Sun: Sep 10, 2023

OMOTE Universal Remote. Ohh, I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they put that on Kickstarter or something. I'm babying my Logitech universal remote since they no longer make them anymore (and I have an IR blaster on an ESP8266 I setup for basic things like turning systems on and off, all to keep the wear off the universal remote).     #>

EasyFlickrBackup, this works well for pure image backups even in 2023 (I tried a bunch of backup tools out recently, this was one of the few that still worked).     #>

rclone backend for Google Photos. Well that's handy, sometimes I just want the diff or a directory, or only get the things other people uploaded, but using the web UI is... not great. This will let me just rclone sync and let it happen automatically.     #>

mTLS: When certificate authentication is done wrong. I'm doing mutual TLS for some customers at work, it's a simple idea that can have complicated implementations, and not everyone groks how it should work in the first place.     #>

Photogrammetry on Commercial Flights. That's pretty neat, I have a whole bunch of photos taken out the window of various flights when I used to have a job with travel...     #>

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