Mon: Mar 19, 2018

» cool-retro-term. Wow, if you want to confuse your younger friends and co-workers you should definitely be using this.     #

Fri: Mar 16, 2018

» Welding Table - Elevating & Rolling. The functionality along with the level of detail is astounding to me.     #

Mon: Mar 12, 2018

» Debian Wheezy Mail Server – Postfix Dovecot Sasl MySQL PostfixAdmin RoundCube SpamAssassin Clamav Greylist Nginx PHP5. Linked to for the excellent diagram showing how everything fits together. Unfortunately my experiments with Postfix have not gone well (multiple virtual domains, email coming is identified for a local account but then shuttled to a different domain's catch-all account anyway...)     #

» Trailer Nite, all movie trailers all the time.     #

» Try Overlanding Out West Without Buying a Thing. Good way to get started...     #

Fri: Mar 02, 2018

» A Practical Introduction to Container Terminology - RHD Blog. Learned something new today.     #

» AVA: The Art and Science of Image Discovery at Netflix. That's pretty cool.     #

» Doomsday planning for less crazy folk. Less about doomsday as an apocalypse, more as being ready for things that can happen (bad weather event being the biggest I'd think.)     #

» Frozen Landscapes Tell a Winter’s Tale in New Photographs by Kilian Schönberger. Stunning.     #

Wed: Feb 28, 2018

» TrigBoard, a single-use type IOT device. It has one job, send you notifications based on some sensor data. I like the idea but at $30 I'm not sure about it, I can buy the ESP8266-01 devices for $3 and just program myself. I might get one to tinker with though.     #

Sat: Feb 24, 2018

» Dog-POV: Canine Speed Indicator. Hah, clever!     #

» This Map Shows You The Drone Laws For Every Country In The World (Updated Regularly). Awesome.     #

» Productivity vs. Uncertainty & Apathy. Interesting, I like the break-out of the uncertainties.     #

Fri: Feb 23, 2018

» Spice Hunting: Sumac. I have one recipe that uses it and can't figure out where to buy it in town...     #

» tmux can't create socket: Permission denied. Running into this on my home cygwin installation, the fix is to add a single line to your .bashrc: "export TMUX_TMPDIR=~/.tmux/tmp". Obviously you need to make that directory as well, but once that's in place tmux works like a champ.     #

» 6011 Rods - pros and Cons. Learned something new about arc welding today...     #

Sun: Feb 18, 2018

» A super elegant way to migrate user accounts from one Linux server to another. That's incredibly handy.     #

Sat: Feb 17, 2018

» NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2. That's pretty interesting (especially look at Australia, they have so little...)     #

» Export a Command Line cURL Command to an Executable. Huh, simple enough.     #

» This enormous underground salt mine in Romania has been converted into an incredible amusement park. How the hell did I not know about this when I was there??     #

» On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git. I've started playing with git lately so this is timely.     #

» MPEG-2 license key. Unlocks the ability for your Raspi to play MPEG-2 (with hardware decoding). Only a couple bucks, worth it if you need that sort of thing.     #

» AWS-VPN-Server-Setup, Setup your own private, secure, free* VPN on the Amazon AWS Cloud in 10 minutes.     #

» $950 DIY 20 Bay NAS build : 2018 Edition. Huh, that's pretty slick.     #

Fri: Feb 16, 2018

» Dialect Survey Results: COLORADO. That is super interesting, and while I've lived here a very long time I also don't pronounce everything with the majority...     #

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