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Thu: Aug 27, 2015

» New data uncovers the surprising predictability of Android lock patterns. If your unlock pattern is a letter then you are doing it wrong. No idea why they call out Android, iPhone lets you have a pattern too.     #

» Self Adhesive Wood Veneer. Thought about refacing my kitchen cabinets but the doors are plenty functional and don't need to be replaced, this would be a cheap way to change their looks.     #

» Knot of the Week: One Handed Bowline. I've done the bowline before but never knew you could do it one-handed...


» Pixar in a Box by the Khan Academy. This is amazing, Khan Academy and Pixar teamed up to give some incredible content and a unique take on learning math.     #

» Linux BBQ, a LiveCD with a whole ton of Window Managers you can try out (their "Cream" release claims 76 of them), and The Comprehensive List of Window Managers for Unix. I've been pretty happy with KDE and Mate the last couple years but this looks fun.     #

» The Woman Who Spent Six Years Fighting a Traffic Stop. We have speed traps in Colorado but this is a whole other level.     #

» See the Ratio of Single Men to Women Where You Live. This is pretty interesting, especially as you change the age of the participants (some pretty dramatic changes in some places.)     #

» What is Sikhism and Who are the Sikhs? A turban and a beard doesn't tell you much, get educated.     #

Tue: Aug 25, 2015

» A Photographer Inside the Wildfires. Beautiful.     #

Mon: Aug 24, 2015

» I've really been enjoying Matthias Wandel's YouTube channel. He's a bit of a maker mixed with mad scientist who has some great videos:

I love his attitude of "I don't have the right tool? I'll make something that will work" (like the mock band saw in the gears video.)     #

Thu: Aug 20, 2015

» Build Yourself a Camera Slider That Uses a Guide Rail and Friction. I have a dolly that is a tray with an arm on position-able rollerblade wheels, but I still think this is a great idea.     #

» Blitzortung Lightning and Storm Maps. This is amazing, shows lightning strikes around the world, or you can drill down to your continent.     #

» X-Carve Cutting Machine. Oohhh, I want!     #

» 4x6 Bandsaw Mods and stand for bandsaw. I had use of one of these when I was much younger, I've been thinking recently about picking up a Harbor Freight model for use with some projects. I like in that first link how they turn it into a vertical bandsaw, extra handy that way.     #

» Vewlix 'Slim' : DIY Arcade Cabinet. That is a very sleek modern design for an arcade cabinet.     #

Wed: Aug 19, 2015

» How to make a steel framed standing desk. That came out great, I liked how he made the tabletop as well.     #

Tue: Aug 18, 2015

» How a '50s-Era New York Knife Law Has Landed Thousands in Jail. W.T.F. New York?     #

» How To Build Modern End Tables – Design Plans. I like it, though I'm thinking about adapting and adding a shelf for phone/tablet charging...     #

Mon: Aug 17, 2015

» Cold Casting your 3D Prints. That's pretty cool.     #

» Luxury Vinyl Planks. Bookmarked for myself for later. I had some flooding problems in the basement earlier this year with all the rain we had so I had to pull all the carpet out. Since I didn't want to put carpet back in again on the chance that another flood will ruin it I've been looking at alternatives. I did end up buying some vinyl plank flooring at Lowes (bought IVC 7-Piece 7.52-in x 51.81-in Arcadia Walnut 2403 Loose Lay Walnut Luxury Commercial Vinyl Plank and laid it in one room, it's nice.) I wanted pure vinyl since it's waterproof, but I think if I had to do it again I'd buy online for 1/2 the price.     #

» Sean McColl - Final Canadian bouldering Championships. The move he makes at 1:03 in the clip blows my mind.     #

» Obsessive Nachos. I would definitely eat them, I don't know if I have the patience to make them...     #

» Kingii: The New Standard in Water Safety. A wrist-mounted personal flotation device, if I lived near the beach I'd be all over this.     #

» New York Times abuses WebRTC to more accurately track you. I highly recommend installing Disable WebRTC Firefox plugin, or check out You can block WebRTC from leaking your IP now in uBlock Origin.     #

» Protect Our Land. Sign the petition, work to stop the Federal government from giving public lands to the states (who in turn just sell it or lease it out for mineral/resource extraction.) The US has great public lands, lets keep it that way.     #

