Fri: Mar 23, 2012

Let The Bullets Fly. Going to go see this soon.     #>

The Dark and Disturbing Secrets HR Doesn’t Want You to Know. The excerpt worked, I want to read the book now.     #>

Yuval and Nathalie Swing Me Brother Swing Routine. Impressive.


The Translucent Desktop. I normally skip these on Lifehacker but this one just looks great to me.     #>

Here's All The Music That Pumped Up 'Project X'. I went and saw the movie last weekend and while I was entertained I definitely came out wanting an official soundtrack of the tunes in it.     #>

Linux Homepage. Wow, that seems, umm, comprehensive.     #>

Pepsi-Cola Brands and Coca Cola Brand List. Coke has so many they have to break it out by letter of the alphabet, that's ridiculous.     #>

Another -9999px. I like how one of the comments points out stopping using tricks like this and just going with a decent header graphic and alt-text.     #>

Must-Have Gadgets for the Kitchen? Think Again. Even professional chefs fall for the allure sometimes.     #>

An “Internet of Things” Camera. A small DIY "data-logger" camera. Set it to record on motion or during regular intervals. Automatically uploads via an EyeFi card.     #>

They Did It To Pluto, But Not To Pink! Please Not Pink! So it's all in your mind?     #>

Short Film 'The Black Hole'. Awesome.

Short Film 'The Black Hole' from PHOTOPLAY FILMS on Vimeo.


Get with the times: You're driving all wrong. Apparently the wrong hand position will break your arms (or worse) if the airbag deploys. Guess this means my "chill with one hand at 6pm" is the safest?     #>

Frame of Mind. Wow, well done.     #>

Disney Predicts $200 Million Loss From 'John Carter' Movie. Whoops.     #>

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