Thu: Sep 14, 2023

Entware Installation and Usage, it's a package repository for Tomato based routers, there's a whole bunch of things in there to make your home network better. Unfortunately I recently moved to an OPNSense firewall so my wifi router is just an access point anymore...

I also really like this FreshTomato Router Dashboard for Grafana.     #>

Serviceberry shrubs. Just found out about them, maybe next year!     #>

OPNSense DHCP Lease Widget, works great, shows you all the DHCP leases on your network (including for static assignments). Nice to be able to grab the MAC for a new ESP32 device I just spun up.     #>

433 MHz is not dead! Using an ESP32 board with LoRa module to talk to 433 MHz sensors. Based on this and a youtube video from Andreas Spies I got one of these LoRa boards and set it up, it's kinda bonkers how much stuff it's captured in the last few days. From refrigerator temperature sensors, so some TPM (Tire Pressure Management) sensors (5 of them, so I guess one in the spare tire?)     #>

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