Tue: May 22, 2018

» Bits to Atoms: The Pi Score Arcade Cabinet. That came out fantastic, I want one!     #

» Street View Treks - El Capitan. That's pretty impressive, you can use Google Street View to "climb" El Cap.     #

» The end of an era: Saying goodbye to search.cpan.org. However it's not the end of searching CPAN, they have an amazing transition plan in place.     #

» The Cleanse (movie). The trailer looks great, I hope it gets wider release.     #

» 27 in 1 Adjustable Electric Soldering Iron Kit. That seems like a great kit for $25...     #

» Flash and Debug ESP8266 Boards on Android. That's impressive.     #

» Barcelona Car tire puncture scam. I had no idea that was a thing.     #

Mon: May 21, 2018

» Above NYC. That is one good looking city. From elevation, and in the dark...     #

Fri: May 18, 2018

» DisplayCal, color calibration software for Linux. And you can even buy an open-source hardware calibration tool: ColorHug.     #

» Storage for Photographers. A little out of date but still some great info in there.     #

» How to Get A Job Interview Using Facebook Ads. Very clever.     #

» GDPR Requirements in Plain English. Decent guide.     #

» Quiet.js. A library to let you use your sound card (and microphone) to transfer data...     #

» Firefox can now stop Instagram and Facebook from tracking you online. Nice.     #

Thu: May 17, 2018

» How to Build Bomber Ice Anchors. Good info for next season.     #

Wed: May 16, 2018

» Stepables - garden plants made to be walked on. I've got a smaller garden area between the house and the yard these would be perfect for.     #

» Why am I getting error for apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png Leave it up to the assholes at Apple to just not use the favicon but instead force some other crap.     #

Sat: May 12, 2018

» Formufit -Furniture Grade PVC Fittings, Pipe and Accessories. Like giant tinker toys!     #

» r/hiphopheads Essentials List. List of music you should listen to courtesy of Reddit's "HipHopHeads" community. Wonder if someone made a Spotify list of this yet...     #

» VisuAlgo, visualising data structures and algorithms through animation. Neat!     #

» Crankshaft, a car kit for a Raspberry Pi. Current car doesn't have the room for a 7" screen, but maybe my next one will. I'd love to have something open source instead of the proprietary crap manufacturers use...     #

» noti - notifier. Some decent integration with things like Slack can make this very handy.     #

» Desktop Fume Extractor. Interesting.     #

» Strong, natural weed killer. I have some holly bushes in my back yard that the neighbor just stuffed behind a wooden fence and not even straight weed killer will hurt them. I'm hoping this stuff will do the trick.     #

» Printed It: Toolbag Essentials. Someday I'll get a 3D printer and things like this will just magically show up in my house...     #

Wed: May 09, 2018

» A Mobile Terminal for Guerrilla Communications. That's pretty clever that it lets anyone set a wifi SSID, just counts on people watching the networks available to them.     #

Sun: May 06, 2018

» esp_wifi_repeater. That is amazing to me that something so small and inexpensive can even function like this. You won't be getting much speed out of it, but if you need to extend your network for some sensors or something this would be perfect.     #

» ePADD email archiver. I'm still trying to fully wrap my head around it, but I do have archives (MBOX and MAILDIR) going back to 1992 I could feed it...     #

» List of Netflix Originals TV Shows with IMDb Ratings. Fantastic list.     #

» Doomsday planning for less crazy folk. Some reasoned and good info in there.     #

Sat: May 05, 2018

» How (and Why) I Run My Own DNS Servers. Basically set up his own DynDNS for a home server (IP could change anytime).     #

Fri: May 04, 2018

» De-Googling my phone. I'm still tied to the Play Store for a couple of work things but I've been doing my own data (RSS reader, calendar, contacts, email, etc) for years (and Termux on a phone or tablet is crazy awesome, I ssh into my servers and home systems all the time.)     #

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