Fri: Sep 19, 2014

» Flying into LAX in May I caught site of this out the window of the plane (which explains the slightly blurry quality). Made me think of a computer motherboard with each individual chip lit up... wallpaper if you'd like it.

Motherboard Los Angeles     #

» How to solder copper pipe. By far the best tutorial I've found (and makes me want to go re-do some of the joints in my house...)


Thu: Sep 18, 2014

» Peggo - Youtube to MP3 converter. Likely simpler than my current method (hello command-line scripts!)     #

» Make a Home DIY Sheet Metal Bender. Interesting, I hadn't thought about the need to have the hinges in line with the bend but it makes sense.     #

» The Best Hotel Loyalty Program Promotions for Fall 2014. Good to know (though my regular Hilton in Atlanta is choosing to not participate...)     #

Wed: Sep 17, 2014

» A New Yorker Expertly Teaches The Unwritten Rules Of Living In NYC In These Illustrations. That is great info for folks who haven't spent much time in The City.     #

» Monsterous Discrepancies. Nice.     #

» Know What Countries Guarantee Drinkable Tap Water with This Graphic. The answer: not many.     #

» Australian Comic Finds Humor In Humiliation For His Sitcom 'Please Like Me'. On a lark I downloaded Season 1 right after I came back from Australia and really enjoyed it. Season 2 is doing well also, glad that Claire is back...     #

» Exclusive: new Canon PowerShot G7X HD pocket camera - first test. I will definitely be picking up a Canon 7d II, but this camera looks like something great to replace my aging Powershot G12. I'll miss the hot shoe on top but the rest of the features look solid.


» Pro Tip: How to Wrap Cables with Duct Tape Without Getting Them Sticky. Clever and simple.     #

» I just ordered a set of Super Springs from JC Whitney (they had free shipping plus a 10% off coupon.) I have various methods of hauling my dirt-bike in my truck, I can either load it straight into the bed or onto a hitch carrier (like this one: 400 lb. Receiver-Mount Motorcycle Carrier). Generally when it's just me I prefer to use the hitch carrier since it's way simpler to load and unload by myself. The unfortunate side-effect is that it puts a ton of weight on the back of the truck since it is effectively using the rear wheels as a fulcrum on a longer lever than normal. I'm hoping these springs help keep the sag out of the back of the truck since right now it looks like I have half a low-rider.

There's another style of overload spring but it doesn't ride over the top of the axle, it uses another set of U-bolts to mount on the existing leaf spring down near the axle itself. I prefer the simplicity of the Super Spring and I am very sure that mounting them will be faster as well (I also think having one solid stick of metal rather than two pieces will be more reliable in the long term.)     #

Tue: Sep 16, 2014

» CheckTLS TestSender, see how your mail server does with encryption.     #

» Mesmerizing Studio Visits with Five South Korean Master Ceramicists. Beautifully shot, mesmerizing to watch.     #

» Nexus 4 Proximity Sensor Fix. Somehow this worked for me as well, which makes no sense but whatever...

The proximity sensor was not working causing the screen to stay black during making/receiving a call. I googled it and found out it is a pretty common issue after screen replacement and the only workaround was to put some very thin clear tape or a small piece from a screen protector, between the front glass and the proximity sensor. I tried that for a fair amount of time but with no luck. So i tried to put the small rubber piece that covers the light and proximity sensor the opposite way. Now the bigger hole of this rubber piece is on the small sensor (proximity) and the small hole is on the big sensor (light). It worked right away and still works great after a month

» Mann Lake Beekeeping Starter Kit. That might be fun next year, we certainly get enough bees for the flowers in the yard...     #

» Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5. Pay attention to the lyrics...


» Little Farm in Suburbia, profiling the farm just down the street from me (they'd done a Kickstarter earlier this year to get going, I picked up my basket of food a couple weeks ago.)     #

» Your Almond Habit Is Sucking California Dry. I honestly had no idea they used that much water.     #

» The Firewood Song. Something to sing while cutting wood I suppose.     #

» Decluttering the company. Indeed.     #

» Video: Build Your Own Diffusion Panel for Only $30. I made one with a PVC frame several years ago that had extra pipe Ts to be able to mount it in a variety of ways. I covered it with some white nylon material (kind of like tent material) from the fabric store. All said and done I think I spent $15.     #

» Sprinter Life. Awesome.


