Tue: Oct 17, 2017

» HTML and CSS Monopoly Board. That is seriously impressive.     #

Sat: Oct 14, 2017

» Equifax or Equiphish? Towards the bottom are directions for using the phone to freeze your credit with the 4 major bureaus, I highly recommend doing that in the face of the Equifax hack.     #

Wed: Oct 04, 2017

» What's My Zone District? What's My Utility District? Huh, that's interesting.     #

» Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) syntax. Working with a product at work that uses this syntax so it's good to have a reference.     #

Fri: Sep 22, 2017

» A PCB To Emulate Coin Cells. Well that's just clever. Plug it into a USB phone charger and use your project like normal, without ever running out of battery.     #

Fri: Sep 08, 2017

» Blurry font issue with Wine 2.0 on macOS 10.12.2. Fixed it for me, looks great now.     #

» Sunflower Fields near DIA, Pretty sure they are done for this year (I did get out there a couple weeks ago for some pics) but saving this for next year...     #

Wed: Sep 06, 2017

» snapVCC 3.3/5 V regulator snaps onto 9V battery. That is very cool.     #

» Facebook is happy to do business with nazis and racists on your behalf. What the hell?     #

» Why Herpes Is More Popular Than Congress. I'm in for a few bucks on the effort to stop gerrymandering.     #

» Solaris to Linux Migration 2017. There was an article recently that mentioned Oracle finally laid off the last of the Solaris engineers so this is very germane.     #

Thu: Aug 31, 2017

» Tree Tabs, the spiritual successor to Tree Style Tab, this one should work with new versions of Firefox     #

Tue: Aug 22, 2017

» RaMBLE - Bluetooth LE Mapper. Now that I sometimes work downtown I'm curious, might install this and go for a stroll...     #

» Blocking Facebook Web Trackers At The Firewall For Extra Privacy. Definitely being deployed in my VMs.     #

» Put *Everything* in vi Mode. Well, everything from the command line at least...     #

Mon: Aug 21, 2017

» Wi-Fi Privacy Police. Definitely installing on my phone. Prevents the phone from sending out the entire list of wifi networks it knows about (which is used to track you).     #

» DIY Auto Repair Shops. I like the concept, especially for people in apartments with no garage of their own.     #

» Compass Caddy. Smart.     #

» DIY Teardrop Kit: Build This Camper For Less Than $3,000. I really like the concept and the price is way better than anything else out there (except for the built your own setup...) I keep going back and forth between trailer or van...     #

» Two Aerospace Engineers Save Their Favorite Lakewood Fish Market. Stopped by not too long ago for some jumbo shrimp and met the new owners, glad someone is keeping it going.     #

Sat: Aug 19, 2017

» Parking Sensor and Create a distance sensor for your garage. Or use the old hanging tennis ball method. Way cheaper but less fun!     #

» Super Simple Hydraulics Using Syringes. Huh, that's pretty clever.     #

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