Sat: Apr 28, 2012

How to Make Wine Jelly. I never seem to be able to knock a whole bottle of wine off and since I rarely drink it the next day as well this looks perfect.     #>

Surreal 360-Degree Panoramas Created by Stitching Hundreds of Photos. Those are beautiful.     #>

Canon Rebates Starting April 29 Until June 2. I have a few things I'm looking to pick up but I think I'm going the used route.     #>

How to Preserve Avocados in the Freezer. Clever, hope avocados are still inexpensive when I get home.     #>

Made In The USA: An Export Boom. Didn't see that coming.     #>

Are Food Blogs Over? I dunno but I find most of them boring. There are still a few I read but there are also a couple I keep an eye on for the recipes only, I wish the writer would write less and cook more.     #>

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