Thu: Sep 04, 2014

Positively remove all the air from your clutch hydraulics on the first try. That seems pretty comprehensive. I put in a new slave and did the bleed in a little while, it helps to have someone pumping the clutch.     #>

Denver police are asking for 800 body cameras for officers. Nice, I fully support officers wearing cameras.     #>

'Longmire' canceled after Season 3 on A&E, Season 4 shopped elsewhere. That sucks, we really enjoyed that show.     #>

Gender Analyzer. Interesting though not terribly accurate (pegged me ok, did not get even close to another site I tried...)     #>

Where the U.S. gets its oil from. Interesting.     #>

ORP SmartHorn Bike Light. If I rode more at night I'd be all over this, but I'm tempted anyway. The number of assholes I've seen roll through an intersection making a right turn while only looking left is staggering.     #>

DrinkMate Is A Tiny, Plug-In Breathalyzer For Android Devices. Probably fun to play with but I'd be leery of it's accuracy in case you wanted to drink drive based on it's results... I'm also reminded of the Tucker Max Sushi Pants story.     #>

1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho. Beautiful photos even without the interesting history.     #>

USB to Bluetooth KM Switch. Nifty, lets you use a real desktop keyboard (of your choice) with your phone/tablet.     #>

Outdated Magnetic Strips: How U.S. Credit Card Security Lags. I got to deal with this during my month in Australia, I had to tell everyone "it's credit, no pin, I have to sign". Received a small amount of guff over it but the frustrating part was trying to top off my transit card for the trams, they would only accept Chip and PIN, so I had to visit a shop to deal with that. American Express just sent me a new card as well, except it's "Chip and Sign", there's still no PIN as part of it...     #>

Cutting Back On Carbs, Not Fat, May Lead To More Weight Loss. Quite a bit more weight loss too...     #>

One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes Something Wonderful from Scratch. I learn a ton from watching these One Day Build videos.     #>

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