Sat: Jun 24, 2017

» Mousetrap (Denver). Hah, I had no idea this monstrosity had it's own Wikipedia page!     #

Thu: Jun 15, 2017

» Linux Backup Solutions. Great list.     #

» How To Safely Store A Password. TL;DR - use bcrypt.     #

Tue: Jun 13, 2017

» Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Artisan’s Asylum. Oh man, if I lived there I’d join in a heartbeat.     #

» OUTSMART BIG BRANDS, Find perfect, money saving alternativesto expensive brand products!     #

» The Base Trip - Portugal. I like how the information is presented, especially things like power plug types and such.     #

» Shawnessy, Calgary, Alberta Current Weather Conditions. Not that the location is important but it really show the power of weeWX. I look forward to making my own weather station at some point.     #

» How to Cook on Himalayan Salt Blocks. I've done shrimp on mine a couple times and it's amazing.     #

» Pi Camera Setup. When I got mine I noticed there were no instructions at all (including which way to plug the cable in...) This helps.     #

» Wilderness Survival - Signaling for help.     #

» Wirelessly Control Your DSLR for Less Than $40 by using a small travel router. Clever idea.     #

» How To Make Ketchup in the Slow Cooker     #

» A SOFT MURMUR, Ambient sounds to wash away distraction.     #

» Anatomy of a First Aid Kit. From the Red Cross, they give you a list of items you should have.     #

» htaccess - A collection of useful .htaccess snippets. For the Apache web server. There's also something similar for NGINX.     #

» Giant Photostrips. That's pretty cool, and a super reasonable price (2 for $20 right now).     #

» Mopher - Firewall like mail filter. Runs as a Sendmail Milter. I've been thinking about finally moving away from Sendmail and over to Postfix, hoping the conversion will be simple.     #

Mon: Jun 12, 2017

» SCORKL - Breathe underwater with TOTAL freedom. I like the idea - especially that you can refill with a hand pump but yeesh that price ($250!)     #

» Over the weekend I picked this up at the GoPro Mountain Games: Matador Freerain24 Backpack and I kept thinking "I know I've seen this before". Then I found this in my open browser tabs: Sea x Sky - The Waterproof Backpack That Fits In Your Pocket. I have no idea if the two companies are related, or if one ripped off the other but those are identical bags...     #

Sun: Jun 11, 2017

» NextCloud on Pi 2/3 Start to finish Guide. Not a bad guide but it may need some updating.     #

» OpenVPN Static Key Mini-HowTo, basically what I used for my home router setup. It's working great for my phones and tablets.     #

» RemixRotation EDM Player, scans across YouTube and comes up with new music every day.     #

» microPython and the ESP. Looks like it's still a little too early to start using it but interesting none the less.     #

» Get your loved ones off Facebook. Yes.     #

» Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape. This seems like something that should be in every well-stocked home repair kit, you never know when you'd need something like that.     #

» Network Protocols. If you care about how the Internet actually works this is worth a read.     #

» 27 Styles of Rapping. I found this highly entertaining.     #

Tue: Jun 06, 2017

» Worth looking through these resources...


Mon: Jun 05, 2017

» Captive Portal on a Pi. Setup a guest wifi access point, use the captive portal function, profit?     #

» How to Do Your Own Yearly Home Inspection. I swear I once saw a checklist in PDF form that was pretty similar...     #

» Private Forms, uses PGP in Javascript to encrypt form information before it's submitted. I guess if you have to have a 3rd party collect your forms this isn't a bad solution.     #

» Award Ace, gives you hints on the best way to spend your frequent flier miles.     #

» Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. Thanks to HTML5, once Guacamole is installed on a server, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser. I will be watching this...     #

» GoTTY - Share your terminal as a web application. Ohhh.     #

» Understand 1,700 Mechanical Linkages with these Helpful Animations. I could watch these kinds of things all day.     #

» Scoutt - Photography Location Database. I wish you could just browse as a guest but it's still a great idea.     #

» Bookmark this: Colorado launches online guide to 39,000 miles of every kind of trail . That is fantastic - the actual link is:     #

» OctoSnap - breakaway header snapper. The shipping costs more than the device but I think it's pretty handy so I went for it. Too bad you can't buy them local to the US without paying international shipping (not that I'm complaining, I know other countries almost always have to pay outrageous shipping rates...)     #

» How to Make an Improvised Gas Mask. You never know when you are going to need a skill like that.     #

» What Happens When a User Triggers an SOS on an inReach? Good to know.     #

» OpenBuilds MiniMill. That looks like a very cool mini CNC mill.     #

» Colorado police, sheriffs say if Hickenlooper doesn’t veto civil asset forfeiture bill, crime-fighting will suffer. So if they can't just steal from citizens anymore that's suddenly a funding issue?     #

Fri: Jun 02, 2017

» Google About Me. Check up on what Google knows about you.     #

» Couple of links that helped me get OpenVPN running on my Tomato based router. I'd been wanting to be able to get access to home things from my phone and having this cert on my phone and tablets lets me do that.


» Community Notification Enrollment, Broomfield & Jefferson Counties, CO. I signed up, have gotten one or two messages from them.     #

» Sender Films - The Complete Collection. That's quite a list, those are some great climbing movies.     #

» Utah Unveils Search And Rescue Card. Colorado has had it's "Hiker Card" for years and it is basically the same thing - it authorizes the general fund to pay for a rescue if you have the card.     #

Thu: Jun 01, 2017

» [FIX] Wrong Pin/Pattern when restoring TWRP Nandroid Backup. Just needed to do this on a new phone that I was messing with the ROMs on...     #

Tue: May 30, 2017

» NinjaSnap. Clever, will take a photo of the person who tries to swipe through your images (sometimes you want to show someone a single photo and they decide it's time to scroll through all your pictures...)     #

» The Prynt Pocket Turns Your iPhone into an Instant Camera. Cheaper in the end than one of those Instax cameras?     #

» Streisand, A single command sets up a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 server running a wide variety of anti-censorship software that can completely mask and encrypt all of your Internet traffic.     #

» Exceptional Adventuremobiles From Overland Expo 2017. Some awesome things in there...     #

» Denver Disc Golf Courses. I didn't realize there were so many...     #

» Ginger-Garlic Slow Cooker Pulled Pork. Made this recently and it is amazing.     #

» Cloud Eggs: The Latest Instagram Food Fad Is Actually Centuries Old     #

» Sophia vs Jayne: The OTHER Photos behind that Sideways Glare     #

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