Tue: Apr 10, 2012

DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol. I remember years ago my folks had a .22 single-shot pistol that actually hung off a belt-buckle. This is not the same thing.     #>

When you share personal data with Facebook friends, you're sharing your personal data with every app your friends use. Fortunately he lists how to disable this privacy invasive "feature" (and mine was disabled long ago...)     #>

Since I was recently in Burlington, Ontario (just outside of Toronto) I took the short road-trip down to Niagara Falls. I had no idea that it was actually 3 separate falls but Horseshoe Falls is definitely the one you think of when you think "over the falls in a barrel." The daytime trip I took wasn't great for the weather so I went back at night when they light the falls up, here's a couple photos of the result (that's a nearly full moon you are seeing in the shots):

American Falls, Niagara Falls

Horseshoe Falls (Night)

Over the Edge...     #>

How to strengthen your willpower. Practice, practice, practice.     #>

Burnout is caused by resentment. Amen.     #>

Coeur De Pirate's Beatrice Martin in Studio Q. I listened to a good chunk of this last week taking the rental car back to the airport in Toronto and it got me interested in checking out her new album.


FreeCiv for Android. Not sure how it translates to the smaller screen but interesting none the less.     #>

Delorean Electric surprises in New York, will cost $95,000 in 2013. Nice. Well, not the price, but seeing Deloreans on the road again.     #>

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