Thu: May 08, 2014

During my hike though Little Wild Horse Canyon I was joined by a bat flitting about. I thought I lost him but 20 minutes later in a different part of the canyon he came back. This was the best of the attempts to take his picture.

The little bat that could     #>

SRAM X1 Provides Great Value For Mountain Bike Components. It's been so long since I bought a new bike I didn't even know this was a thing.     #>

Remote Virtual Machines with VirtualBox. Interesting, now I can get into one with just an SSH tunnel for RDP without havint to run X on the desktop...     #>

Eric Larsen And Ryan Waters Reach North Pole, Unsupported, In 53 Days. Two tough dudes!     #>

Afghanistan landslide: Rescuers give up hope of survivors. That first photo is mind-blowing, that is a whole lotta mountain that just moved.     #>

Comedy Central: Stand Up Direct. Did you know you can buy DRM-free videos from Comedy Central? I didn't until very recently.     #>

Two Spectacular Photographs of a Volcanic Eruption as Seen from Space by Endeavour. Astronauts get the best views!     #>

WholeSaleInternet Dedicated Servers, wow, I'm paying more than that for VPS systems...     #>

vpsbench, Benchmarks VPS perfomance. Nifty.     #>

LowEndBox. If you just need a basic system for cheap to play around on this is the place to look.     #>

Puzzle Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with Puzzles, Flashing Lights, Evil. Pretty genius.     #>

Easy Tips To Make Better Mountain Bike (or really any) Movies. And it's not a joke this time (like the Sick Edit video...)     #>

A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times. Bottom right, definitely an alien life form.     #>

Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete. Huh, who knew Patagonia sold books?     #>

Review: f-stop Gear’s Loka UL is Feather Light and Feature Rich. Interesting, though by itself the pack isn't much, it takes the inserts to be functional. Not the best writing I've seen for a review either but eh, it's not the worst...     #>

5Point Fest Shows 'Best Outdoors Films'. I had to double-check that was Carbondale, Colorado, I had no idea they had something like this.     #>

How to build a DOCK BOX. Thinking about making a taller one of these then lining the inside with dirt and making a planter for my deck (no lid obviously...)     #>

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