Fri: Jun 20, 2014

Firefox address/search bar overlaid with icons. I'd been having this problem for a couple releases now, at random the URL bar (I refuse to call it the awesome bar because it sure as hell isn't) had any number of random icons overlaid on it, getting in the way of what I was seeing. If I widened the window far enough to be able to see any part of the URL I could cut and paste (and if I edited any part of the URL the icons would just disappear.) Turns out it was the RSS Icon 1.0.6 add-on. As soon as I disabled that and restarted Firefox it worked fine. If they wouldn't have been asses and removed the RSS icon I guess I wouldn't have needed to install the add-on... Here's a screenshot of how my URL bar was overlaid with the extra icons.

Firefox URL bar with extra icons

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