Mon: May 04, 2015

» The Roomba’s Cofounder Just Launched a Consumer Camera Drone. The price drop on this technology is staggering - this hexacopter looks to be under $500 with the onboard camera included.     #

Sun: May 03, 2015

» where can you go with a passport of United States without a visa. Excellent list.     #

» William Gibson Reads Neuromancer. Someone copied cassette tapes to mp3s     #

» Principles of Natural Running with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella


» The power of intermittent fasting. Along with both You Are ‘When’ You Eat (audio story from NPR) and Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD (video from the BBC) paint an interesting picture of intermittent fasting.     #

» Manage Data Stored by Play Services in This Buried Setting. I wish there was better granularity for deleting the Play data but this is a good start.     #

» Photographer Captures Jaguar Attacking a Caiman. Damn.     #

» Tips for Creating Raw HDR Images in Lightroom CC. Looks like it's best to make your HDR before doing adjustments.     #

» The Best DIY YouTube Channels to Turn You Into a Fix-It Master. Handy if you are a new home buyer or want to see how simple some fixes around the house are.     #

» TurnCycle, a lazy-Susan for your motorcycles.     #

» 3M White Board & Chaulk Board Tape. That's kinda cool, they are making all kinds of surfaces in white board and chalk board these days (I put in for a Kickstarter that is going static-cling white board sheets, kinda like erasable post-its.)     #

» The Japanese Tradition - Sushi. Made me laugh.     #

» A Grand Juror Speaks, The inside story of how prosecutors always get their way.     #

» Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Cauliflower Leaves. Huh.     #

» Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads to Get Less Creepy Ads on Android. Thanks to AdAway on Android I don't see ads much anyway.     #

» The Pizza Lab: The Baking Steel Delivers. I remember that Kickstarter and thinking I was perfectly happy with my thick pizza stone, I may have to re-evaluate (and hopefully prices have stabilized on the steel.)     #

» Stop Oversharing Your Facebook Information. I'd like to point out step 1 should be: never use the "Login with Facebook", if they never had access to your information you have nothing to revoke now.     #

» Portraits of Dogs Before and After Bath Time. Hah, I have one after portrait of Chai, usually she runs around like her butt is on fire after a bath. She loves to lay in puddles or streams and is happy to go swimming when she's chasing a ball or stick but wow does she hate baths.     #

Fri: May 01, 2015

» Burnie Grill, a small and portable version of the Swedish Torch.     #

» Keepass Plugins, a very comprehensive list of extensions for the Keepass password manager.     #

» Johnny Jump Up - Gaelic Storm. The lyrics make me laugh.


» pgloader database migration tool. Loads just about any data from another database into PostgreSQL. Very handy for migrations (say away from MySQL...)     #

» cmder Windows console emulator. I prefer to use PuTTY on my Cygwin install but if I didn't have that I'd go for this in a heartbeat. It's also portable so you can take it from machine to machine.     #

» Zoneminder Foscam FI8918W. Let Zoneminder be the interface to your home security cameras, that would let you use an SSL connection rather than whatever crappy app your camera came with. If you are curious there are Zoneminder screenshots.     #

» Fossdroid, a very nice front-end to the F-droid Open Source Android repository.     #

» Used ThinkPad Buyers Guide. Nice.     #

» How does the calculator percent key work? I don't think I've ever used that key but this is neat none the less.     #

Thu: Apr 30, 2015

» ATROPA -- Sci-fi Short. I am really enjoying some of these shorts coming onto Vimeo.     #

» Reddit, what are some MUST have apps on your cellphone nowadays? It's from 6 months ago but still worth having a look through. I am very sad to find out that Terry Crews' voice is no longer available on Waze too, I would actually pay some money to have that option back.     #

» On Alkalinity. I love reading things by Harold McGee, I always learn so much about food.     #

Wed: Apr 29, 2015

» Versa Vise, with Harry Bryan . I'd love to have one of these and note they make a knock-off called a parrot vice that looks close but is missing some of the attachments shown in the video. Looks like some closer to the original are at Garrett Wade's Ultimate Versatile Vise.


