Sat: May 20, 2017

» mStream and koel. Handy if you have all your music at home...     #

» LeakBot and Flo water valve. Both designed to monitor the flow of water in your home and let you know if you have a leak (a burst pipe will just keep going and going...)     #

» Softbox Light, using an old bicycle wheel and LEDs. This really turned out nice, I can see it being great for ambient light.     #

» ESP8266 Wi-Fi - SCREW SHIELD. I really like the idea but it ships from Poland, so it's $9 additional shipping for 2 of them, that's a bit tough to swallow (nothing against the creator, just a shame it costs so much.)     #

» Helios4 Personal Cloud - The Open Source NAS. Not the cheapest option but being open source is a nice bonus.     #

» UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply & I2C Control HAT. Ohhh, power outages kill Raspis so this is amazing.     #

» Android Phone as Server. Interesting idea but I think I'll stick with a Raspberry Pi for $30...     #

» First and last freeze/frost dates for Denver, CO ,United States. That's super handy (just put in your zip code). Would have been handier a week ago when I planted and then it snowed two days ago...     #

Tue: May 16, 2017

» Rugged Metal On/Off Switch. I have no plans for this but I love the look and just want one... (There's also a momentary version on Adafruit.)     #

» Cricket Trailers. I really like these (especially the TigerMoth) but once again there's no pricing information anywhere on the site. I get that they are sold via dealers and that prices can change but cripes, give me a range already. If they are $20k I'm definitely wasting my time even looking but if they are less than $5k I might warrant a closer look...     #

» AutoCheck. You can put in a license plate and get the make/model of the car (presumably you can pay to get the full information on the owner). Can be used for good and bad.     #

» IV - 9 Numitron Tube Clock. Pretty.     #

» Of Choss and Lions. Fifteen minutes well spent, I really enjoyed watching this...     #

» The Noun Project. Icons for just about anything you can imagine.     #

Sat: May 13, 2017

» I had this exact problem with a couple of Gawker feeds (specifically Lifehacker) in my TTRSS (Tiny Tiny RSS) reader: Pictures not shown in some feeds with figure block. The solution was simple, add the tag to the allowed_elements array in include/functions2.php file and everything started working again. It just broke a month or so ago, so they changed something in their CMS... Someone also released a fix on Git: ttrss-fix_gawker_embeds.     #

» PowerSwitch Tail II. So basically a nice housing for an ESP8266, kind of like a Sonoff but without having to futz with the mains wiring.     #

» DNS Leak Test. Comcast is absolutely using transparent proxies.     #

» Blocking ad server and tracker IPs. Handy list.     #

» Sovereign private cloud. A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more.     #

Fri: May 12, 2017

» Evolution Of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (thru The Fate Of The Furious & Baywatch). Entertaining for sure.     #

Mon: May 08, 2017

» Nixie Machine II. That is beautiful.     #

» Nexus 5 Google logo flashing-vibrating. My phone basically shut itself down during dinner tonight and when I was back at a charger this constant rebooting showed up. Since I'm away from my tools right now to try and "reset" the power button I basically tapped and mashed it a few times and lo and behold it started working. Good thing to keep in my pocket for the next time...     #

Sat: May 06, 2017

» Karen Hutton: Voice of the RTD Light Rail. She seems so excited, it's adorable.     #

Tue: May 02, 2017

» Get Up Close to your Soldering with a Pi Zero Microscope. That's a pretty clever use of the PiCam...     #

» Glove and Boots - Our First Live Stream! I've liked their videos for a long time but this really made me laugh - every time Mario cracks up I cannot help but laughing along. This is an hour long, put it on in the background while you do other stuff, it's definitely worth it.     #

Mon: May 01, 2017

» Cinderella City: The Rise and Fall of a Memorable Mall (Part 1) and Cinderella City: The Decline and Fall of a Memorable Mall (Part 2). I very much remember Cin City (they had a great magic shop in the basement, not far from Tandy Leather...)     #

Sun: Apr 30, 2017

» Ueli Steck Dies in Fall Near Everest. Holy shit what? RIP Swiss Machine.     #

» What should you think about when using Facebook? In the past I was called paranoid by people who hear about my setup, nowadays I have people asking me to help set something similar up for themselves. Once people learn about how insidious Facebook actually is they are less interested in buying in. (For the record my setup is to only use FB through one particular browser that runs through a proxy server that never changes, every time they try to guess my highschool they are way off. Also on my main browser I have every FB "like" button, every single call to their servers blocked so as far as they know I never use the rest of the Internet...)     #

» Michale Davis Juggling and Michael Davis at Ford's Theater (with Ronald Regan). That is showmanship!     #

» Tree of Heaven - Public Service Announcement. That thing is more weed than tree, avoid if possible.     #

» National Park Maps. This site currently has 1,590 free high-resolution national park maps to view, save, and download.. Better go visit some parks before the current administration finds a way to ruin them all.     #

» Fuck Yes or No. Solid advice and his books are worth a read too.     #

» The highest and lowest elevation of every U.S. State. Neat!     #

Sat: Apr 29, 2017

» Michaela Kiersch & The Golden Ticket | 5.14c First Female Ascent. That looks crazy hard.     #

» Editors' Choice 2017: La Sportiva Skwama. Next time I'm looking at climbing shoes I'll have to check them out. I like the fact they aren't a super aggressive shoe, those just hurt my feet.     #

» Sense Home Energy Monitor. I like the concept - that it "fingerprints" your different electrical devices and then can give you a breakdown of how much each thing used. I do wonder how accurate it actually is...     #

» DeskView standing desk. Clever use of a couple suction cups and a bamboo cutting board...     #

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