Fri: Aug 29, 2014

» Kickstarter: Stroopwafel Heaven. I'd make the trip to Vancouver just for this if it goes through, stroopwafels were one of my favorite things during my time in Amsterdam.     #

Wed: Aug 27, 2014

» Tim Hortons, Burger King agree to merger deal. Does that mean I can finally start getting Tim Bits at BK? That may be enough to actually get me into one (nothing against Burger King, I just haven't eaten at one in 10 years or so...)     #

Mon: Aug 25, 2014

» Almond and Peanut Butter Recall from a company that makes a lot of private label (store brand) stuff, worth skimming to see if any of yours are on the list.     #

» DIY: Create a Dead Simple Product Shot Setup Using One Light and Tin Foil. Nice effect.     #

» Chaos Ringtone. Wow, just wow. Never has a ringtone been more accurately named...     #

» TripIt insecurely broadcasts sensitive travel details in calendar feeds. I've never understood the appeal of TripIt, why would you want to hand off all of your travel plans to some random company? I'd rather keep that kind of thing to myself.     #

» Lightdims. That's smart and the price isn't too bad. I don't want to just cover blue LEDs with electrical tape because sometimes I still want to see if something is on, so this seems like a good compromise. And whomever thought everything should have blue LEDs should rot in hell.     #

» S-10 Ultimate Build Info. Always amazes me when someone compiles this much detailed info about something. In this case I have been looking for some details about my truck since I'm in the midst of a clutch replacement (and some things were pretty specific on how to do things based on exactly which transmission/transfer case were currently in it...)     #

» This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature. That's pretty cool.     #

» Talos K9 Sky-Trak Kit. A portable dog-run, looks like a neat idea. I'm not impressed with the nylon rope included but the idea is sound. I have some old climbing rope I hadn't decided what to do with, I may get a pulley and make something similar for Chai when we go camping (usually we just let her roam off-leash but if we are all out on the dirt-bike and quad I think this is a better solution...)     #

» Wyoming ORV Permits. That page will help you find a local shop selling the Off Road Vehicle permits. Thought we were going up there last weekend with the quad, turned out to be a bust because of the weather. Had we gone we would have needed a permit (sucks to have to buy one for just a single day of riding but whatever...)     #

» Announcing calibre 2.0. Congrats to Calibre, probably time for me to donate again.     #

» Policing based on fear can’t work. They sure are giving a hell of a try in Ferguson though.     #

» Interesting graphic of the world showing how different regions prioritize agriculture for either food or fuel (bio-fuels).     #

» How serious is California drought? Check out these before and after pictures, taken only three years apart. Wow.     #

» Disable Thumbs.db creation on network drives in Windows. I had to do this for my new NAS since it was creating those stupid thumbs.db files and locking them, which means I wasn't able to actually move or delete directories on the NAS...     #

Thu: Aug 21, 2014

» Please Like Me. Binge-watched the first season and now eagerly awaiting each episode of season 2. It's pretty hilarious but not in a normal sit-com way. Recommended if you can find it.     #

» In Search of Manhattan’s Last Remaining Skybridges. I had no idea New York had such things! I've been inside skybridges in a few different places (Minneapolis, Des Moines) and the underground version in Montreal but didn't even think to look for them in Manhattan.     #

» How I OCR hundreds of hours of video. Capturing CSPAN and creating a log of speakers. That's pretty slick.     #

» Why your brand-new plane doesn't have a seat-back TV. Having to depend on my own screen would be tough, I'm assuming this will mean I have to install some airline-specific app on my phone or tablet just to be able to watch movies?     #

» Have You Seen This Dog Slackline? That is incredible.     #

» The USA Pro Challenge bike race is coming from Boulder to Denver this weekend for stage 7 and there will be closures. Worth having a look at the site if you live nearby (I know some pretty major roads in Lakewood are closed.)     #

» This Infographic Breaks Down the Most Common Travel Scams by Country. Interesting. I've seen the bracelet one in Paris, and a couple others elsewhere.     #

» Congressman wants to stop transfer of weapons to police. That would be a good first step.     #

» My puppy doesn't have the right shape to swim like a normal dog, so she treads water like a maniac and makes some forward progress... This was at the Chatfield dog park which has a couple ponds for dogs to go swimming in.


