Sat: Aug 19, 2017

» Parking Sensor and Create a distance sensor for your garage. Or use the old hanging tennis ball method. Way cheaper but less fun!     #

» Super Simple Hydraulics Using Syringes. Huh, that's pretty clever.     #

Mon: Aug 14, 2017

» Secure Secure Shell, a guide to making sure SSH is really secure.     #

» Monit configuration with Slack. Neat.     #

» Turn Vim Into Excel: Tips for Editing Tabular Data. Awesome!     #

», find out interesting information about your network connection.     #

» dark Quassel IRC client. Hmm, we have been using Slack at work, I could do the Slack->IRC integration then just use this...     #

» Dynamic DNS Using The Linode API     #

Sat: Aug 12, 2017

» Ink-Filled Machine Badges Score Respect for Your Gear. The title is a little cumbersome but I dig the process, those would be super cool to put on the metal furniture I make...     #

Wed: Aug 02, 2017

» how to find default browser in registry windows 7. This worked thankfully. For some reason my default browser had become Internet Explorer (uggh) and no amount of Firefox trying to set it back worked.     #

Mon: Jul 31, 2017

» A Comprehensive Guide to Photoshop's Liquify Tool     #

» Resurrect Pages, a Firefox add-on that'll search through archives in case you come across a dead link or page. Great for older stuff that dropped off the net...     #

Sun: Jul 23, 2017

» 2017 FOSDEM Videos. Check out the file named FILES.txt to get an idea of what directory has what you want to watch. Also you can url hack to get videos from previous years. Kudos to them for making this all available.     #

» Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin-Out. That is amazing, so clear and easy to read.     #

» Drip Irrigation Design Guidelines     #

» Ultimate Search Tool to Find the Right Action Camera For You     #

Sat: Jul 22, 2017

» Surviving My Own Stupidity. Holy crap, I had no idea linseed oil could just spontaneously combust like that!     #

» unshorten, see where those stupid short links lead to (things like     #

» Iz U Ded? and Dead Man's Switch. Both sites let you setup automated actions to happen if you die (or don't respond to them in a timely manner). Handy if you live alone and want to make sure someone deals with things if you can't make it.     #

Wed: Jul 19, 2017

» USPS Informed Delivery. Set this up recently and I find it really interesting. They send you a photo every day of the mail that will be coming to your mailbox. Handy if you are waiting on something in particular and want to know if it's being delivered.     #

Sat: Jul 01, 2017

» Converting PST files to Linux MBOX format.     #

Tue: Jun 27, 2017

» etckeeper, helps keep /etc in version control.     #

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