Thu: Aug 21, 2014

Please Like Me. Binge-watched the first season and now eagerly awaiting each episode of season 2. It's pretty hilarious but not in a normal sit-com way. Recommended if you can find it.     #>

In Search of Manhattan’s Last Remaining Skybridges. I had no idea New York had such things! I've been inside skybridges in a few different places (Minneapolis, Des Moines) and the underground version in Montreal but didn't even think to look for them in Manhattan.     #>

How I OCR hundreds of hours of video. Capturing CSPAN and creating a log of speakers. That's pretty slick.     #>

Why your brand-new plane doesn't have a seat-back TV. Having to depend on my own screen would be tough, I'm assuming this will mean I have to install some airline-specific app on my phone or tablet just to be able to watch movies?     #>

Have You Seen This Dog Slackline? That is incredible.     #>

The USA Pro Challenge bike race is coming from Boulder to Denver this weekend for stage 7 and there will be closures. Worth having a look at the site if you live nearby (I know some pretty major roads in Lakewood are closed.)     #>

This Infographic Breaks Down the Most Common Travel Scams by Country. Interesting. I've seen the bracelet one in Paris, and a couple others elsewhere.     #>

Congressman wants to stop transfer of weapons to police. That would be a good first step.     #>

My puppy doesn't have the right shape to swim like a normal dog, so she treads water like a maniac and makes some forward progress... This was at the Chatfield dog park which has a couple ponds for dogs to go swimming in.


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