Wed: Aug 20, 2014

» This Is What All The Metal Extracted from a Single Mine Looks Like as a Massive Sphere. Doesn't look like much for the amount of digging that happens.     #

» Last weekend I went and did a solo weekend dirt-biking and camping up near Kremmling. The night sky was fantastic and I'd setup the good camera to take a series of shots to build into star-trails (nearly 800 photos!). This one caught my eye, I was hoping I'd caught the meteor on the camera (I saw it while laying in the back of my truck.) Also sized large for wallpaper.

Shone like a meteor, streaming to the wind.     #

Tue: Aug 19, 2014

» Last weekend I went up to dirtbike between Kremmling and Rabbit Ears Pass. I was supposed to meet up with my neighbor but since he left early on Friday and decided to not go to the area we'd agreed on I ended up riding and camping alone. It was still a pretty good day, 50+ miles on easy dirt trails and roads (and I saw my first ever wild turkey!) This was part of the sunrise on the way back out toward Highway 40...

Storm's coming...     #

Mon: Aug 18, 2014

» How to install OS X Mavericks in Virtualbox with Niresh. Now that I'm on an Intel processor with my recent upgrade I found these instructions to work pretty well.     #

» How to Download a Backup of All of Your Facebook Photos and Videos in a Few Easy Steps. Worth doing periodically if you use Facebook for things.     #

» Taste Test: Beef-Based Energy Bar. I tried my first Omnibar about a week ago and wasn't thrilled. Something about the taste combined with the texture wasn't right with me. The texture reminded me of the cans of shredded jerky you used to be able to buy that looked like chewing tobacco. It was held together better than that, but that's really what it seemed like to me. I have one more bar to get through and I likely will not buy them again. I'll stick with Tanka Bars thanks.     #

» Everybody Gets an eBook: 46 Photography eBooks You Can Have for Free     #

» The Drill Bit Rack. Hmm, that's pretty awesome.     #

» Polite Japanese Drivers. Clever, using your hazards as a "thanks".     #

» Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy. A must-watch for film makers.     #

Fri: Aug 15, 2014

» I'm getting ready to do quite a bit of work on the house (or I should say I'm getting ready to hire people to do work on the house) and thought I'd use Angie's List to find the people I'd like have do the work. Unfortunately Angie's List won't tell you how much the service costs until you are already signed up and I think that's crap. Any website that wants to hide how much you are getting charged until you are already deep inside the setup process is not a website I care to use.

Some Googling did result in this: Angie's List Prices but it changes based on your zip code (which is weird as hell to me, does it cost more to service "members" in certain parts of the country?) Still, it took some looking to be able to find that, so I still maintain they are trying to hide their prices and I won't go in for a place like that.     #

» Make a Scifi Grenade Prop. Came out looking great!     #

» Vivax House Painting. I've been getting estimates to get the house painted and these guys have been the best experience by far. Not only did their estimator have a great personality but they actually have a warranty on their work. They offer 3 levels of warranty and their lowest (6 years) works out to be right within the range of estimates I'd gotten so far, so they aren't particularly expensive for what so far has been good service.     #

» Focus Stops People Scrolling Through Photos You Don't Want to Share. That's pretty clever.     #

» And So Castings Made of (Kinetic) Sand . . . Turn Out Pretty Well, Actually. Pretty creative way to liquifying aluminum too. I'm not sure Jenn would be too happy if I took the last of her kinetic sand to try this (what remains after the dog tried eating it all last year when she was too young to know better.)     #

» Humans Need Not Apply. Interesting.


» Awesome Screenshot URL tracking and niki-bot. Be careful of browser add-ons, they may be spying on you...     #

» Irrational Fear of Risks Against Our Children. I have been saying this for a while now, the level of insanity with parenting is ridiculous.     #

» World's Most Insane RV Built For 4-Year-Old. Title is mis-leading, it wasn't "built for a 4 year old", it is being built with the idea of having a child travel with you. Still, it looks very cool.     #

» For A Proper Pretzel Crust, Count On Chemistry And Memories. Some part of me knew about the lye but it never comes to mind when I think I want to make pretzels...     #

» Last sunday I took Chai for a nice hike up Three Mile Creek outside of Grant. Since we got an early start we had the trail mostly to ourselves which was nice. I also went further than I'd been before (not quite to the Rosalie Trail, but still further.) I took the big camera along with my new variable neutral density filter just to play with the water on the creek, I think the results came out pretty solid:

Three Mile Creek

Three Mile Creek     #

Thu: Aug 07, 2014

» Reefer Sanity. Well put. Got into a discussion last weekend with a friend who's on a local city council and she tried to claim that she "has studies that show how addictive pot is". I was truly floored, I didn't think there was anyone left who believed such nonsense.     #

Wed: Aug 06, 2014

» Chimney Box. Looks great but I'm pretty sure I could make one for a fraction of the price.     #

» With Help From America's Test Kitchen, Why Buy When You Can DIY? Make your own Nutella!     #

» Molten Aluminium and Charred Wood Furniture. Beautiful results.     #

» QuoDB, using close captioning to build a database of movie quotes. Would like a "browse" function to see what's popular but it's still nifty.     #

» How to Encrypt Your Android Phone and Why You Might Want To.

