Mon: Apr 02, 2012

Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs. Groovy, it'll save me a few bucks over one of the commercial services.     #>

Incremental backup in central backup directory and Automatically save and diff multiple, sequentially numbered revisions. Two add-ons for vim that could make my life a lot easier (I especially like that first one since it replicates the directory structure...)     #>

Automatically Updating Banned IPs With hosts.deny (or iptables). A script that wholesale blocks entire country's IP ranges. My virtual servers are constantly under attack, this might be worth implementing...     #>

RAGGEDedge Bi-Fold Carbon Fiber Sailcloth Wallet. I really like the concept but ouch, $50.     #>

100 Greatest Cooking Tips (of all time!). Spread across 10 freaking pages.     #>

[ROM] Install Ice Cream Sandwich on the T-Mobile G2 and HTC Desire Z. Beta, camera "kind of works" (same with the GPS).     #>

Workflow: Green Screen Tutorial. Interesting, now if the hotel wireless was fast enough for me to watch without buffering...     #>

slabText – a jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & responsive headlines. Interesting.     #>

How to Make a Fluorescent Lighting Setup for Less Than $200. Heh, I like the reader comment the best:

Use a large number of cheap conventional fluorescents. Set camera to use “fluorescent” white balance. Shoot at 1/125 seconds or longer to lessen flicker effects. You’ll have color problems, but you can just fix them in post-production, right?

Using Fetch As Googlebot to isolate site crawling errors. Interesting trick, I'll have to remember that.     #>

Inside the DELL AC Power Adapter - A mystery revealed. May the assholes at Dell forever rot in hell for this crap. Making a breakage-prone chip a fundamental part of the power supply to a laptop is idiotic. When the chip breaks (as it always will) your laptop will no longer charge even though the power supply is able to put out full power. Fuck you Dell.     #>

Burn, Hollywood, Burn     #>

HTC Bootloader Unlocker. They finally updated for my phone, the Desire Z.     #>

Climbers Rock. Nice facility, great people, only a couple blocks away from the hotel. Next time I'm here I'm bringing my shoes at least.     #>

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