Sat: Jul 04, 2015

» 9 Things You Need To Know About National Park Photography Rules. As always, "permit required?" is "it depends".     #

» Save Money on Road Trips with a Portable Kitchen Kit. I don't think the baking sheet is a great idea but the rest of the suggestions aren't bad...     #

» Curb Your Appetite: Save Bread For The End Of The Meal. Interesting theory. I know people would eat a lot less if this is how restaurants worked...     #

» Searzall blowtorch. Put it on a small propane bottle and you can sear foods, kind of like a spot broiler.     #

Fri: Jul 03, 2015

» How to mount an ISO with iLO2 CLI. Sometimes I need to do this for work but I don't do it often enough to remember how...     #

» Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls - Will Gadd's First Ascent. That guy is a machine and an awesome one at that.     #

» Hear Hemingway Read Hemingway, and Faulkner Read Faulkner (90 Minutes of Classic Audio). Hear it from the source.     #

» Animated GIFs Reveal the Retouching That Went Into Composited Photos. Wow, that first one really changed (they all did but it appears to me the first went the furthest with the differences.)     #

» I have recut Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy into a single 4-hour film. This is amazing, he's eliminated all the stuff in the movies that were not in the books...     #

» How To Wash Your Bike Like A Pro. You'll need more than just a hose...     #

» Credit Card Return Extension. I knew about extended warranty from the credit cards but I had no idea that they also did return extensions (in case you miss your return deadline for an item...)     #

» Chinese Poetry 1- "Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den". Listen closely and you might be able to tell the difference in the words.     #

» Rude Phrases in American Sign Langauge. Hah.     #

» Printing a wall-sized world map. Now I just need a spare wall...     #

» The Greek God Family Tree, or at least a portion of it.     #

» Five Best Small Form Factor PCs. Every once in a while I think about setting one of these up as an HTPC but I never quite get around to it. Still, handy list to have.     #

» Geotaggers’ World Atlas: Photo Spots Reveal the Most Interesting Places on Earth. That's pretty cool.     #

» Restaurant Report Card: Casa Bonita rises to the top of the class. Wait, THE Casa Bonita? Maybe in cleanliness but not food quality (still the building and the experience should be had at least once if you come to Denver...)     #

» Properties of soapmaking oils. Handy if you ever want to make your own soap.     #

» HTML Entities, lets you embed some HTML things without having to cut and paste (think © for ™).     #

Mon: Jun 29, 2015

» Not the Confederate Flag. Timely and interesting.     #

» How to find all ways in which a Unix user account is locked. This list actually misses one (and it was the one that jammed me up with a system last week), try pam_tally2 --user=. I found an account that had been locked due to a couple of incorrect password attempts and no other method showed the lock so it was super frustrating.     #

» Photos Arranged Side-by-Side to Create Clever Scenes. These are great.     #

Sun: Jun 28, 2015

» Old Version of iTunes for Windows 7 x64. I made the massive mistake of letting iTunes update to version 12, what a piece of shit that release is. I literally could not figure out how to copy podcasts to my iPod (no auto sync for me, I have too many podcasts and not enough room.)

One thing to keep in mind if you get screwed with the update is that when iTunes updates the library file becomes incompatible with a downgrade. The one nice thing the upgrade does though is backup that file so you can restore it, look in C:\Users\\Music\iTunes\Previous iTunes Libraries\ and find the most recent library file (for example: iTunes Library 2015-06-25.itl.) Copy that file to one level above, and rename to just "iTunes Library.itl", then you can open your library in an older version, one that wasn't designed by an idiot who doesn't understand UI design.     #

Tue: Jun 23, 2015

» I Made A Linguistics Professor Listen To A Blink-182 Song And Analyze The Accent. Kind of interesting.     #

» Ubuntu "dpkg: error processing archive" Error during an upgrade for the dh-python package. I was getting this and it didn't make sense, now I see it's because of a conflict with another software repository. I did find this handy:

You can find the source location with this commands:

apt-cache policy libjpeg8
apt-cache polica dh-python

So at least I can figure out what's the block now.     #

» Josh Woodward CC Music has some great stuff that is Creative Commons licensed (I used one of his songs on my recent Chai vs. Kona video. While I normally go straight to Kevin MacLeod for music on the very few videos I make I wanted to mix it up this time, it's always good to have options.     #

» 21sts in AUSTRALIA. Funny and brings up a great point - if the drinking age is 18 then what makes 21 so special?     #

Mon: Jun 22, 2015

» Ponte Vecchio plus moon plus Venus plus Mars. Wallpaper sized if you'd like it.

Ponte Vecchio plus moon plus Venus plus Mars     #

Sun: Jun 21, 2015

» Photographer Captures Tiny Lightning Storms with a Mini Tesla Coil. Beautiful.     #

» REI acquires Adventure Projects network of sites. I know they'd gotten an infusion of cash from Black Diamond because their Mountain Project app went from $10 to free on Google Play. No idea that REI was even interested but good on them, way better than selling out to some companies...     #

» Iridium Browser, based on Chromium but doesn't download the huge Google binary blob without asking. I use this combined with a proxy as the only way to access Facebook. They don't get to track me, they only ever see me log in from one place, and I still get to use their crap site (I wouldn't but it seems everyone else does so I get dragged along for the ride...)     #

» Interesting Italian Food: Pocket Coffee. Bummer it's not available in the summer - would have been the perfect birthday gift for Jenn. I did find some on Amazon but it was $100 for a 36-pack and disappeared quickly (my cow-orker told me that during winter you can buy a 36-pack for less than $15...)     #

» Top 10 Things to Do in Florence. I managed to hit a few of these in spite having 24 hours there...     #

Fri: Jun 19, 2015

» Pepper Flash for Chromium. That's certainly a pain in the ass but it works, at least now I can use Flash in Iridium Browser...     #

Thu: Jun 18, 2015

» Experts study why Dutch people are so tall. Whew, it's not just me that noticed...     #

» UAC prompt every time on Winamp launch. I was running into this and it was ticking me off, the suggestion to delete "Winamp.ini" worked just fine, no more prompt just to start the program.     #

» Adaptive Saber Parts - Make your dream lightsaber a reality. They have well blown past their original goal and still have 3 weeks to go.     #

» Selling Off Apache Holy Land. Sold out by John McCain...     #

» Thanks, Smokey! I have no idea what to say besides "I laughed".


Mon: Jun 15, 2015

» How to identify Artists from their Paintings. Helpful when you hit museums!     #

» Send Me Cat Facts. For when you really really want to annoy someone.     #

» The Contorni Matrix. Not comprehensive but a nice chart for vegetables you may not know what to do with.     #

» The peculiar despair of the hotel room. I understand this very well and have my own issues with hotels (if I'm staying somewhere longer than a week I much prefer a serviced apartment where I can cook my own meals.)     #

» Nocturnal Nosh: Americans Get A Taste Of Night Markets. I've loved the night markets I've been to, looking forward to seeing it expand in the US.     #

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