» Watson battery chargers, which use changable charger plates. Reminds me of a charger I bought in Taiwan that I need to upgrade for a newer camera but there's not much chance of that unless I end up back there. It's a great idea and well worth looking into, especially if you have multiple batteries (or multiple cameras).     #

» Easy Release - Model Release App. I like the idea but for $10 I'll stick with the paper forms I have...     #

» GM Seat Solutions. Some GM vehicles (my truck included) have problems where the stem of the seat adjustment handle breaks off. While I don't recline my seat all that much it's sometimes nice to have, so I ordered a set of these replacement handles, they have a longer throat so they should fit on even if the stem broke off. I'm going to have to do some adjustment on the jagged edge with a file and maybe a hack-saw (it broke in a pretty harsh angle.)     #

Thu: Aug 13, 2015

» How to change the Windows 7 logon screen. I'd changed mine a while back to a photo of some zen rocks I'd taken near Moab last year.     #

» Pizza Time. Made me laugh.     #

» Watch a bike engine disintegrate one millimeter at a time . Hypnotic.     #

» This Chart Compares Types of Emergency Foods Best for Your Survival Kit. One to three years for canned food seems short, I don't know if I believe it.     #

» LumoPro LightSwitch: A Flash Case That Turns Into 3 Light Modifiers. Pretty solid idea and a decent price (thirty bucks or so...)     #

» Cryptii. Text transformations in your browser via Javascript. Convert to binary, reverse it, flip upside down, etc.     #

» Flash Player Global Privacy Settings. To set the settings it's necessary to visit the Macromedia page. Kinda goofy, but at least there are some options.     #

» StExBar: The ultimate tool for Windows Explorer, Or what Microsoft forgot to implement in the Windows Explorer.     #

» Rapid Environment Editor. Well that's handy if you need to change Windows "environment" settings (usually you don't but I have needed to in the past). The settings dialog that Windows gives you sucks, this looks way better.     #

» Glowpear Urban Garden - SELF WATERING PLANTER. Beautiful but $200.     #

» GoCruise throttle control. For longer rides I have wished I could have cruise control. Now for less than $40 I guess I can.     #

» Universal_ADB-Helper, command line tool for dealing with Android phones connected to your computer.     #

» gifify, Convert any video file to an optimized animated GIF.     #

» They Never Went To The Moon. This is amazing, it's behind the scenes for the creation and filming of the movie Moon (which is seriously great.)     #

» VYCO Board Cover. Thinking about getting a sheet of this vinyl to cover part of my work-bench, wonder how well it resists gasoline?     #

» Some resources for maps:


» Comprehensive Introduction to Macro Photography. At an 1:42 (nearly two hours!) this is indeed comprehensive.     #

» Lightroom PLUG-IN: Show Focus Point Lightroom. Ever wondered "where the hell was the camera focusing?" This is your solution.     #

» 7 Simple Exercises That Undo the Damage of Sitting. Also keep an eye on your posture.     #

» Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine. I've been thinking about a project where doing scripted OCR would be handy, this could be great.     #

» AF-ON & Back Button Autofocus: This May Just Change the Way You Shoot Forever. Something I've thought about changing on my camera (beware if you ever hand your camera to someone else though, you'll have to explain it before they take a photo...)     #

» Internet Archive: DNAMixtape. I've been listening to JWZ's tapes for a while but haven't collected the whole set - now's my chance.     #

» Best Breakfast Recipe in the World, Home Made! Looks really good but also looks like it would feed a small army.     #

» I have an older Aerogarden and hate having to buy light bulbs for it (they are proprietary and very expensive.) I've gotten a set of adaptors to change to using CFL I've also been interested in using an LED panel. Found these videos on YouTube on modding it.


» ColdCut 1000 Series saw blades for cutting aluminum and some steel. I bet I'd burn up my chop saw awful quick if I tried this...     #

» LICEcap screencapture to .gif.     #

» Backing up ownCloud. Something I need to script and set with cron, I'm using ownCloud more and more these days.     #

» Couple of alternative motorcycle batteries, not lead-acid which makes them significantly lighter. Keeping these in mind for my next replacement.


Tue: Aug 11, 2015

» How to Toast Pine Nuts in the Microwave. I use a toaster oven that has given me good results over the years.     #

Sun: Aug 09, 2015

» Lumos - A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet. Helmet with headlamp and turn-signals built in. A couple days left on the Kickstarter.     #

» Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Kit. Uses a UV-cured epoxy, the UV light is included.     #

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