Sun: Feb 01, 2015

» Tuk Tuk Ride. I didn't have a reason to get in one but did enjoy seeing them at night.

Tuk Tuk ride     #

Sat: Jan 31, 2015

» Warehouse 6, Bangkok, Thailand. Wallpaper sized.

Warehouse 6     #

» Sweden Invents a Revolutionary Anti Bullet Wall. Interesting.     #

» How I Made Myself a DIY Spider Light for $40. I like it though I'd rather use a cluster of LED bulbs from Ikea.     #

» Sukhumvit shakedown. Was doing a little research about the part of Bangkok I'm in and came across this, certainly not tourist-friendly...     #

Sun: Jan 25, 2015

» How to make Balloon Chocolate Bowls. Clever.     #

» What should I do about Youtube? So in order to receive revenue from the Content ID matching they are requiring her to open her full catalog to Google, and not be able to extend special offers via other platforms? That seems pretty shitty on Google's part.     #

» Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. This is getting passed around and I can't help but be skeptical and look for the ways that Microsoft will screw us later. I can see it being time-bombed and after a year suddenly you have to pay for a service pack or some such. I'll put in for my free license but won't be surprised when they change the deal.     #

» What You Can Learn from Oakland's Raw ALPR Data. The answer is "a surprising amount".     #

» Dog stabbed at Forsberg Dog Park in Lakewood. Friend told me about this the other day, what the fuck is wrong with people?     #

» Open Food Facts, a database about food.     #

Tue: Jan 20, 2015

» RIP Google Analytics, Casualty of Spam. I've noticed that kind of spam in my referer logs for years, wonder what took so long to finally hit Google Analytics?     #

» Warthunder tanks and planes MMO. I've been playing this for a week or so and been having fun. The "arcade battles" are generally less than 10 minutes or so which means I can jump in for a game or two while taking a break and still get back to work in a reasonable amount of time.     #

» Fitlet fanless PC. I'm happy to see these gain traction and increase their speed and capabilities - eventually I'll make one into a media PC for the living room to replace the WDTV Live box I have (something I can put other streaming apps on besides the "official" ones, such as Amazon Prime which hasn't come to the WDTV Live yet for some reason.)     #

» How to Become an Amazon Affiliate in Colorado, California or Illinois. Old article and it sounds like they've closed even that avenue. I love how Amazon punishes me for the actions of my state government, as if I had any choice in this matter.     #

» Asset Forfeiture and the Cycle of Electronic Surveillance Funding. Holy crap, stay away from Los Angeles County.     #

» meanwhile in Sweden, fishing with fireworks. I had no idea it'd take off like that under water!


» VH1 Classic To Run 433-Hour ‘Saturday Night Live’ Marathon. Wow, I hope I'm around for the Eddie Murphy run on Feb 11.     #

» Watch SpaceX's rocket crash-landing. At least they had a sense of humor about it.     #

» Forekast, a "global event calendar". I can see this quickly getting overwhelming but I like the idea.     #

» How to Look Smarter. Only some of the things you may think will help actually help.     #

» Q&A: Climbing gym reaches higher. There must have been one hell of an un-tapped market since the opening of Movement Denver has not lessened how busy Earth Treks Golden is on any given night...     #

» The Weird Science of Naming New Products. Found that pretty interesting.     #

Mon: Jan 19, 2015

» Which Apps Protect Against Verizon and Turn's Invasive User Tracking? More on Verizon being assholes.     #

Sat: Jan 17, 2015

» Java Programming Cheatsheet. Nifty, part of a university class.     #

» Listen to the Real Stephen Colbert Explain How He Maintained His Flawless Character for 9 Years. That was pretty interesting and also a long string of talking, I wonder if he had that all planned out or if it was just off-the-cuff.     #

» Debian shows how to do Apache configuration right (and Fedora fumbles it). Wish I'd read this before I spun up and spent the time configuring a couple different servers, I hadn't realized how well Debian was doing it.     #

» MeegoPad T01 Bay Trail Windows mini PC now available for $100. Yowza that's nifty.     #

» MySQL vs. FoundationDB SQL Layer. Interesting.     #

» Pizza Codes, find coupons for pizza in your local area, great idea for a website.     #

» How Verizon and Turn Defeat Browser Privacy Protections#

Fri: Jan 16, 2015

» A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire. Definitely sounds miserable.     #

» Pickpocket King. Interesting, going to watch soon.     #

Thu: Jan 15, 2015

» An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media. Nice rebuttal.     #

Wed: Jan 14, 2015

» Salt and Pepper Shakers Designed to Look Like Rolls of 35mm Film. Cute, but ginormous (or that person has tiny hands.)     #

» Minifasting: How Occasionally Skipping Meals May Boost Health. Interesting, I'd been trying it for a week or so but hadn't done the calorie restriction and didn't realize it was only 2 days (basically I've been trying to limit my eating to between noon and 8pm for just over a week straight.) I guess I'm doing it wrong but it is effective for me so far.     #

» Downworthy, A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean. That is hilarious.

