Sat: Mar 25, 2017

» 4 Tips for Posing Subjects by Wedding Photographer Lexia Frank. I really like the 2nd tip down, using the small box or brick to elevate one foot.     #

» Drugslab. Interesting YouTube channel.

Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs. On this YouTube channel we will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effects of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type of drug by commenting in the comment section below our videos or by using the hashtag #drugslab.

» Pi Relay, Switching Relays With Android & Raspberry Pi     #

» Raspberry Weather, build a Raspberry Pi based weather station. I'm going to do something similar but with a NodeMCU instead.     #

» iSpyConnect, Open Source Video Surveillance Software (for running cameras from a Windows system.)     #

» Illuminating New Take on Magnetic Switches. Fantastic!     #

» Neat, I had no idea you could do automation with Google Sheets (their online spreadsheet app):


» Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route. Ride across Colorado on a motorcycle using minimal paved roads.     #

» Nimuno Loops - The Toy Block Tape. Rubber tape you can use with Lego!     #

» Advertising online is getting to be too pervasive for me, so here's some solutions:


» Use the hardware-based full disk encryption of your TCG Opal SSD with msed. I found out that if your SSD (Solid State Disk) supports Opal then it has a hardware level encryption built-in. I wonder how I find out if my current disk has it...     #

» SSHFS Windows 10. Nice, if I ever upgrade to Win10 this will be going on it.     #

» SST Is A Very Tidy ESP8266 Smart Thermostat. I am super interested in replacing my thermostat with something like this, something where I have the ultimate control (I'm really unhappy with the constant "all data is online" push from crappy vendors.)     #

» How Do I Crack Satellite and Cable Pay TV?. From the Chaos Computer Club so you know it'll be comprehensive.     #

» This Free Lightroom Plugin Reveals the Active Focus Point in Your Photos. There's been more than once where I've reviewed photos and asked "what the f-- did the camera actually focus on???"     #

» Termux for Android. Oh hells yeah, especially since it's available on F-Droid. The website also includes instructions on using a soft keyboard so you can use things like the volume button to be able to hit the escape key (so useful in vi...)     #

» Now that the idiots in the Senate have decided it's ok for your ISP to sell every bit of your internet usage it's probably worth setting up OpenVPN on a server you control (I have it on several machines so I can switch around). Some decent tutorials:


» Tynan 2017 Gear Post. I love it when he does these.     #

» Trello Inspiration, find nice examples of how people are using Trello (I'd assume this would apply to general Kanban boards as well.)     #

» 5 Must-Dos in America’s Newest National Monument. Better hurry before the assholes in the Senate roll back the Monument status and open it for oil exploration.     #

» D*I*Y Planner Templates. Some great stuff in there.     #

» HTML element reference. Excellent reference.     #

» Casa Bonita - Behind the Scenes. I've had some out of town folks tell me they can't believe it real, they assume that South Park just made the place up. I can assure you, it's very real.     #

» Getting Started with Your Multimeter. Excellent guide.     #

» Bread Baking 101 for Beginners. I'm going to start pointing people to this, they seem to think making bread at home is some kind of magic, when in reality it's pretty simple.     #

» Blazetower outdoor fireplace. Looks like I've got a new welding project!     #

» webm to mp4 conversion using ffmpeg. Looks like the secret is the presentation timestamp, the answer tells how to create it properly in the mp4.     #

» Sunrise for Hue Bulbs. Slick, simulates the sun cycle inside your own home.     #

Fri: Mar 24, 2017

» X-Shield face coverings, for when you want to keep crap out of your eyes AND want to look like you stepped out of the HBO "Westworld" series. Unfortunately it looks like most of the models are sold out.     #

» How to Stop Spam Bots from Ruining Your Analytics Referral Data     #

» Rethink Your EDC - Gear Tasting Radio 01. I really like how he puts show-notes in with links to everything he talks about.     #

» YalpStore, Download apks from Google Play Store. Doesn't get past paying for things but will let you download free things. Handy if you have a device without Play access, or if you want to keep an archive of versions.     #

» Guide: Installing and Running a GNU/Linux Environment on Any Android Device. Probably better on a tablet but could be fun on an old Nexus 4 phone...     #

