Fri: May 02, 2014

Google play errors Explained (with fixes). It would have been nice if Google could have been bothered to put these out but of course they couldn't, that would have been user-friendly.     #>

Photographers Take Epic Car Photographs by Lighting Up a Frozen Lake from Below. Beautiful results.     #>

PaperSync will take your notebooks and scan them for you (paper as a service?) Also see Mod Notebooks though you have to buy the notebook from them (then scanning service is included.)     #>

Stikkan. That's awesome, too bad there's no US retailers.     #>

Meyrin: CERN Terminal Font. Get your old school console on!     #>

Swimming Holes. Nice list.     #>

How to Turn Off Facebook's Auto-Playing Video Ads. Finally, those things suck (as if the FB experience could be worse right now...)     #>

Humor: This Tutorial Video Will Help You Make ‘Sick’ Action/Sports BTS Videos. Sweet!     #>

I did a hike at Goblin Valley State Park out to the Goblin's Lair. While it doesn't appear on the official park maps if you ask the rangers are happy to give up the details. If you find yourself there it's well worth taking the time, this cavern is amazing. Usually I don't do self-portraits but I went ahead and put myself in for scale...

In the Goblin's Lair     #>

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