Tue: Nov 18, 2014

» This adjustable tablet stand for your desk is also a photo frame. Well that's just smart.     #

» How to Fix the Dilbert.com RSS Feed. So now I'm using a feed of a feed. Whatever, it works. There's also the dilbert-rss script you can grab from GitHub and run yourself.     #

» Trader Joe Has a Brother. He’s Even Better. Huh, I recognize the sign but I had no idea the backstory.     #

» Point home security device. Simple, no camera, built in smoke detector.     #

» The world-famous Schwartz's Deli in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Deli Counter     #

Sun: Nov 16, 2014

» 110 Outdoor Ambassadors. If you've spent much time outside you've probably heard of at least a few.     #

Sat: Nov 15, 2014

» How Hillary Clinton's State Department sold fracking to the world. Couple months old but still very important, especially if she runs for president.     #

» Stuff Dutch People Like: Hagelslag. Ahh yes, chocolate sprinkles on your breakfast toast...     #

» If you find yourself installing Windows software and it fails with a pop-up box saying "Object exists" do yourself a favor and uninstall Windows Security Update KB2918614. I have no idea why but as soon as you remove that update software will begin installing again just fine. This is partly a post to let you know, and partly a post for me for when this happens again (happened on a couple different computers so far...)     #

» Securing Foscam IP camera access over SSL with Apache reverse proxying. What a pain in the ass just to get some basic security on an IP camera. All they need to do is support self-signed SSL certificates in the camera but the way they build the binary blob for firmware means other people can't just add it in. Also note this solution means no audio and I'm unclear on how it deals with the direction controls for the pan and zoom cameras.     #

» Homemade Quest Bars. Ohhh. Quest bars have become a staple for me, making my own could be a great idea.     #

» Save on Healthcare Costs With Free Wellness Checkup & Preventative Care. So-called "Obama Care" lists a set of preventive procedures that your health care must include without charge to you. This details those procedures, and specifies a section just for women. Worth checking out if you have insurance...     #

» Material Design Icons. Google released them for free, good resource if you are making an Android app.     #

» A’salted, Olive Garden has secret breadstick laws, sauce logic, and salt bans revealed only in turnaround reports—and to diners who eat there 87 times in 21 days. Interesting read.     #

» I found the Holy Grail of backups. A little bombastic on the title but Attic looks like a nice solution. Since it's just Python I'm thinking it should install under Cygwin on Windows maybe? Also nice to have a solid encrypted backup for virtual machines online, if you have two that you aren't using full disk space with you could back them up from one to the other...     #

» Breakthrough Photography’s X-Series Filters are Ultra-Thin, Easy to Remove, and Affordable. Just pledged, having a light and thing 6x ND will be awesome.     #

» Classic Belgian Waffles. Made these last weekend, they are a bit more work than normal waffles but they definitely had that light and fluffy Belgian waffle texture. The batter was also much soupier than I would have expected but it all worked out.     #

Fri: Nov 14, 2014

» Last year during a dirt bike ride over Webster Pass. wallpaper sized.

Storm Approaches     #

Sat: Nov 08, 2014

» Evolution of the F1 Car. Pretty humble beginnings to what is current.     #

» Track N Go. That is pretty cool but at $25k I think I'd just buy a couple snowmobiles...     #

» Always Gamble on an Empty Stomach: Hunger Is Associated with Advantageous Decision Making. Hmm, so hit the buffet last, got it.     #

» The Platinum Catalyst Use in a Vintage Lighter. That is pretty neat.     #

» Atomos Power Station Uses Camera Batteries and Offers Hot Swapping. This is just one of the camera accessories I've found recently that use the tripod mount as a convenient location to keep it. The other is this: Lumera Connects Your DSLR to Your Phone to Give it One-Tap Sharing and Backup     #

» DEFAKTO STRUKTUR. I'm not a huge watch person (I have a couple that I wear for function, I think the most expensive one was $40) but this one just seems really nice to me for a not-ridiculous price. Wonder if there's an import into the US for it.     #

» Nootropics. Wow, that seems comprehensive. For those who don't know: Nootropics: drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that improve one or more aspects of mental function, such as working memory, motivation, and attention.     #

» Kumbacam: One-Handed, 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbals for GoPros and Smartphones. Nice, but three hundred bucks? Wow.     #

» 7 Ways to have a good marriage. Wonder if this applies to long-term relationships as well or just marriages.     #

» Landlord-Tenant State Laws & Regulations. Handy if you are a tenant or have property you rent out.     #

Thu: Oct 30, 2014

» Brackets open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers. The video showing a couple features is pretty cool:


» Amazon just told me to log into someone else's account. Huh, it's not just me (according to the HN thread about this.) I too have a common gmail account (I don't use it much but it's good to have just in case) and it gets bombarded by dumbasses who apparently don't know their own email address. I had someone do the exact same thing, sign up their Kindle and I got notified of every app they bought (all of the free ones from what I could tell.)

