Tue: Jan 31, 2017

Climbing Gear Comparison. That's impressive - measures the differences between manufacturers and product lines of gear. I guess with this you could figure out how to create the lightest rack possible.     #>

How to read music - Tim Hansen. That was actually pretty handy, I had no idea that's how it worked.     #>

Cheap, Fun, and Fast: You’re Going to Want a Cyclekart. They aren't kidding, I totally want one.     #>

WS2812B LED Clones: Work Better Than Originals! Sometimes you get lucky and a cheap knock-off will be better in some way.     #>

Should Outdoor Retailer leave Salt Lake? Yes, why would you continue to support a state that clearly has so little regard for the things you claim to value?     #>

Garmin Connect Privacy Policy. This is kind of amazing, I'm so cynical about privacy policies grabbing every kind of data they possibly can that I'm stunned to find one that actually seems reasonable (and appears to be written for non-lawyers). I especially like they list what the mobile app permissions are actually for instead of just saying "we need these".     #>

Rogue One, my Holiday Hackintosh. And it's tiny, roughly the size of a Mac Mini for a fraction of the price (and with more power!)     #>

Pleasant View Electronics in Golden. Good place for components, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, etc, etc. The only downside is their hours make it tough to have a normal job and still get out there.     #>

2014 Coyote Symposium. This is pretty interesting to me, I've been encountering the local coyotes for a few years, I see them somewhat frequently walking the dog.     #>

Hangboard Training 101. Interesting, I'll have to try that.     #>

Lathe – Getting Started. Excellent guide on getting started with machine tools. My favorite quote is right near the top: "Lots of things in the shop can be a bit dangerous, but machine tools are unique in that they are actively trying to murder you at all times". No kidding.     #>

Brand Infographic, who owns what. That is just depressing to see.     #>

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