Wed: Dec 17, 2014

» Smart, Penguin Dry Ice has Dry Ice Ideas to find the closest location to you that stocks dry ice. Found via one of the YouTube channels I subscribe to: Get a Sci-Fi Look with Dry Ice & Fog! which shows how using the dry ice with a fog machine works really well (I have a crappy small fog machine from Halloween, I may give this a try...)     #

Mon: Dec 15, 2014

» Huge kudos to Princeton Tec as a customer-focused company. A couple years ago I picked up a "Fuel headlamp" but it ended up just sitting in the closet since I had so many other headlamps already (apparently I was into collecting them). Not too long ago I decided to pull it out and start using it since my existing Fuel had lost one LED (the whole headlamp still works, it's just using 2 LEDs instead of 3, which cut down on the brightness.)

When I removed the new one from it's packaging and tried to open the battery door to put batteries in the retaining tab on the battery door snapped off. I was able to transfer the door from the existing headlamp to the new one but it was still a bummer so I emailed Princeton Tec's support and explained my situation. Keep in mind this particular headlamp had sat in my closet for at least 2 years and I had no receipt for it. Customer support was fantastic, they asked for my home address and less than a week later I received a package that included two new battery doors (and the metal pins that function as the hinge). This was no charge to me and they never asked for anything more than my address. I love companies that actual practice customer support, you can bet my next headlamp purchase will be from Princeton Tec.     #

» Did You Know Robocop Has An Almost Perfectly Symmetrical Plot? I never realized that, interesting.     #

Sat: Dec 13, 2014

» Snapshot on Export for Lightroom. Another handy plugin from Jeffrey Friedl, this one will take a "snapshot" of the development settings when you export a photo. You can save that off then feel free to work on the photo further (also handy if your Lightroom catalog crashes and you lose that data...)     #

» Micromuff, cuts down on wind noise when using not-professional microphones...     #

» Ajenti Webserver Control Panel. Looks fantastic, a much improved Webmin...     #

» Subsonic Media Streamer. Looks nice, they have a ton of installers, and the premium option is very reasonable ($1 per month). I mostly listen to Digital Gunfire but may use this when I travel...     #

Sun: Dec 07, 2014

» HTML5 Video and the End of Plugins. Good and bad, I really enjoy using Flashblock but I hate having Flash installed in the first place.     #

Sat: Dec 06, 2014

» JohnnyExpress. That was pretty good.     #

Fri: Dec 05, 2014

» Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy. I've really enjoyed watching the Every Frame a Painting YouTube channel, I'm going to sign up for Patreon and support him. I have no interest in making movies but I learn so much from every video.


Wed: Dec 03, 2014

» Busy light for Lync. Hah, great idea. Doesn't work as a remote employee but otherwise cool.     #

» Flickr is about to sell off your Creative Commons photos. Wow, shit move on Flickr's part. Guess they aren't done screwing their users over yet though this time it's not just user interface changes.     #

» How to Cut Rope in an Emergency. Use cordelette to cut rope. Works best on nylon ropes obviously.


» Don't use dd as a quick version of disk mirroring. Aka "be aware of disk unique IDs".     #

» Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept. I've long thought the Chevy Colorado line was a poor replacement for my S-10, this is one I'd finally be interested in (naturally it's not available for purchase...)     #

Tue: Dec 02, 2014

» Hiking through Little Wild Horse Canyon near Goblin Valley State Park (Utah) we came across a boulder that was piled high with many hiking cairns (I guess to insure you are on the right path through the slot canyon?) This particular cairn was tucked away inside a hueco (pronounced "way co") up the canyon wall. If you'd like: wallpaper sized.

Your Daily Zen     #

Mon: Dec 01, 2014

» WDTV Hub Gen. Nice, pulls down movie posters and metadata for movies and tv shows you may have on your NAS. Just tested it with my WD TV Live and it works great, now to let it churn through all of the movies...     #

» Turn a Short Video into a Cinemagraph in Photoshop In Minutes. Not sure I have any appropriate video right now but I could shoot some with an eye towards this...     #

» Specto for Linux and WebMon for Windows. Two tools that will "watch" a website looking for changes. Sometimes RSS feeds don't exist (or get updated), sometimes you just want to know when something has gone live, or you'd like to know if someone came in and messed with your page. For whatever reason you can use a tool like this to keep an eye on things. It should be noted that Specto is considered abandon-ware, the author has stated that it's dead to him and will not be worked on anymore, but if the program works there's no reason for it to be updated...     #

» Slow Motion Water Balloon vs. Face Slap . The first half of this video where the balloons didn't break is now my favorite video from a high speed camera.


» Video: The Golden Ratio vs. The Rule of Thirds. Apparently a couple of the Crop tool overlays in Lightroom are for the Golden Ratio.     #

» Minimal squid3 proxy configuration. Worked great to get a new install quickly running, though I am just using ncsa_auth and htpasswd to add the couple of users I needed.     #

» For Mere Mortals, a website to tie into the "Wood Working for Mere Mortals" YouTube channel, and this one has a "home/garden" section as well. I've enjoyed his videos for a while, nice to see a website where they are being collected.     #

» A Rundown of Common ‘Tricks of the Trade’ Used by Professional Product Photographers. I knew of a couple of these but the "ice on the bottle" trick is new and nifty.     #

» Google Devices and Security. Interesting, Google will tell you what devices have your Google account information (phones/tablets/laptops/etc). Handy to check if your account has either been compromised or you forgot to scrub it when selling a device...     #

» Excel Templates, some decent stuff in there that should work in Libre Office as well.     #

» Combo lock trick. This is great, I never understood how a combination lock works. I also had no idea there was a "reverse combination" but after seeing the insides it makes sense.


» Pork Cuts: A Visual Guide. A friend is in talks to buy a whole pig from a local farmer, this will come in handy (hell yeah I'm in on this deal!)     #

» D-Vasive. For Android, tells you when an app has activated the camera, microphone, bluetooth, or wifi. Helps let you know what is spying on you.     #

Tue: Nov 18, 2014

» This adjustable tablet stand for your desk is also a photo frame. Well that's just smart.     #

» How to Fix the RSS Feed. So now I'm using a feed of a feed. Whatever, it works. There's also the dilbert-rss script you can grab from GitHub and run yourself.     #

» Trader Joe Has a Brother. He’s Even Better. Huh, I recognize the sign but I had no idea the backstory.     #

» Point home security device. Simple, no camera, built in smoke detector.     #

» The world-famous Schwartz's Deli in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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