Tue: Feb 14, 2012

QuickFix Mudguard. Clever.     #>

Detect iPad using .htaccess. Saved for later, looks easy enough.     #>

Ingenious Infographic: U.S. Highways, Mapped Like A Subway System. I swear I saw something like that years ago but this one is pretty nice too.     #>

Three Backpacker-friendly Solar Chargers . Looks like they are coming along as a tech. I especially like the Goal Zero one that recharges AA and AAA batteries (handy for the GPS).     #>

ThinkGeek’s 8-Bitty Gamepad Promises Fun Times And Blistered Thumbs. Heh, could be fun...     #>

DPI Calculator / PPI Calculator for displays with square pixels. Also helpful since the right side lists what the resolutions are for all those goofy named ones, helps you figure out what does "WXGA++" actually mean.     #>

Pimp Your Facebook: How to Create a Badass Timeline Banner. Or simply delete your Facebook profile and never worry about it again.     #>

When-Is. Handy, tells you the dates for upcoming holidays around the world.     #>

How To: Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality. Basically the "how-to" is "buy one of these sockets and swap out an existing one" but at least I learned there are wall sockets with USB built-in (would be nice to have...)     #>

Laptop Tag: A Vimeo Weekend Project. Clever.     #>

What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade. Pretty disgusting really.     #>

Nobody gives a fuck about Superman. I don't care about the Superman comics or storyline but I still enjoyed the video...     #>

Port Forward, helps you configure your router if you need it.     #>

Poor Pee-Ple, one of the best The Daily Show segments recently. Love it when they expose the hypocrisy.     #>

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