Wed: May 09, 2012

Did you know Columbine flowers come in red? I didn't until very recently, apparently Jane had planted them in the garden some time ago and I just never noticed. So I took a macro shot:

Dew Covered Columbine     #>

HP Busted For Putting Less And Less Ink Into Printer Cartridges. Asses.     #>

DIY Shutter Release Cable For Canon Cameras with CHDK. Works through the USB port so you'll need to cut up a USB cable and wire to the switch and battery.     #>

Cheat Sheet: How To Get The Most Out Of Gmail Without Ever Using A Mouse. Keyboard shortcuts.     #>

Apple iPod iTunes Antitrust Litigation. I received an email about this on an address that was exclusive to iTunes so I'm assuming it's legit.     #>

Lens Diffraction and How It Affects Your Photos. Worth watching.     #>

Make Your Own Photo Coasters, for you crafty types.     #>

Moby1 Trailers. I still love the idea of an expedition style trailer but I want to be able to haul things (mountain bike, dirt bike, etc) with it, so I'd still love a SylvanSport GO if they weren't so pricey.     #>

Chocolate Maker Brings Joy Out Of The Basement     #>

The Real Reason They Still Play 'Mrs. Robinson' On The Radio. Aka "The Reason I Don't Listen to Radio Anymore".     #>

How Lee Filters Are Made. That's impressive, I would have thought an automated machine would be doing this.     #>

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