Tue: Feb 21, 2012

France to EU: Stop Monsanto's Corn. Woo, go France!     #>

Kill List. Just watched this tonight and I'm going to say "pass", the film seems to idolize David Lynch without any of the production values. Waste of my time really...     #>

Restricting Employee Credit Checks Passes 1st Vote. One step towards better interview rights.     #>

Homemade Clif Bars     #>

The economic cost of the continuing war on my sinuses. No kidding.     #>

House Approves Guns During State Of Emergency. Probably still illegal to go around shooting people but still you can clutch them tightly while you cry.     #>

How to Accentuate the Jawline in Portraits. This quickie got me interested in buying his Art Behind the Headshot DVD. Right up until I noticed it was $300 so nevermind. I'm all for a creative author making money off his work but that's a bit ridiculous for an instruction on headshots...     #>

I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened - The Oatmeal. Once again copyright infringers provide a superior experience.     #>

World's Largest Rope Swing. Hehe, I want a ride!


How to Get Rid of Facebook Timeline, Bring Back a Simpler Profile View. Unfortunately it only changes the view YOU see, not gets rid of that crap entirely off your profile.     #>

16-Year-Old's Wildly Fruity Self-Portraits. Awesomely creative, good for her!     #>

LED Light Suit Turns Snowboarder Into a Sole Light Source. That is awesome.     #>

FDA to review inhalable caffeine. Is it any worse than the giant coffee cups some people drink?     #>

Bobcat Visits Visitor's Center At Roxborough. Nifty video.     #>

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