Some recent legal rulings have suggested that encryption can protect against warantless searches. The California Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lawfully search your cell phone without a warrant if it’s taken from you during arrest – but they would require a warrant if it was encrypted. A Canadian court has also ruled that phones can be searched without a warrant as long as they’re unencrypted.

» Health and Fitness Life Hack - Umoro One Review. I have to admit that's a pretty clever bottle.     #

» Where is Rosetta? You can zoom in/out with your mouse wheel and click and drag to change the view plane. If you want to see some really staggering math in action hit the "Play" button on the lower left and watch the paths that both Rosetta and the comet take over the years before finally matching up.     #

» Listen to a Movie - Top Secret. This is great, pop on some headphones and listen to your favorite movies at work...     #

» Not So Fast. Great short film, and there's a behind the scenes of Not So Fast that's pretty informative.     #

» I bought a used Polaris Magnum quad for Jenn to drive while I'm on the dirtbike and noticed the petcock (aka "fuel shut-off valve") is leaking. Looking for a replacement leads to insanity, it's $45 for the official Polaris part. Turns out someone found (in this Polaris forums thread) that a Yamaha petcock is a perfect replacement. That Yamaha valve is only $18 on Amazon, so I've gone ahead and purchased it, will know within a couple days if that person was right (and I really hope so, I'd like to save 50% off the crazy price.) As a bonus the Yamaha valve is user-serviceable, I should be able to take it apart and replace the o-rings if the new one starts leaking (not to mention the new one is metal and not plastic...)     #

» Melissa Muir Jewelry, and the Melissa Muir YouTube channel with good tutorials and info.     #

» Metal working in Africa. It's in French but I found I didn't need the audio at all. And I've decided I don't need an anvil anymore, just a chunk of railroad track. (Check out how they make rivets too!)


» Do not weld with brake cleaner. Yikes, definitely something to remember.     #

» Minaal Carry-On Bag. My kind of bag but wow that $300 pricetag...     #

» OfflineReverseGeocode, Perform reverse geocoding locally and offline . Could be handy someday.     #

» Password Safe Related Projects. I went ahead and paid for LastPass but it's always good to be aware of alternatives, especially open source alternatives.     #

» Firefox - Bluhell Firewall. A firewall only for Firefox (not machine-wide). I've been doing well with Request Policy but I understand it's a pain and too complicated for some people so I'm always looking for alternatives to recommend to friends.     #

» Firefox - Adblock Edge. It's just like Adblock but without the "allow some approved ads" checkbox.     #

» Necta Launcher Makes Android Easier for Elders and Children. I know at least one senior who's getting this on his phone. Should cut back on the "my phone doesn't work anymore" phone calls.     #

» Metal Supermarkets Wheatridge. There are a few places to buy metal around Denver (not just DenCol Steel) but they all suffer the same limited hours, generally Monday to Friday 9-5. Not great for the hobbyist who has evenings and weekends free. At least Altitude Steel has some Saturday hours (and they have a scrap section with some great prices if you aren't too picky about what you are getting.)     #

» The Movie Database. An alternative to IMDB?     #

» Type Your Ringtone Sets Spoken-Word Notifications for Apps and Callers. Interesting (looks to be Android only). The comments also have a method for doing this in Tasker, though that app is much more complicated and costs quite a bit more.     #

» Server Check In. Prior to moving to Linode I was having a hell of a time keeping one of my servers up, this would have been handy then. Currently Linode is monitoring my things but I'll definitely keep this in mind.     #

» How To Turn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate GPS Navigator, Nifty though I still prefer carrying an actual GPS but that's partly because the battery life on it is sooo much better (and it picks up the satellites much quicker than my phone.)     #

» Handy Infographic is a Useful Social Media Image Size Cheat-Sheet. In case you care about header graphics and such on various social media sites.     #

» Denver Food Matters: Residential Sales to Benefit Low-Income Communities Most. Interesting, wonder what the uptake is like.     #

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