Mon: Sep 15, 2014

» Homemade Pan Release {Baking Spray}. Not quite as easy as a shot of Pam, but this will make sure you take the care to get all the spots I suppose.     #

» Excellent.     #

» Ricoh Launches a Shot at GoPro with its New WG-M1 Action Camera. Competition is always good.     #

» Netflix Now Lets You Delete Films or Shows from Your Activity List. About time, hopefully this removes them from the recommendation engine as well, I'm still haunted by the past plays by a 12 year old girl...     #

» Carrara’s marble quarries: setting beauty free. Wow, who knew a dug out mountain could look so amazing.     #

» The Ultimate Adventure Companion, all about dogs from Outside magazine. I know that my outdoor adventures have gotten way more fun with Chai around, she kicks ass in the outdoors...     #

» Navdy. Want. Having a HUD while driving would be great.     #

» Singles now outnumber married people in America. Hooray, I'm part of the popular group! (Or at least the masses...)     #

Sat: Sep 13, 2014

» Morning Views from the Tent. I've had a few of those moments...     #

» Portable Stove: If Campfire Just Isn't Enough. Car-camp in style!     #

» Volumetric Circuits. Wow, those are cool.     #

» Stop and seize, Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes. I am baffled at how this is even legal.     #

» How to Land a Helicopter After Your Pilot Has Been Killed. Finally Wikihow has a practical and useful article!     #

» PowerPole Extends Your GoPro’s Reach While Adding 5x the Battery Life as a Power Source. I like the idea but I'm not sure that it'd work while the camera is running (and if so you'd have to drill a hole in the waterproof case to be able to feed the cable in.) Still, as a recharger this would be great.     #

» White Fetish. Kinda cute.


» The “Unstealable” Transformer Bike. Nothing is un-stealable but it's still a nifty idea and thinking outside the box.     #

Fri: Sep 12, 2014

» Today We’re Eating the Winners of the 1948 Chicken of Tomorrow Contest. Huh.     #

» This Photographer Specializes in Professional Tinder Headshots to Help You Find ‘The One’. I'm not sure there's anything unique about that, back in the heyday of there were photographers specializing in profile photos (and likely this was done even earlier with photo dating, the precursor to video dating...)     #

» The Comeback Of The Endangered Colorado Orange, An Apple. Colorado used to be known for apples? I had no idea...     #

» Tabnabbing: A New Type of Phishing Attack. Yikes, switch away from that tab and come back, be very surprised. I didn't get caught out because I'm rarely logged into Gmail (no reason for me to have it up on a tab) but more importantly because I'm running RequestPolicy, which means I don't actually see the login box since there's a redirect in there I haven't explicitly approved.     #

» How I Rebuilt Tinder And Discovered The Shameful Secret Of Attraction. Despite being on Buzzfeed this is interesting and well worth the read.     #

Thu: Sep 11, 2014

» Our very own EVIL homage to the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy.. I want very much.     #

Fri: Sep 05, 2014

» Francis Coppola's Notebook on 'The Godfather'. This is pretty interesting in light of how much I've been thinking lately about having a solid capture system for the projects I end up working on at work, something that makes an easy reference to come back to later.     #

» Outside Magazine Viewfinder, for photos that are still great but may not make it into the magazine.     #

» Urban Crack Climbing Fall on Gopro (Homemade Gear). Home-made wood chocks? What could go wrong?     #

» Test If Your Batteries Are Dead By Dropping Them on a Hard Surface. Nifty.     #

Thu: Sep 04, 2014

» Positively remove all the air from your clutch hydraulics on the first try. That seems pretty comprehensive. I put in a new slave and did the bleed in a little while, it helps to have someone pumping the clutch.     #

» Denver police are asking for 800 body cameras for officers. Nice, I fully support officers wearing cameras.     #

» 'Longmire' canceled after Season 3 on A&E, Season 4 shopped elsewhere. That sucks, we really enjoyed that show.     #

» Gender Analyzer. Interesting though not terribly accurate (pegged me ok, did not get even close to another site I tried...)     #

» Where the U.S. gets its oil from. Interesting.     #

» ORP SmartHorn Bike Light. If I rode more at night I'd be all over this, but I'm tempted anyway. The number of assholes I've seen roll through an intersection making a right turn while only looking left is staggering.     #

» DrinkMate Is A Tiny, Plug-In Breathalyzer For Android Devices. Probably fun to play with but I'd be leery of it's accuracy in case you wanted to drink drive based on it's results... I'm also reminded of the Tucker Max Sushi Pants story.     #

» 1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho. Beautiful photos even without the interesting history.     #

» USB to Bluetooth KM Switch. Nifty, lets you use a real desktop keyboard (of your choice) with your phone/tablet.     #

» Outdated Magnetic Strips: How U.S. Credit Card Security Lags. I got to deal with this during my month in Australia, I had to tell everyone "it's credit, no pin, I have to sign". Received a small amount of guff over it but the frustrating part was trying to top off my transit card for the trams, they would only accept Chip and PIN, so I had to visit a shop to deal with that. American Express just sent me a new card as well, except it's "Chip and Sign", there's still no PIN as part of it...     #

» Cutting Back On Carbs, Not Fat, May Lead To More Weight Loss. Quite a bit more weight loss too...     #

» One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes Something Wonderful from Scratch. I learn a ton from watching these One Day Build videos.     #

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