I've also gotten people signing up for hotel reservations, someone bought pairs of pants at Macy's and sent the receipt to me, a ton of job site signups from someone in North Carolina, and my favorite - signing up for car insurance. I ended up calling the insurance company and tried to tell them they had the wrong email but there was no procedure they could follow, they just had no idea what to do about it. Turns out the person also gave them the wrong physical address because I got a notification that their paper documents had been returned.     #

» Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.. Shouldn't the sheriff be in jail for that kind of harassment? Where's the accountability?     #

» Explainer: Hangers. I had no idea those clear plastic hangers were the preferred version.     #

» How to Test Internet Connection Speed using Speedtest-Cli on Ubuntu Server. I'd used the script before but wasn't aware of the --share option for generating the image. Also runs fine on Windows under Cygwin (no idea if it works under straight Python in Windows or not...)     #

» Nexus 5 or Nexus 7: Fix MTP connection problems with Windows PC USB connection. Long story short - delete the Android driver twice then it re-appears as the correct thing (Portable Device). Finally have a reliable USB connection to my laptop, that was frustrating as hell.     #

» This Is the Average Man's Body. Pretty interesting, also the part about the Dutch (I'm average for an American male, decidedly short in that country...)     #

Thu: Oct 23, 2014

» Why Britain Uses Separate Hot and Cold Taps. Interesting.


» Custom Framing is a Racket. Agreed but the alternative he proposes (a website he made) is still pretty pricey. I can get quality poster-sized prints at Costco for less than $15 but the cheapest custom frame for it still runs into the hundreds.     #

» Dark Sky Finder Helps Nighttime Photographers Find the Least Light Polluted Spots. This and the previously mentioned ClearDarkSky are helpful for night photographers. Also shows just how bad the East Coast is, and how good we have it in the Western US. Also be sure to read the comments for other site recommendations.     #

» Digital Day Counter. Honestly had no idea something like this existed but it's a great idea (especially for tracking your left-overs and such...)     #

» Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise. Interesting.     #

» TripTips,uses locals as tour guides for trips you want to take. Interesting idea though I wonder about the quality, and they have limited cities available right now. See also Voyando.     #

» GEOS for TV - Global Episode Opinion Survey. See what the rest of the world thought about a particular TV episode. Also gives a ton of information about each series, season, and episode. I see this being more useful than the Internet Movie Database (which is fantastic for movies, not as great for TV...) Not comprehensive yet (I can't find a couple shows I watch) but I expect it to keep growing.     #

» Denver Clear Sky Chart. There are other cities of course, this is just linked straight to Denver to help me out. This gives the sky forecast for a particular area, helpful if you are trying to decide to head out for night photos (star trails, etc).     #

» What we give away when we log on to a public Wi-Fi network. Long story short - use a VPN. I've been using Private Internet Access and have been happy with them. This won't stop the initial leaking of all the WiFi SSIDs you've connected to but it will stop any further snooping once you are online. Also, don't forget your phone if you use WiFi on it (PIA has an Android client as well.)     #

Wed: Oct 22, 2014

» Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash. Made this for breakfast today, pretty tasty.     #

» 10 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview. Great list.     #

» Gooey, Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line. That is pretty damn cool.     #

» How to Cut and Juice a Lime. Definitely more optimal than the way I've been doing it...     #

» Katie's Bumpers. Met a dog at a local dog park with one of the Sqwuggies. It has a plastic water bottle inside so it makes a satisfying crunch sound, Chai really enjoyed playing with it too.     #

» The Only 8 Moves You Need to Be Fit. Make yourself a simple workout list...     #

» Hacked-DB, find out if your email address was one of the millions captured in any of the hacks that have scooped up private data.     #

» Video Tutorial Shows You How to Mount and Frame Your Own Photographs. This is the right way to do it. I have a couple large prints that I had done at Costco, I used spray glue and foam core. Looks ok but not quite like this (also cost considerably less and it's just for my own walls, I didn't sell the prints.) If you were going for a sale this is the way to go.     #

» Storm Chaser Captures Mesmerizing Time-Lapse of Clouds Rolling Like Ocean Waves. Beautiful.     #

» SEATYLOCK- Bicycle Saddle & Lock in One Amazing Product. Nifty!     #

» What It's like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class. Hmm, I have a pile of airline miles, now I just need an excuse to make this trip...     #

» Fair Credit Reporting Act, If you are being harassed by creditors, especially creditors you didn't owe your original debt to then you should definitely read this post on Hacker News.     #

» Rivers' cause of death: Lack of oxygen to brain. Yikes, I've had endoscopes done and didn't even think of this as a possible side-effect.     #

» Your Favorite PHP Framework, CodeIgniter, Has a New Home. Interesting. I'm planning on moving to Laravel but just reading the docs has me wishing for some of the simplicity that CodeIgniter has...     #

» wild kangaroo street fight Aussie style. Hahaha.     #

» Send Spot - Earth Treks Golden. Nice breakdowns of the routes in my local climbing gym.     #

» The Brick. I love that it can be either a stand-alone phone for a bluetooth handset for your normal phone. For when you really want to make sure you have something to hang onto.     #

Tue: Oct 21, 2014

» 25, 465, 587... What port should I use? That's interesting, I'd seen the alternative ports when configuring different mail software but I wasn't aware of the history (I knew about Port 25 of course but the others were something that got added after I gained my initial knowledge so I just wasn't up on the numbers and the reasoning.)     #

Mon: Oct 20, 2014

» Lakewood passes measure, takes on Colorado's construction-defects law. Yup, that's my city council - not giving a shit what the residents want...     #

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