» Craftsman Speed Spinner Ratchet. Want, and I'm surprised I'd never seen one before.     #

» Airstream Workshop. That is amazing.     #

» HEXtension. Socket extensions you can put a wrench on for more torque. Love the concept.     #

» We took a 1997 Lonely Planet tourist guide to New York City and tried to use it in 2015. Interesting.     #

» The Secret Sauce. About Buffalo Wild Wings, interesting read (though I'm still angry at them for switching from Coke to Pepsi.)     #

» An Illustrated History of Tex-Mex. Mmmm, Tex-Mex.     #

» iccloader, Linux widget to update your monitor color profiles, can be used automatically like f.lux.     #

» Locavore Local Meats, operating in the Denver area. I like the concept of local meats even though it's not inexpensive.     #

» McConnell Introduces Bill to Reauthorize Patriot Act Until 2020. McConnell is a traitor to the US Constitution.     #

» Two ways of checking your hard drive health using SMART: Speedfan has a Hard Drive tab that's nice and concise, there's also S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools if you'd prefer something command line based.     #

» Square Bike. That came out amazing.     #

» 8sms error with MMS. Turns out disabling Adblock Plus let MMS through. With it turned on I'd get a notification that I had an MMS but when I tried to get to it I was just taken to a new blank message screen, which was really frustrating. Sending an MMS was also hit or miss.     #

» LRB Releases, a plugin for Lightroom that lets you attach some Model Release metadata to an image.     #

» Fixing the soap opera effect. If your new TV isn't looking "right" you may want to have a look at this guide.     #

» FIFA 2014 World Cup live stream architecture. Being involved in the content delivery world this was interesting to me.     #

» The Best Buttermilk Substitutes. Huh, sour cream and water?     #

» Factoid #7: Most Ticked Routes by State, most popular climbs on Mountain Project. I'm happy to say I've ticked more than a few in Colorado.     #

Sat: Apr 25, 2015

» The Backwards Brain Bicycle. Great story, well worth a watch.     #

Thu: Apr 23, 2015

» The OceanMaker, fun to watch, well done.


Tue: Apr 21, 2015

» How To Clean Burnt Stains off Enameled Cookware. Baking soda, hot water, and time.     #

» Sandstorm Personal Server, makes it easy to run personal server apps if you want to re-create your favorite web services without giving up your data.     #

» Earth Wind and Weather. That is amazing.     #

» Creating Back-screened Images in Lightroom, for doing things like cards and announcements.     #

» Live hack and social engineering at DEF_CON by Dave Kennedy and Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick is just that good.     #

Mon: Apr 20, 2015

» Taken on the Seoul airport tram between terminals. Wallpaper sized.

Warp Speed

And since I took so many photos during the ride I made an animation!


» Out With The Caraway, In With The Ginger: 50 Years Of American Spice Consumption. Interesting, fun little read.     #

» Potting Bench. Looks nice and simple.     #

» The Venus KX800 is a Flexible Macro Twin Flash with the World’s Highest Guide Number. Interesting.     #

» Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Eats About 821 Pounds Of Cod Per Year. Damn.     #

» Prince Rupert's Drop. That's beautiful. There's also a Wikipedia page on the Prince Rupert's Drop.     #

» Yamaha SR 250. Picked up one of these last week just to have something funny as a runabout for the neighborhood, just have an electrical issue I need to figure out and fix. Managed to hold 60mph with a headwind down the freeway to get it home though!     #

» Chevy S-10 Torque Specifications. I absolutely love the fact a site like this exists and after doing a bunch of front-end work on my truck over the weekend it proved to be valuable.     #

» Dali Clock for Android. Very cool, if you don't know about this check out the Dali Clock page. Neat to be able to have it on my phone.     #

» Switching Ditches. I'm a member of the email newsletter (it's free!) and really enjoyed this, the history of telephone switching. Such an unlikely source for the technology...     #

» Kinect Design Gear Necklace to go with the awesome gear ring (I'm an owner and a big fan.)     #

Sun: Apr 19, 2015

» GearBrake motorcycle brake light. I like that it starts flashing the brake light based on your deceleration since sometimes I slow down just by engine compression...     #

» The Chinese-Mexican Cuisine Born Of U.S. Prejudice. I had no idea this was a thing.     #

» What You Need to Know If You're Going to Record the Cops. And if you have an Android phone get the ACLU Police Tape app. They've also released an iPhone version at: Police Tape.     #

» The Shortest Lunar Eclipse of the Century. Happened a couple weeks ago but I found it interesting, and I love the example of the Flatirons.     #

» Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator. Handy.     #

» Kaiwa, A modern and Open Source Web client for XMPP.     #

» Federal Lands Photography Rules. Bookmarked for reference, good links inside.     #

» DEA Orchestrates Disinformation Campaign To Conceal Surveillance Powers. Stunning how hostile the government is to it's citizens.     #

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