Mon: Oct 05, 2015

» Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Motorcycle Helmets. Comprehensive though biased against some brands.     #

» Every Moon Photo Shot by Apollo Astronauts is Now on Flickr. Fantastic.     #

Fri: Oct 02, 2015

» SSHGuard. Very similar to DenyHosts in that it watches your logs and tries to prevent hacking attempts (you can limit the number of login requests from any one place, etc). This is an actual C application though not a set of scripts like DenyHosts. If you have a server online you should definitely be using something like this.     #

» Stocking your first aid kit. Nice page by the American Red Cross listing items they feel you would include into a well-stocked first aid kit. Definitely worth a look over.     #

» Firefox Sub-resource Integrity. Interesting addition to Firefox, you can now specify a hash of your resources (Javascript, images, etc) and the browser won't run it if notices a mis-match. Handy if you are worried about someone else injecting into your page.     #

Thu: Oct 01, 2015

» Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise on Windows. It's a problem with the Windows driver used for file storage. Looks like it's time to switch over to Veracrypt since they patched this and it's being actively developed. I played with Veracrypt and so far so good on opening TrueCrypt files, I'll need to play with the partition decryption. The nice part is if you do an operation like change the password in Veracrypt it'll automatically convert over to a Veracrypt volume.     #

Wed: Sep 30, 2015

» Chicken Taco Bowls. Pretty decent and when you put chicken into a crockpot for that long it shreds really easy. I'm hoping it freezes well too, I made a double-batch and my fridge is full...     #

Mon: Sep 28, 2015

» Ski-Doo Offers Free Avalanche Safety Seminars in Fall 2015. Geared towards snowmobilers but worth having a go if you spend any time in the back-country during winter.     #

Fri: Sep 25, 2015

» Do More With Less | A Conversation About The Pacific Crest Trail. A way better thru-hiking movie than the one I linked to the other day about the AT.     #

» QromaScan: Digitize and Organize Prints Using Your Smartphone and Voice. Basically a small light tent for your cell phone, for most people I'd think this would be great. At $40 it's certainly priced right.     #

» Youtube has finally destroyed their RSS feeds. The developer-hostility from Google is mind-boggling sometimes. This is from 5 months ago and it still pisses me off to read, why make the user experience actively worse? Just to drive page loads? Doesn't matter if I decide to not bother watching a video, so you'd think giving me a self-selected feed would be better than a giant "f-u, use the Subscriptions page or nothing".     #

» JetsRUs carburetor parts. Mostly bookmarked for myself for later, I'm pretty sure the little SR250 I bought needs to be re-jetted, it runs best while choked...     #

» Denver Health Travel Clinic. Great for things like immunity shots for yellow fever. They have a nice breakdown of what is required and/or recommended for places you may be going (Yellow Fever came up for South Africa). If I were going to riskier places I'd be all over this (of course some things are courses of shots over several weeks, which doesn't really fit in with how much time work tells me in advance...)     #

» . I really like how this came out and now I'm thinking about breaking out the welder and re-making my current desk (it fits well into a corner, which means it has excellent space for my feet). Not really happy with the "laminate sticker over particle board" look of what I currently have, and making it out of metal frames means I could open up some of the solid spaces as well as made it more modular. Seriously thinking about it now...


» Slow Cooker Balsamic Mushroom and Chicken Stroganoff. Made this the other day and really liked it (especially over egg noodles). Unfortunately had too much vinegar for the girlfriend so she didn't appreciate it, but that meant I got four meals for myself out of it...     #

» Crock Pot Ham. Giving this a go right now, my ham barely fit inside my slow-cooker. Did have to go buy pineapple juice this morning which was in a can, then I realized I needed to figure out if I still had a church key (I did, it was in the drawer where I expected it should be, even though I haven't used it in more than 10 years...)     #

» Socialite is an up-coming app that takes the idea of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and brings it to your own personal life. We've all met people that we should know their name but can't remember, or only remember them from some context - "you know, that one guy from that party who talked about fly fishing..." I have no idea how well it works but it could be worth the money for someone like me who meets to many people (in so many countries) that I have trouble remembering everyone.     #

» Two really interesting visuals about your life and life expectancy: mori and really brings some things home, apparently I am older than 68% of the worlds population, but I certainly don't feel like it!     #

» 1DollarScan will scan your books and magazines for (roughly) a buck. I say roughly since there are some add-ons, and the first dollar only counts to the first 100 pages. Still, if you have something out of print that you just want a PDF copy of this seems like a reasonable way to go. Not sure if they send you the original back or not though.     #

» HDD Guardian for SMART data. Free tool to read the S.M.A.R.T. data for your computer's hard drives. I had a drive I pulled out of a laptop I was thinking about re-purposing but after grabbing the data off it found it was near death. Now I'll disassemble it to get some cool photos and strong magnets...     #

Wed: Sep 23, 2015

» I have a Joby phone stand that allows me to attach it to a small tripod but it'd plastic and one arm broke so I was looking for a replacement. I came across Square Jellyfish for some neat ideas: tripod mount (3 arm), spring tripod mount, and pocket tripod. I've come to realize I don't ever do this with my phone (I always have a better camera with me) but am keeping an eye on this in case my next phone has a good camera built in.     #

Tue: Sep 22, 2015

» I think the 2nd most popular question I get about Chai is "where did you get her?" (the first is "what breed is she?"). I've been sending people over to where we picked her up: Colorado Aussie Rescue. I notice they've been keeping track of all of the dogs they've adopted out over the years, if you want to see the original photo of Chai take a look at Pup2 5-31-2013 103 on the 2013 Success Stories page...     #

» Creating Contact Sheets With a ‘Slide Mount Look’ in Lightroom. Does involve work in Photoshop first to get the template ready, but after that you should be good to go.     #

» HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 4 EASY STEPS. That was a great read.     #

» How a Retractable Ballpoint Pen Works. The more you know...     #

» 2014 Thru Hikers. He calls this a documentary about the Appalachian Trail but it's basically an hour of him asking people "what's your trail name, why are you doing it." The only reason I'm linking to it is because I had it on in the background and all I could think when I did focus on it is that the Appalachian Trail would be a nightmare for someone like me. I get out into the wilderness to be alone, that looks like a parade of loud people just wanting to party and couldn't figure out a better place to do it.     #

Mon: Sep 21, 2015

» Colorado park closes because people can't stop taking selfies with bears. A solid example of why I hate people.     #

» Denver's first large-scale micro apartment started taking tenants on Tuesday. Look at those photos, looks surprisingly livable for the size.     #

» Spy vs. Guy. That made me laugh, well done.     #

» Some interesting name and domain generators if you are starting an online company:


» Hollow Out a 2×4 for Your Next Project Enclosure. That's actually pretty clever. Wonder how you can get around the band-saw requirement...     #

» Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore? Ahahaha, so true.


» PG Porn. I've only seen the first episode - "Nailing your wife" but I thought it was pretty hilarious, hope the rest are just as funny.     #

Thu: Sep 17, 2015

» Build a DIY Lightbox Using a $10 IKEA Lack Side Table. Pretty sure they mean light table but it's still a nifty project - using the cardboard interior of the Ikea furniture as a benefit...     #

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