Downworthy replaces hyperbolic headlines from bombastic viral websites with a slightly more realistic version. For example:
"Literally" becomes "Figuratively"
"Will Blow Your Mind" becomes "Might Perhaps Mildly Entertain You For a Moment"

» My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment. Missed that last year but it's interesting.     #

Mon: Jan 12, 2015

» Blue Apron. Interesting idea - they send you the box of ingredients and a recipe, you assemble and tell everyone you cooked.     #

» PostgreSql for Debian. Started using it on one of my boxes just to try something new and get some experience. So far so good.     #

» Tribler torrent downloads, uses onion routing (like TOR) to hide your privacy. I do like their disclaimer that you still aren't safe against governments tracking your actions.     #

» DavMail Exchange Gateway, translates Microsoft Exchange into actual Internet standards (POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP).     #

» Some free icon sets I've come across, saved for later reference.


» µBlock - An efficient blocker for Chromium-based browsers. Like Adblock+ but for Chrome (and Chromium).     #

» Introducing Lantern: One Device = Free Data Forever. This is a really cool idea.


» Baikal CalDAV and CardDAV server. I'm already pretty invested in Owncloud but if I move away from that I'd definitely consider Baikal. Anything to not have to use Google for contacts and calendar.     #

» Raccoon - A google play desktop client. Very handy if you have an Android phone or tablet without official Google Play support. Just download to your desktop and install (or pull backups of apps from Play...)     #

» Using HAProxy to make SSH and SSL available on the same port. That is a nifty trick and will let you past some firewalls (unless they are doing packet inspection for traffic types...)     #

» Autoplaying anything is a terrible decision, doubly so for video. No kidding, trying to go through my YouTube subscriptions is an exercise in frustration - I just open everything new in a new tab which causes chaos in my speakers.     #

» YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014. Pretty proud of myself for recognizing 11 of the people/groups in that.     #

» Linux Email Support Tips - Sendmail. I found it useful...     #

» WallApp lets you see how a photo of yours would look on a living room wall. They also have an option to upload a photo of your own wall so you can place it like that, which is very cool.     #

» 7 Principles of Rich Web Applications. Excellent advise for anyone doing web development work.     #

» pass - the standard unix password manager, and a version for Windows: pass.bat. In case you like the old school command line versions of things and don't want to invest in LastPass for password management.     #

» Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting. That is a fantastic resource, I'd love to have a desktop CNC mill (though much like a 3D printer I don't yet know what I'd do with it...)     #

» Pound - Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer. Potentially very handy for some of my work things.     #

» The Optimum Digital Exposure. Interesting and a good lead-in to his OneZone book ($20 paper copy, $10 PDF.)     #

» Three Ingredient Recipes. There's some great stuff in there.     #

» Babun windows shell, uses an integrated Cygwin environment so you don't have to deal with installing Cygwin (which also requires admin rights.) Very handy if you are stuck on Windows and could use some good Unixy tools (curl, python, perl, etc.)     #

» Glasswire Firewall - see what's trying to send data where in Windows. Handy if you think you have a virus or are leaking data in some other way.     #

» Cert Alert. Handy if you run websites - it will monitor your SSL certificate expirations and email you when they are about to expire.     #

» K2pdfopt, converts PDFs into ebook files. Includes OCR so and claims it can even re-flows scanned PDF files into something that works on smaller screens.     #

» Tutorial: Easily Focus-Stack Using Photoshop. Focus-stacking lets you increase your depth of field, which is especially good for macro photos.     #

» Flock, Private Contact and Calendar Cloud Sync. If I wasn't using a private instance of Owncloud already I'd be all over this.     #

» That's interesting, turns out my local city council puts up their meeting videos online: Lakewood City Council Videos. Now I can watch them ignore constituents from the comfort of my own home!     #

» Two methods for changing the font size in the TTY terminal in Linux (for some reason sometimes during an upgrade mine goes to a huge font size making my 28" monitor look like crap.


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