi...)     #

» Now that the idiots in the Senate have decided it's ok for your ISP to sell every bit of your internet usage it's probably worth setting up OpenVPN on a server you control (I have it on several machines so I can switch around). Some decent tutorials:


» Tynan 2017 Gear Post. I love it when he does these.     #

» Trello Inspiration, find nice examples of how people are using Trello (I'd assume this would apply to general Kanban boards as well.)     #

» 5 Must-Dos in America’s Newest National Monument. Better hurry before the assholes in the Senate roll back the Monument status and open it for oil exploration.     #

» D*I*Y Planner Templates. Some great stuff in there.     #

» HTML element reference. Excellent reference.     #

» Casa Bonita - Behind the Scenes. I've had some out of town folks tell me they can't believe it real, they assume that South Park just made the place up. I can assure you, it's very real.     #

» Getting Started with Your Multimeter. Excellent guide.     #

» Bread Baking 101 for Beginners. I'm going to start pointing people to this, they seem to think making bread at home is some kind of magic, when in reality it's pretty simple.     #

» Blazetower outdoor fireplace. Looks like I've got a new welding project!     #

» webm to mp4 conversion using ffmpeg. Looks like the secret is the presentation timestamp, the answer tells how to create it properly in the mp4.     #

» Sunrise for Hue Bulbs. Slick, simulates the sun cycle inside your own home.     #

Fri: Mar 24, 2017

» X-Shield face coverings, for when you want to keep crap out of your eyes AND want to look like you stepped out of the HBO "Westworld" series. Unfortunately it looks like most of the models are sold out.     #

» How to Stop Spam Bots from Ruining Your Analytics Referral Data     #

» Rethink Your EDC - Gear Tasting Radio 01. I really like how he puts show-notes in with links to everything he talks about.     #

» YalpStore, Download apks from Google Play Store. Doesn't get past paying for things but will let you download free things. Handy if you have a device without Play access, or if you want to keep an archive of versions.     #

» Guide: Installing and Running a GNU/Linux Environment on Any Android Device. Probably better on a tablet but could be fun on an old Nexus 4 phone...     #

» Nestlé Products to Boycott. Their CEO has publicly stated that access to clean water is not a right, there's no reason to support a company with those views.     #

» NeoPixel NeoJoints, solder connectors for strips of LED lights. That's a pretty clever idea.     #

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