» Nestlé Products to Boycott. Their CEO has publicly stated that access to clean water is not a right, there's no reason to support a company with those views.     #

» NeoPixel NeoJoints, solder connectors for strips of LED lights. That's a pretty clever idea.     #

Thu: Mar 23, 2017

» Learn to Read Russian in 15 Minutes! Important to note that's "read" and not "speak".     #

» Mooshimeter, the Wireless Multimeter & Data Logging DMM that uses your smartphone as the Display. I love the idea, not entirely keen on the price. I guess I'll stick to the free Harbor Freight multi-meters...     #

» DNS Tunneling: Getting The Data Out Over Other Peoples’ WiFi     #

» List of Windows 7 telemetry updates to avoid and even better, a script to auto-uninstall them.     #

» How to Shoot Through Glass Without Unwanted Reflections. When I shoot from up high (a variety of places) at night I just jam the lens as close to the glass as I can and then wrap it with a black t-shirt. That keeps the reflections down and holding it against the glass gives me a slower shutter speed without having to have a tripod (quite a lot of times when I travel I don't have a tripod with me...)     #

» Turn a Raspberry Pi Into an Auto Photo Backup Device. Slick!     #

» Learn Moonwalk. Heh, simple but effective.     #

» How to Build a DIY Double Water Drip System for High Speed Photos     #

» XDA Labs for accessing the XDA Forums from your mobile device.     #

» A State of Trance, I've been enjoying the episodes, good background when working.     #

» Noisli, generates ambient sounds to distract you from what else is going on.     #

» The Definitive Guide to Steak from Serious Eats (so you know it's definitive).     #

» 'Photography and Video' in the School of Rock, from the Mountain Project.     #

» Solve the Cube, a guide to solving the Rubik's Cube.     #

» Greasemonkey for Pale Moon (experimental). Oh hells yeah! That means I can finally use Pale Moon with Social Fixer again! I use Pale Moon through a proxy exclusively to access Facebook, I have everything about FB blocked in my main Firefox browser, and so this means I don't have to use Chromium anymore!     #

Wed: Mar 22, 2017

» Shipping container home. That is amazing, and since he hasn't cut into it he can still put it on an actual ship and send it places. I'm seriously impressed.     #

Mon: Mar 20, 2017

» Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide). That came out really nice, this would make a slick HTPC.     #

Fri: Mar 17, 2017

» The most needed useless thing - spinner. I really enjoy the BrunS videos - he conveys a ton of meaning with no talking (kinda like MyFordBoy but with a faster pace.) Also watch twice, the second time watch the background, it's hilarious.     #

Wed: Mar 15, 2017

» How To Make A Quick-Release Ring Roller. Clever.     #

Tue: Mar 14, 2017

» Have I been pwned? Donate. Done, this guy has a great resource, deserves the be funded.     #

» Jefferson County Colorado Fire Restrictions and Bans. Looks like we are currently in a "Stage 2 ban". According to the Stage Two fire ban page this means that no open fires outside period. I mean they even call out Tiki torches! Seems pretty comprehensive, I wonder if there's a worse stage?     #

» Kitty Grabs Back Electric GoKart. I'm going to kick in on this just because I want to support the guy who made an awesome YouTube channel: Maker Project Lab.     #

» Slow Cooker Carnitas. This is a fantastic recipe, worked great even on the pork I'd had in the freezer for over 3 years that might have had some freezer burn on it...     #

Fri: Mar 10, 2017

» Make Your Own Naked Chicken Chalupa Because Taco Bell Is Taking Theirs Away. Huh, I should go see if my local Taco Bell has them and try it before it goes...     #

» Digital Privacy at the U.S Border: A New How-To Guide from EFF and some advice of what not to do: Stop Fabricating Travel Security Advice     #

» When Prince Made a Chambermaid His Queen For a Day. Entertaining, worth a read.     #

» Lockpick Laws in the United States. In case you wanted to carry a set (uhh, go Tennessee?)     #

Wed: Mar 08, 2017

» Denver Public Library - Studio. That's pretty fantastic, go DPL.     #

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