Wed: Mar 12, 2014

My Track Technology. Want.

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PocketWizard Plagued by Poor Sales, May Have Laid Off Almost Half Its Staff. On one hand it's sad to see this happen to a US company. On the other hand the amount they charged was highway robbery so it's not surprising the Chinese knock-offs have eaten their lunch.     #>

How do I configure my TeamSpeak server to kick idle users? Saved for me for later reference.     #>

Odd, I've come across two incomplete IMDB profiles. The latest one is for Chis Rock. While in Brazil I watched part of a movie I finally found out was called "2 Days in New York". I say finally because it took some Googling to find, it doesn't show up on the IMDB page. For some reason I'd thought that was a comprehensive database, but I guess not.     #>

Script for converting Outlook pst to Thunderbird/Evolution compatible format on Linux. Very handy.     #>

New era of urban farming takes root in Lakewood. I am looking forward to this opening.     #>

Denver airport cuts maintenance as costs of showcase project rise. So that's what they have been working on...     #>

A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry. How is this not illegal? Oh, right, because in the US we don't give a crap about privacy.     #>

The Most Powerful Sales Tool at Lowe's: Satellites. Interesting, guess the cost of satellite imaging has really dropped.     #>

Rdng is Fndmtl. That is incredible.     #>

Web Server Certificate Fingerprints. Compare these against the certificate you see in your browser and you'll know if your certificates are subject to a Man-In-The-Middle attack (say at work, quite a lot of employers put their own certificates on the systems they give out.)     #>

The Mid-Career Crisis of the Perl Programmer. Not just an ordinary Perl programmer either...     #>

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