Fri: Nov 17, 2017

» Affordable Alternatives to Classic Luxury Watches. I like the idea of (some of) the luxury watches but think spending that kind of money on one is just insane.     #

Wed: Nov 15, 2017

» DJI Flight Log Viewer. Well THAT is going to potentially be very handy in the future...     #

» The Road to Inspiration - a Sprinter van conversion to a mobile home for travel photography. I love it.     #

» F3 - an alternative to h2testw. It will stress-test your SD memory cards and tell you what you *really* have. There's a whole world of counterfeit cards out there, this will help you figure out if what you got is worth keeping.     #

» Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi. Most of the so-called "Kodi boxes" are just Android so you should be able to install Netflix as a native app, but this would be great for something like a Linux based media center...     #

» The World’s Favorite Climbing Areas In One Map. Looks great, would go well on the gear room wall.     #

Fri: Nov 10, 2017

» Is that a wolf or a coyote? There have been a couple posts on Nextdoor in my neighborhood lately about "wolves in the area", which isn't true (though we do have coyotes pretty close).     #

Sat: Nov 04, 2017

» Cupid on Trial: A 4-month Online Dating Experiment Using 10 Fictional Singletons. Men and women have *very* different experiences with online dating...     #

Wed: Nov 01, 2017

» WorkBee CNC Machine. Ohhh, nifty! Not terribly priced either.     #

» Home Control 2017. I'm doing baby steps in this direction but I love reading about things like this.     #

» Putting a Designer’s Polish on Ikea Products. I love the idea, I've been a big fan of Ikea for a long time and to be able to get a custom finish on it would be great.     #

» This is decent advice if you are in the back country and may run across bears: reacting to bears. I don't carry bear spray nearly as often as I should (especially since one of my favorite trails generally doesn't have many people on it so there's a better chance for an encounter...)     #

» Stitchlines Outdoor Gear Repair. Local to the Denver area, I'll keep them in mind for future issues.     #

» Zip Code zones. I love maps like this.     #

» Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution. More interesting than the title would lead you to believe.     #

Tue: Oct 17, 2017

» HTML and CSS Monopoly Board. That is seriously impressive.     #

Sat: Oct 14, 2017

» Equifax or Equiphish? Towards the bottom are directions for using the phone to freeze your credit with the 4 major bureaus, I highly recommend doing that in the face of the Equifax hack.     #

Wed: Oct 04, 2017

» What's My Zone District? What's My Utility District? Huh, that's interesting.     #

» Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) syntax. Working with a product at work that uses this syntax so it's good to have a reference.     #

Fri: Sep 22, 2017

» A PCB To Emulate Coin Cells. Well that's just clever. Plug it into a USB phone charger and use your project like normal, without ever running out of battery.     #

Fri: Sep 08, 2017

» Blurry font issue with Wine 2.0 on macOS 10.12.2. Fixed it for me, looks great now.     #

» Sunflower Fields near DIA, Pretty sure they are done for this year (I did get out there a couple weeks ago for some pics) but saving this for next year...     #

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