Wed: Feb 08, 2012

Heavy Metal: the Science of Cast Iron Cooking     #>

The grand delusion, extra respect when I saw that Will Gadd was the author.     #>

How to Roll Your Own Awesome Drag-and-Drop File Sharing Service. Except for the whole "use FTP" thing I like the idea.     #>

Kubuntu Status. Well that's a bummer, that was always my preferred distro at home...     #>

Frozen Venice. Wow, wonder how often that happens?     #>

Your beautiful eyes. Incredible macro photos.     #>

Ellen DeGeneres Responds To Anti-Gay “One Million Moms” Group. Awesome.     #>

Top 6 Facebook annoyances -- and how to fix them. Pretty sure Timeline is going to push me over the edge and make me just plain delete my account.     #>

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