Fri: Nov 29, 2019

» DigitalJS, an online circuit simulator.     #

» Awk by example. Handy.     #

» Miriam Makeba = The Click Song Distinct Version. Chalk that up as another thing I would have no idea how to do...     #

Tue: Nov 26, 2019

» In defense of 'flicks'. Interesting, I like the explanation of how they got to 705600000.     #

Tue: Oct 29, 2019

» ESPurna Firmware for ESP8266 and ESP32. I wonder how this compares to ESPHome?     #

» How To Backup And Restore Linux With Timeshift. I'm going a different route, but this is good to know.     #

» Odroid Go. I don't play many games and I don't have much use for this but I still really want one...     #

» Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure. I found this really interesting.     #

» The Tao of tmux and Terminal Tricks. Worth it.     #

» EveryCircuit circuit simulation software for phones and tablets.     #

Sun: Oct 27, 2019

» Sara lopez dançando kizomba. That totally took me down a rabbit-hole of Kizomba dances.     #

» Misen 2.0. I have the original 1.0 chef's knife and it's by far my favorite knife to use.     #

» Hand Tool Rescue. I bought the full size wrench some time ago and it's fantastic but I mainly am pointing to their website for the deeply satisfying animations on that page...     #

» Denver Building History Tutorial. Figure out the history of your old house.     #

» Displaying images on OLED screens, Using 1-bpp images in MicroPython. This was the only way I could figure out how to get the text display I wanted on a NodeMCU microcontroller.     #

» USB Hard Drive Encryption on a Raspberry Pi. I implemented this on a Raspi 4 with multiple external USB3 drives, so I can have a "backup station" that just uses rsync from my machines. I do have to login and mount the drives if/when it reboots or loses power, but I'm ok with that.     #

» Sena 10C Evo. Interesting, adding the camera to the comm system cuts down on the number of things you need to carry on the helmet (also makes it easier for things like my helmet that has a flip-up face, I can't mount a GoPro on top without it interfering...)     #

Thu: Oct 10, 2019

» Data Cleaner's Cookbook. Lots of consideration and tools on how to clean up tabular data. If you deal with spreadsheets or CSV files very often this could be helpful.     #

Mon: Oct 07, 2019

» huginn, Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. I'm not sure I have a need of it but I am noticing I'm more willing to try it out when there's a Docker version (and there is for this)     #

» Linux Backup Solutions. Decent list. I'm still trying to sort mine out, I think it's going to be a Raspberry Pi 4 in an alternate location mounting drives with LUKS (so they are encrypted by default) and probably just an rsync cron job every night.     #

» I subscribed to MagPi for a couple of years (I had the extra money and I believe in their mission) but everything they do is open so they publish a Index of MagPi issues with everything downloadable as PDF. Nice if you just want to browse on a tablet.     #

» Windows Screen Recorder, open-source (aka "free")     #

» Google Hit Hider by Domain (and a 1 minute video demo on YouTube). Haven't checked the state of Greasemonkey on Firefox in a while, wonder if this still works...     #

» Shop Class as Soulcraft. It still baffles me when people don't even express an interest in making or fixing things, it's just such a part of my DNA.     #

» I was using these instructions to shrink a VirtualBox VM (since it was a dynamic drive and wasn't using the full space): How to Shrink a VirtualBox Virtual Machine and Free Up Disk Space. It's kind a pain in the butt and in the end it wasn't helpful since I'd converted a Win7 desktop into a VHD file (Windows Virtual Disk) and not a VDI (VirtualBox native disk). The solution was to use CloneVDI which is a Windows tool but runs great under WINE in Linux and has a checkbox to "compact" when converting. Way easier and way faster.     #

Sat: Oct 05, 2019

» A Web API For Your Pi. Neat, lets you access your Pi's GPIO pins via browser (or script).     #

Fri: Sep 13, 2019

» Monica Personal CRM, a "relationship manager" that's not just for business. I'm tempted to install, and they have a Docker image to make it easy...     #

» Sand Grains from Around the World. Huh, that's pretty interesting.     #

Mon: Aug 26, 2019

» NGINX Admin Handbook. Someday I'll learn this...     #

» Bash aliases you can’t live without. Not bad, one or two in there I can use.     #

» Crystal Mill: How to Hike, Bike, or 4×4 to CO’s Most Haunting Photo Opp. We of course had that iconic photo hanging in our house when I was growing up.     #

» HDHomeRun and Linux. Never got the View button to work, and it wasn't great getting it from VLC. What does work for me is to run Kodi with the LiveTV plugin as full-screen on a second monitor. Not sure why that works so much better than any other option on Linux but it does.     #

» The Authoritarians, free e-book that's worth reading.     #

» Thinkpad X62. An old-school Thinkpad stuffed with new components.     #

» Zack Morris Is Trash : Season 1. If you've ever seen Saved By The Bell this will be hilarious.     #

» A guide to mdadm. I have it running on my NAS, it was surprisingly easy to change OS (from Mint to Ubuntu Server) and preserve my existing MD volumes.     #

» LitFriends Custom Prayer Candles. I think that could make an amazing white elephant gift with the right picture...     #

» Fake Name Generator. Handy for BS forms where you really don't care about the data.     #

Sun: Aug 25, 2019

» Mosquitto SSL Configuration -MQTT TLS Security. Worth doing if you plan to expose your MQTT broker to the Internet (I did notice the MQTT protocol cannot be passed via Traefik, yet)     #

» Calculators for Contractors, Builders, Remodelers, Carpenters, Woodworkers & Scale Modelers     #

» Node-RED and Home Assistant. So far all my HA stuff is simple enough I don't feel the need to add Node-RED (yet).     #

» Making my analog doorbell smart by simply attaching a $7 sensor to it. Neat but I don't have enough people ringing my doorbell to spend the effort...     #

» Adding a voice assistant in Home Assistant. Not sure it fits my use-case but it's still something I think about from time to time.     #

» Putting together a Travel toolkit, specifically for adventure riding (not quite dirt-biking, but definitely not on paved highways).     #

» George Carlin on language of politics. I had no idea he was on CSPAN.     #

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