Mon: Jan 07, 2019

» Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android. This is ridiculous.     #

» Compiling NodeMCU for the ESP32 With Support for Public-Private Key Encryption     #

» Custom Cables for Solderless Breadboards. Clever.     #

Sat: Dec 22, 2018

» Linux Installers for Linux Gamers, in case you made the switch like me and still want to play some games... Also see Wine - Useful Registry Keys and How to install Unreal Tournament 2004 by Midway on Linux     #

» Top Ten Hardest Woods, if you want to tear up your tools... (And who knew there was a Wood Database?)     #

» Killed by Google, where good projects go to die.     #

» Traveling with Me is a Nightmare. Not true, the people I know who are good at travel (and airports), like me, have their systems and processes to make things simple.     #

Wed: Nov 21, 2018

» A tool to make your own private voice assistant, one that presumably doesn't snoop on you every day (no Alexa or Cortana or any of that crap in my house...)     #

» Jersey City Repair. In spite of how difficult the website is to figure out what's going on their service was fast and did exactly what I needed (which was get a new BIOS chip on a Macbook Pro). I'd bought a Macbook Pro to learn something about OS-X and Apple in general and at one point it booted and decided there was no hard-drive. Naturally the asshole that sold it to me had put on a BIOS password and used a burner phone number to sell me the computer so I thought it was a brick (Apple was extremely un-helpful in resolving this, basically telling me to get fucked.)

I took the laptop apart, sent them the mainboard (could have sent them the whole computer but I didn't want to deal with it) and $155 later (and a couple of days) they sent it back. I rebuilt the Macbook and it's worked flawlessly since.     #

» Pi Zero GPIO expander tutorial. That is slick, basically you plug your Raspi Zero into your existing computer and you can access all of the GPIO pins without having to go through the trouble of plugging the Raspi into a monitor and keyboard and such.     #

» Kali Linux Evil Wireless Access Point. Yikes, set it up as a Comcast wifi point and watch the logins roll in.     #

Mon: Oct 29, 2018

» How to save Lightroom Catalog on Network Drive in Windows. This worked for me (I'm running Lightroom on a Win7 Virtualbox VM and needed to map the catalog out to the hard drive on the host machine...)     #

» OpenRazer Github. I finally got my Nostromo N50 working under Linux, but I'm glad to see this pop up since if I ever need to upgrade it I'll end up with a Razer device...     #

» [TUTORIAL] How to update Open Source graphic driver in Ubuntu. I've gone with the Oibaf, I've been having stability issues with a new Vega 56 card and stable is more important to me right now.     #

Wed: Oct 03, 2018

» JeffCo Retail Food Inspections search. Find out how your favorite local food joint fared in their health inspections...     #

» Print your own grid paper by Gridzzly. I still have a pack of the light green engineering paper I used in college, I still love writing on that stuff.     #

Sat: Sep 29, 2018

» The Authoritarians. Free book on the rise of authoritarianism in America.     #

» An LED You Can Blow Out, With No Added Sensor. That's really clever.     #

» Online SVG tools for Cricut users (Cricut being the vinyl cutter that lets you make your own stickers and such.)     #

» Exodus - Painless relocation of Linux binaries–and all of their dependencies–without containers. Basically you can copy a program from one Linux system to the other (even if they use different package formats.)     #

» Freezing your credit is free in all states under a new law following the Equifax breach. It's about flipping time.     #

Sun: Sep 09, 2018

» Whose Line Is It archive. That's amazing.     #

Fri: Aug 31, 2018

» XOD - GUI microcontroller programming. Kinda neat, I like the idea behind it/     #

Tue: Aug 21, 2018

» MandOS, let's you boot remote servers even when they have an encrypted boot drive. Looks like a "mothership server" that tells the booting machine what the encryption keys are so it can boot without having to use a serial console.     #

» Missouri Lakes and Fancy Lakes Loop Trail. Absolutely NOT 8.3 miles like this claimed (closer to 10.5 total) but a great overnight backpack. I did it clockwise (Missouri Lakes first) and was happy to stop at Fancy Lake, I was wiped. Chai, on the other hand, was still up for chasing some chipmunks once we got to the lake...     #

» Split a Garmin GPX file. The Garmin online maps suck, you can't select to download individual GPS tracks that have been uploaded, you get a giant file with EVERY track included. Not only does the site work great, they even give you the perl script to run it yourself.     #

Tue: Aug 07, 2018

» Why a Typical Home Solar Setup Does Not Work With the Grid Down - And What You Can Do About It. This is really long and absolutely worth reading, I learned a ton (and I'm one of those people with grid-tied rooftop solar...)     #

» Thinkpad Motherboards. Update some classic Thinkpad chassis with a new motherboard that has all kinds of updated stuff (support for new processors, etc). Some people really value those older screens and keyboards, this lets you turn it into something modern.     #

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