Sun: Jul 23, 2023

Scar Tissues Make Relationships Wear Out, that's an elegant way of putting it.     #>

Common birds you see at bird feeders. This is really neat, I've specified my area and have indeed seen most of those birds (but not all, still going to pay attention for a few new ones).     #>

Knurled Flush Screw Lid Container - Customizable. I like the design ok but what blows me away is there's a Customize button in Thingiverse that lets you just scale in multiple dimensions and get a very custom STL file that you can print. That's pretty amazing.     #>

Survivor Library, as they put it: It's not a library about survival, it's a library for survivors.     #>

Dog Camera | ESP32CAM with PIR sensor and FTP, an indoor wildlife camera... I have some of those ESP32CAM devices, one in the garage just to keep an eye on things and I am impressed with the quality of the image for it being a $10 device with a very tiny sensor.     #>

Tube Archivist. I have a process to grab the videos I'm interested in (and I nearly always delete after I watch, I very rarely re-watch any) but if I didn't have my process I'd absolutely add this to my NAS.     #>

The Great Pyramid of Giza 3d model. I love how it's split in half so you can see the interior rooms and passages.     #>

Bag N Telle Tutorials, sew your own bags, pretty decent tutorials.     #>

Turn a Raspberry Pi Zero into a full Raspberry Pi with Ethernet. That is neat, and reasonably priced at $15 from Waveshare.     #>

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