Fri: Jul 24, 2015

» Front Range Hiking Trail Closed After Damage From Possible Tornado. Wow, seems like very specific damage to a small area.     #

» Storage for Photographers (Part 2). Impressively comprehensive though there's a lot of "I don't know other solutions so I assume they must be difficult" (things like FreeNAS and using Linux for backups.)     #

Thu: Jul 23, 2015

» I just found out, via this HN comment, that Firefox can take a "full page screenshot" (meaning the entire web page, not just what you see on your screen.) This is fantastic and easy to do:

In Firefox press Shift+F2, then type "screenshot --fullpage" in the command line at the bottom of the page. No addon, plugin or extension needed.

» How To Make The Skyblaster Slingshot. Awesome, I'm digging Grant's YouTube videos.     #

Wed: Jul 22, 2015

» Gadgetbridge for Android. Lets you use your Pebble watch without having to use their app that phones home and sends data back.     #

» Making storage trays for my socket set. They came out pretty nice, I'm impressed.     #

» Making Coin Rings. An Imgur gallery that uses less specialized tools than the video from yesterday, but it will still take at least a little investment (and probably some ruined coins until you get good at it.)     #

» Find the Wi-Fi Password for Your Current Network with the Command Line. Handy.     #

Tue: Jul 21, 2015

» Movie Bar Code, distilling movies to their color essence, some are amazing.     #

» The 2 Minute Coin Ring - In Real Time. This does assume some specialty tools. I wonder if he made the video to sell the tools, or devalue the coin rings you may see for sale elsewhere, or both?     #

Fri: Jul 17, 2015

» When I travel I prefer to use a VPN on my phone and laptop when I'm over wireless I'm not too sure about. Fortunately you can install OpenVPN on your own virtual servers pretty easily:

The added bonus is that when I travel internationally I can still watch Netflix with the US catalog since my VPS systems are all in the US. Netflix does this thing where they give you the catalog for the country you are in, not where your account is out of. This means I can also let friends who have Netflix from other countries watch the US catalog easily.     #

Thu: Jul 16, 2015

» DIY: Build a V-Flat with Swappable Catchlight Shapes. Smart.     #

» How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Hand Corporations the Reins to Our Government. And the text is secret, so much for democracy.     #

» Vim Colors, lets you see a color scheme then grab it from a link if you like it. I went with a Tomorrow-Night scheme for PuTTy that I found through it.     #

» Match Group Buys PlentyOfFish For $575M To Bag More Singles. Wow, besides JDate and eHarmony is there a site they don't own yet?     #

» Chemical Apple Pie, using no apples.     #

Wed: Jul 15, 2015

» Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers forums and Teardrop Travel Trailers. In spite of having a way cool utility trailer/tent right now I still love the thought of these (just no way to haul the dirt-bike or quad...)     #

Tue: Jul 14, 2015

» Drone Attack: The Ingenious First Ascent of Colorado‚Äôs Highest Unclimbed Peak. Creative use of a drone...     #

» Offline Dating. That was interesting.     #

Sat: Jul 11, 2015

» How to Configure Windows 10 to Protect Your Privacy. That stupid "Microsoft Account" just to be able to log into your own machine is especially galling.     #

» CM-11 for Amazon Fire Phone. Wow, they got CyanogenMod working on the Fire Phone, impressive.     #

Fri: Jul 10, 2015

» Nordfor sola - North of the sun. I just saw where Vimeo is making a "purchase" (meaning you can actually download the movie and play it at your leisure) for $10. I'm totally in for something like this at that price (doing the rental thing was going to be more hassle than it's worth to try and get it on my TV...)     #

» Perfectly Poached Eggs, in a small mason jar.     #

» Climbing Mt. Elbrus. My friend Anastacia is in this video, she's the one who's punched through the crust at 1:15, she said her legs had nothing to grip, it was just crevasse under her.     #

» Keybase, a public cryptographic key store that has some nice command line features with it.     #

» Cycle Country ARM Snow Plow. I have a quad and it has a winch... This is still way more expensive than just shoveling the snow by hand though.     #

» A Good Movie to Watch - Highly-Rated, Little-Known Movies     #

» Using a 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter for Daytime Long Exposure Photos. I have one on order from a Kickstarter campaign, looking forward to tinkering with it.     #

» Fourneau Bread Oven. I like it but not cheap at $225.     #

» Chuck Klosterman Quotes. I've really enjoyed the couple books of his that I've read.     #

» LibreCrypt: Transparent on-the-fly disk encryption for Windows. LUKS compatible. (formerly DoxBox). Keeping an eye on this, at some point it will be a good replacement for TrueCrypt I think.     #

» Making Miso Soup Without a Recipe, a video tutorial.     #

» Don't Call Yourself a Programmer. This advice applies to so much more than just programmers...     #

» Cygwin Ports, has some stuff the normal Cygwin doesn't have, like KDE (and KDenLive the video editor!) I've gotten it working and while using a Linux VM is a better option for me I'm psyched that this even exists.     #

» Andrew Hamilton Shatters Colorado 14ers Speed Record. 58 peaks. 9 days. 21 hours. 51 minutes. Wow.     #

» BADMEPHISTO's CUBING PAGE. Learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube.     #

» Car Hacker's Handbook. Interesting.     #

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