Fri: May 26, 2017

» VSCode Tutorials #1 - Introduction To Visual Studio Code , VSCode Tutorials #2 - Visual Studio Code Interface & Getting Around Files, and VSCode #3 - Using and Installing Extensions. Nice editor, and I like that there's a Arduino add-on, but I still need the Arduino IDE for serial access...     #

Thu: May 25, 2017

» Arduino Variations Pins. Handy because for some reason pin 0 isn't actually referenced as 0 in your program.     #

» Lets Talk Oxy Acetylene. This is fantastic, before I let people play with my torch set I'm going to have them watch this...     #

» Bolt basics: What every climber should know. If you climb outside you should know about your anchor.     #

» RipStop by the Roll. I keep thinking about getting a sewing machine and trying my hand at Making Your Own Gear. Knowing I can buy this kind of nylon sheeting might help...     #

» WinFsp - Windows File System Proxy and SSHFS for Windows. Both very handy, they are similar to FUSE on Linux but on Windows. This means you can map a "drive letter" in Windows to an SSH filesystem. Makes doing things like editing files on a remote server easy. (Just noticed both are authored by the same person, these are subsets of each other...)     #

» WolfeCreative - Neuromancer. If you are a fan of the Gibson book you can do worse than getting some cool shirts and stickers...     #

Tue: May 23, 2017

» ungoogled-chromium, Modifications to Google Chromium for removing Google integration and enhancing privacy, control, and transparency. Ever since getting Greasemonkey in Palemoon working I've not used Chromium but if I have to go back it this will definitely be installed.     #

» "Forget Windows Use Linux" is a USB-Bootable Distro for your Android Recovery Needs. I can always just boot a Linux VM and hand the USB connection over to it, but I like the idea of getting specialized tools like this out there.     #

» Off-Road Test: The 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. Huh, might be time to upgrade my truck...     #

Mon: May 22, 2017

» Camp Out On 200-Acre ‘Glampsites’. Prices seem super reasonable for having that much space to yourself.     #

» NanoPi K2. Interesting.     #

» Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery, Colorado's Only Non-Profit for Rocky Mountain Vehicle Recovery. Good to know those guys are out there...     #

» What Is MQTT? // MickMake QuickBits. Get's a little rushed by the end but a solid grounding in MQTT. I've been playing with it for home use, I'm going to setup a weather station that uses an MQTT broker as it's destination, then I can use a cheap small screen on a WeMo D1 Mini to display it pretty much anywhere I want (or publish to the web, or...)     #

Sat: May 20, 2017

» mStream and koel. Handy if you have all your music at home...     #

» LeakBot and Flo water valve. Both designed to monitor the flow of water in your home and let you know if you have a leak (a burst pipe will just keep going and going...)     #

» Softbox Light, using an old bicycle wheel and LEDs. This really turned out nice, I can see it being great for ambient light.     #

» ESP8266 Wi-Fi - SCREW SHIELD. I really like the idea but it ships from Poland, so it's $9 additional shipping for 2 of them, that's a bit tough to swallow (nothing against the creator, just a shame it costs so much.)     #

» Helios4 Personal Cloud - The Open Source NAS. Not the cheapest option but being open source is a nice bonus.     #

» UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply & I2C Control HAT. Ohhh, power outages kill Raspis so this is amazing.     #

» Android Phone as Server. Interesting idea but I think I'll stick with a Raspberry Pi for $30...     #

» First and last freeze/frost dates for Denver, CO ,United States. That's super handy (just put in your zip code). Would have been handier a week ago when I planted and then it snowed two days ago...     #

Tue: May 16, 2017

» Rugged Metal On/Off Switch. I have no plans for this but I love the look and just want one... (There's also a momentary version on Adafruit.)     #

» Cricket Trailers. I really like these (especially the TigerMoth) but once again there's no pricing information anywhere on the site. I get that they are sold via dealers and that prices can change but cripes, give me a range already. If they are $20k I'm definitely wasting my time even looking but if they are less than $5k I might warrant a closer look...     #

» AutoCheck. You can put in a license plate and get the make/model of the car (presumably you can pay to get the full information on the owner). Can be used for good and bad.     #

» IV - 9 Numitron Tube Clock. Pretty.     #

» Of Choss and Lions. Fifteen minutes well spent, I really enjoyed watching this...     #

» The Noun Project. Icons for just about anything you can imagine.     #

Sat: May 13, 2017

» I had this exact problem with a couple of Gawker feeds (specifically Lifehacker) in my TTRSS (Tiny Tiny RSS) reader: Pictures not shown in some feeds with figure block. The solution was simple, add the tag to the allowed_elements array in include/functions2.php file and everything started working again. It just broke a month or so ago, so they changed something in their CMS... Someone also released a fix on Git: ttrss-fix_gawker_embeds.     #

» PowerSwitch Tail II. So basically a nice housing for an ESP8266, kind of like a Sonoff but without having to futz with the mains wiring.     #

» DNS Leak Test. Comcast is absolutely using transparent proxies.     #

» Blocking ad server and tracker IPs. Handy list.     #

» Sovereign private cloud. A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more.     #

Fri: May 12, 2017

» Evolution Of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (thru The Fate Of The Furious & Baywatch). Entertaining for sure.     #

Mon: May 08, 2017

» Nixie Machine II. That is beautiful.     #

» Nexus 5 Google logo flashing-vibrating. My phone basically shut itself down during dinner tonight and when I was back at a charger this constant rebooting showed up. Since I'm away from my tools right now to try and "reset" the power button I basically tapped and mashed it a few times and lo and behold it started working. Good thing to keep in my pocket for the next time...     #

Sat: May 06, 2017

» Karen Hutton: Voice of the RTD Light Rail. She seems so excited, it's adorable.     #

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