Fri: Aug 18, 2023

S'moreZilla Maker's Camp Dinosaur. Mine is sitting in the garage waiting for a day I won't die of heat stroke being out there...     #>

Bark - Text to Speech generator, I really like you can include music and non-speech things like gasping. Wonder if it can do tones like sarcasm...     #>

A Nifty Tool For Counting Neopixels. Smart.     #>

DIA parking lots crime reports. That's pretty interesting though I don't care about "theft of services" since that sounds like someone who just left without paying and doesn't have any bearing on if someone is going to mess with my car there or not.     #>

Power Delete Suite for removing your comments from Reddit. They say it uses the API and with the recent Reddit bs about charging $42k/month for access I wonder if it still works.     #>

What’s Inside a Japanese Convenience Store?. Same with South Korea, and I love them for it.     #>

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