Wed: Oct 19, 2016

» Sous Vide Pork Chops Recipe. Once again Serious Eats comes through, this was delicious.     #

» Custom Keyboard Makes the Case for Concrete. Wow, no chance of someone just running off with your keyboard in the office...     #

Sun: Oct 16, 2016

» Save Red Rock Canyon. I've climbed out there (outside of Vegas) and it's amazing, I'd hate to see development ruin the amazing area they've got.     #

» What $50 buys you at Huaqiangbei, the world’s most fascinating electronics market. That was fascinating to read.     #

Thu: Oct 13, 2016

» Inside The Manipulative World Of Film Color Correction. Short read but interesting.     #

» Playing With Steel Wool. That came out beautiful.     #

Tue: Oct 11, 2016

» Comments about reloads with Paul Castle - founder of Center Axis Relock. Holy crap that's fast. Apparently this is the method that Keanu Reeves trained in for the movie John Wick (and it shows).     #

Mon: Oct 03, 2016

» Don’t Glue Anything Without This Handy Reference Chart     #

» Ohh, I'd love one of these...


» Simpletask Cloudless. Nice, just integrate with Owncloud and life is good.     #

» Migrate from MySQL to Postgres. Handy, I'll get around to that someday.     #

Sat: Oct 01, 2016

» [SOLVED] Dovecot pop3 Server, cannot chown, mkdir and open /INBOX. I had this hit me and wanted to bookmark the fix (which worked for me). Also related: [Dovecot] Bizarre permissions problem     #

» The Food Lab's Guide to Sous Vide Sausage. Honestly never occurred to me, but sounds good.     #

» GPS File Depot, a solid resource that I forget about every once in a while, maybe this will help me remember it.     #

» HERE Maps, looks great and runs way faster on my computer than Google Maps. Also interesting the history of HERE (the company).     #

» Debian Mail Server, Part II: SPF and DKIM. Bookmarked mostly for later. I've got a pretty solid setup with Sendmail and Dovecot, but someday I may want to move over to Postfix so I've collected some links just to help the migration.     #

» Cozy Cloud Server, looks like a worthy competitor to Owncloud (which is what I'm currently running.)     #

» Newsletters spam test by Great idea, test and see how much your email looks like spam.     #

Thu: Sep 29, 2016

» The 26th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony (2016). I didn't realize it'd already happened, glad the full thing is on Youtube!     #

Wed: Sep 28, 2016

» Cyberdeck64, that thing is beautiful. There's a build list here: HOW-TO create a Cyberdeck64     #

» VcXsrv Windows X Server. For when you need an X server and don't want to install Cygwin.     #

» The Healthy Maker: Tackling Vapors, Fumes And Heavy Metals. When I was learning to weld it never came up about the fumes, I guess it was a simpler time... Also nobody seemed to understand that smoking causes lung cancer, so there was that. I do intend to invest in a respirator now that I'm doing more welding projects.     #

Tue: Sep 27, 2016

» How to have a Projector in a Camper Van Conversion. Interesting.     #

» All About The Keto Diet: A Beginners Guide. Comprehensive.     #

» Map Coasters from my Travels. That's pretty genius, I too have a ton of maps from places I've been. I might do this.     #

Mon: Sep 26, 2016

» 2006 Self Made Man: Norah Vincent chooses Female Privilege over Male Privilege. I hadn't heard about that before, I'm going to give the book a read.     #

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