Sat: Mar 17, 2012

How Cheap Should Books Be? I do think having retailers compete on price is the model that we use, this "fixed price no matter what" is crap.     #>

The FP. Hope that's still playing when I get back!     #>

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover) . Wow, that is amazing.


Weekend Special: A Kiss Like No Other. Fun to watch, the choreography is impressive.     #>

BitTorrent Pirates Go Nuts After TV Release Groups Dump Xvid. My DVD player has a USB port that will play Xvid off a thumbdrive, it does not play x264...     #>

Retracting "Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory". Whoah, I never would have anticipated This American Life would have to do something like this.     #>

EL Suits on the Wrecking Crew. Very cool effects.     #>

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