Mon: Jul 14, 2014

Altitude Steel. Went by and rummaged through their scrap bin over the weekend looking for some things for a project. Will definitely go back.     #>

trivago Travel Advice Calendar. Interesting, find the best time to go by price of hotel.     #>

Prison to Table: The Other Side of the Whole Foods Experience. I hadn't heard about that yet.     #>

List of films featuring time loops. Still amazed at some of the things you can find on Wikipedia...     #>

Lightroom Now Remains Mostly Functional Even if Your License Runs Out. Could be worse I guess.     #>

Xplain - Explaining X11 for the rest of us. This is great, I've learned quite a bit reading the couple short parts he's put up so far.     #>

Managing Werewolves. Sounds like an interesting game to play.     #>

Seriously, Do Not Track: Adblock Plus gives Facebook users a way to block its extended tracking efforts. I've had an anti-Facebook list as part of Adblock for a long time (that and I have been using Request Policy for the last couple months, they certainly aren't getting through.)     #>

Masters of Love. Much more interesting and informative than the title would lead you to believe...     #>

Cleaning a Firefox Profile. Handy at times.     #>

How to Dry Herbs. I like the Alton Brown method of jam them between two furnace filters and strap onto a box fan. Fast drying and works well for more than just a few sprigs...     #>

What's the closest equivalent of Little Snitch (Mac program) on Windows?. I was looking for something like this to help track down outbound connections. Too bad the recommendations listed are all pay solutions (nothing open source for this that I can find...)     #>

OctoberCMS. Saved for later in case I find a use...     #>

Application Shortcut Mapper - Adobe Lightroom. Nice visual display on the keyboard shortcuts available to different apps (I mostly care about Lightroom so that's what I focused on.)     #>

David J. Gingery, best known for his series of books on how to build machine tools. I'd love to track those books down, sounds amazing.     #>

Tindie. It's like Etsy but for hardware (indie hardware projects). Some really cool stuff in there.     #>

GitHub Cheat Sheet     #>

Tune Find - Find Music from TV and Movies. Handy.     #>

I tend to prefer to use Juniper VPNs on Virtual Machines since it tends to take over the machine it's being run on. Sometimes at work we come across a customer site that requires the Juniper VPN client to be connected. Usually I use a WinXP VM that I've had for years but the last client had some requirements that couldn't be met that way. Linux Mint VM to the rescue, except out of the box it won't connect. These links helped me get the connection up and running (the big trick was replacing Java. The second big trick was kicking this off as root in the terminal so you get the prompts that you need to get)...


The Summit, a Documentary About a K2 Climbing Team, is Now on Netflix. I watched this the other day and it reinforced the idea I have no interest in climbing big mountains...     #>

Tommy Ramone, Founding Member of Influential Punk Band, Dies at 62     #>

ClearSkies. Like Dropbox but self-hosted (I still use Owncloud but it's good to have competition.)     #>

Startpage Search Engine, the world's most private search engine. DuckDuckGo now has some competition?     #>

Video Processing at Dropbox. A bit old but I found it interesting and somewhat relevant to my work.     #>

SSHFS in Windows. Nice!     #>

Bookmarked for myself for later because I'll invariably forget this by the next time I need to use it...


Music Virtual University. $20/month for classes, tempting.     #>

Secure Network Backups in a Heterogeneous Environment in the Time it Takes to Have Pizza Delivered (All Using Open Source Software!) Naturally they recommend their solution but it is open source so why not. Nice guide.     #>

Can I Stream It - New on Netflix. Handy to get an idea of what's new in case your queue is empty...     #>

If Exercise Feels Like Work, Mindless Snacking May Follow. Attitude counts.     #>

Man Who Shot at Cops During No-Knock Raid Acquitted on All Charges. Wow, actual common sense?     #>

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