Mon: Mar 02, 2015

» Goateesaver - The Goatee Shaving Template. Seriously??     #

» Recommended Canon 7D Mark II Settings. Going to need to go through this list, I haven't tweaked mine much yet at all.     #

Fri: Feb 27, 2015

» jDownloader 2 Beta Java Error at Startup. I ran into this same error (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jdownloader.update.launcher.JDLauncher) and the fix at the bottom worked fine. I downloaded the class from the link (that doesn't look like a link), did the swap, removed Core.jar and it fired right up for me.     #

Thu: Feb 26, 2015

» Obama rejects Keystone XL bill. Unexpected good news.     #

Tue: Feb 24, 2015

» WD TV Model Numbers, Model Numbers for all available WD TV Media Players. Important for me since my current WDTVLive has gotten a touch unstable and I'd like to replace it with the same model (the newer versions have dropped Netflix for some inexplicable reason.)     #

» How to Ramen-ize Dried Pasta & Rice. Meaning how to make it tender and chewy.     #

Mon: Feb 23, 2015

» Call of Duty Ad Imagines the Crazy Man Behind the KillCam Camera. Genuinely made me laugh.     #

» Window Switch User Manual. I moved away from NX Server to WinSwitch for running my home server and it's a bit more complicated (but more powerful.)     #

» From Detox To Elimination Diets, Skipping Sugar May Be The Best Bet. Ahh, sugar, my nemesis.     #

» Museum of Endangered Sounds. I know most of those, and I'm pretty confident the 14-year old in this house doesn't.     #

» IUS Community Project, they offer updated packaged for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (which we use at work and is a huge pain in the butt to try and get upgrades unless you are the one guy in your company with download rights...) Very helpful, also updates CentOS which is nice.     #

» sovereign, A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more. I've put together my own server with some of these things, this would be a much better way to do it from scratch now.     #

» ELI5: What the hell makes mattresses so damn expensive? If you can get past the BS wanna-be funny answers there's some good stuff in there.     #

» Trapped moose running past us. That would definitely freak me out.


» The Always Up To Date Guide To Amazon Prime Benefits. It's not just the free shipping (though I have a friend who added me as a family member so I get that and nothing else and it's been worth it for me just with that...)     #

» The Photographers Ephemeris. Last September Google shut down the Maps API that he was using for the Adobe Air version of the app so it's been reborn into a web-based version. There's also an Android and an Apple version for your phone/tablet (I gladly paid the $4.99 for it, worth every penny.)     #

» This Fingerboard Lets Your Mobile Monitor Your Performance | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 439. Both of those things are interesting, good to see there's still innovation in climbing.     #

» The Atlas of Beauty: Portraits of Beautiful Women in Countries Around the World. Definitely attractive subjects...     #

» Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat. Unless you grew it yourself you probably aren't eating what you think you are eating (after reading this I suspect even the produce section at the local grocery store isn't a good place to shop.     #

Thu: Feb 19, 2015

» Super Cheap Data Backups with Amazon Glacier Storage. Neat idea but with the amount of photos I have I'd be paying enough to buy two extra hard drives every year so that's not worth it for me.     #

» Gmane, turns email lists into newsgroups, which is pretty genius.     #

» Map: Where You're Most Likely To Get Hit By A Car On A Bike, Or On Foot - in San Francisco. I haven't spent a lot of time in that city but it sure seems like the whole damn thing is painted red...     #

» What the Web Said Yesterday. I shudder to think what would happen if I set a link-crawler off on my archives...     #

» Map of Climbing Gyms. Neat!     #

» Using Google to DDoS any website. Interesting.     #

» Sunset shot while driving west on I-70 towards Grand Junction last November. Seems whenever I head that direction around sunset I see some amazing sight. Wallpaper sized.

Western Slope Sunset     #

» Repair of a Samsung 204b LCD monitor. I've had mine for almost 10 years and I love that monitor (so hard to find a current one with a 1600x1200 native resolution) but I thought my backlighting was going out. It took a while to turn on and when it did the whole thing was dim. I googled around and found that it's actually a known problem for these monitors, and a $12 kit (I ordered mine from CCL-LA) was just the thing. I actually ordered it a couple months back but I've been lazy about actually doing the work.

I finally decided last night to just deal with it and when I got the monitor open I did have 2 bulging capacitors, though I replaced all 5 since that's what the kit included (I figured I was in there anyway, might as well go for it.) Took me about an hour but I was very slow and conscious about what I was doing. Having a good soldering station helped I think. There's also some quite good YouTube videos on repairing the monitor that show the dis-assembly and what you'd be looking for, highly recommended to watch one or two before starting.     #

» Whiteboard Clock. That is awesome.


Wed: Feb 18, 2015

» Confessions of a congressman. Pathetic.     #

Tue: Feb 17, 2015

» It sure is a pretty drive out to Goblin Valley State Park, Utah. Highly recommended (the park itself is great too, as is hiking Little Wild Horse Canyon just outside park boundaries.) Wallpaper sized.

San Rafael Swell     #

» Equipment Review: Best Laundry Stain Removers. Worth watching to the end.     #

Mon: Feb 16, 2015

» You Get Free Red Bull or $10 If You Bought One In the Last 12 Years. This was posted last October but the deadline for submission is coming up (March 1). I think the crowds have died down, I had no problem submitting a claim. Link directly to the online claim form.     #

» I just put this today this afternoon...

My dog in water and snow     #

Fri: Feb 13, 2015

» Modern IE VMs. Nice way to get some time-limited VMs with Microsoft Operating Systems. I've downloaded the Win10 version just to give it a spin. Someone else pointed out by using cloning the VMs you can get one download to run "indefinitely" (for values of indefinitely == 30 days at a time.)     #

» Things I won't work with. I don't have enough of a chemistry background to know exactly what he's talking about but I do find every entry hilarious.

See, I told you that you didn't want to do this. "Scraping" is yet another one of those verbs that you don't want to hear brought up in this context. If your touch isn't quite delicate enough, someone's going to have to use a larger spatula to scrape you off the ceiling. I note that the experimental section of this paper not only recommends the leather coats that earlier workers in the field have used, but gives suppliers in Berlin and Cologne. And earplugs. And face shields. And helmets. And Kevlar gloves. If scientific meetings were more like fantasy cons, people would be dressing up like this to win prizes.

» The Hunting of Billie Holiday. All for the crap "War on Drugs".     #

» Looks like the successor to TrueCrypt is VeraCrypt, and I'm glad to see someone picking up the pieces. If you'd like to stick with TrueCrypt it looks like there's an archive download at TrueCrypt Final Release Repository. I'm still using TrueCrypt since I don't think it's suddenly worthless but during my next Operating System or computer refresh I'll probably switch over to VeraCrypt since it's being actively worked on.     #

» Image Composite Editor 2.0 adds auto-completion, stereographic projection. Looks interesting, I have heard that this version shows ads on screen though (just while editing, not for the output.)     #

» Chipotle: The Definitive Oral History. I noticed in their graphic of store openings they aren't in Montana, or the Dakotas yet.     #

» The MASH site in Malibu Creek State Park. I had no idea the site was still accessible. MASH started streaming on Netflix and I started watching (since I only remember seeing reruns and such on TV), which got me wondering where it was filmed.     #

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