Tue: Aug 03, 2021

» Video Maps. That's really neat, I keep trying to figure out how to get my GPS aligned with my video, looks like there's not very many pieces of software that can do that.     #

» Macrochips, laser etched slate made to look like computer CPUs. I had one of those AMD K6 CPUs, would love to have a couple of these coasters...     #

» Food Wars, a youtube channel on the differences between US and UK foods, entertaining.     #

Thu: Jul 22, 2021

» speedtest-influxdb. Writes speedtest results into an influxdb instance. I'm just using Home Assistant and letting it push the data over as part of the sensor module but this is still handy.     #

» Log2Ram, does what it says, writes logs to ram rather than a flash card. I've taken to using this on all my Raspberry Pi systems to save the SD cards.     #

» ESP32 Water Leak Detector (with notification). I had no idea the ESP32 had capacitive touch GPIO ports.     #

» A visual guide to SSH tunnels. Handy.     #

» Trick Decks for Magic. I noticed the book was on sale at Amazon for 99 cents so why not.     #

» My Philosophy on Alerting. Oh, the "only alert on something actionable" was a bugbear in my last role, that damn system alerted on everything at all hours of the day. Fortunately while I was there we at least started implementing low-priority alerts that would only trigger your phone during waking hours.     #

» Template Maker. Neat, makes all kinds of shapes out of flexible material (like paper).     #

» Upgrade Kubuntu from 20.10 to 21.04. Desktop done, probably knock out the laptop soon.     #

» AWS Instance Type Cheat Sheet. There's just so many types, crazy you need a cheat sheet.     #

» Automated Hydroponic System Build. Very very comprehensive.     #

» MQTT connectivity for the Ikea VINDRIKTNING. That's fantastic, now if you could just find one in a store...     #

Mon: Jul 19, 2021

» How to Repair a Pressure Washer Hose in 6 Minutes. Unfortunately I think it costs about the same to buy the Gates compression fitting as it does to just get a new hose from Amazon. This method also significantly shortens the hose if you got your burn or cut in the middle (which is what happened to me...) That being said I appreciate the directness of the video, no mucking about, just straight into the heart of the details and a clear view of what's happening. That's pretty rare these days.     #

» Remove Your Info From MyLife.com FOREVER. That's pretty shitty you have to go to those measures to get it removed.     #

» Use The 'tail' Command To Monitor Everything     #

» StreetComplete OpenStreetMap editor for Android. Also available at the Google play store.     #

Sun: Jul 18, 2021

» Keeping An Eye On The Water Heater Pilot Light. Clever, fortunately my pilot lights on the boiler and tankless heater have never gone out but if they do I can whip one of these up.     #

» How to stabilize shaky video on Linux? I've had mixed success with the ffmpeg vidstab plugin but it's better than nothing. (Also the link has a handy shell script you can copy/paste).     #

» How To Protect SSH with Fail2Ban. Took me a while to get it setup (the jails weren't running correctly for some reason) and then I moved to requiring SSH keys so it never came up again, but fail2ban is super handy for sendmail to keep all kinds of crap out of my system. Related: Tarpit Action for Fail2ban with rate limit     #

» You Can Proof Bread in Your Instant Pot. Hmm, mine might be sold old I don't have a yogurt button, will have to check.     #

» Prevent others sending emails using your domain name. Using DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. I've done all of that and still the jagoffs at Microsoft block me.     #

» The Life Assessment Checklist. Interesting.     #

» Escaping strings in Bash using !:q Nifty.     #

» Concorde Aerospace Control Panels. Oh man, these are great, maybe get one of my table-top MAME control panel I'm making...     #

» How to unlock the bootloader and root the Google Pixel 4a. Worked a treat.     #

» dehydrated letsencrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script. I'm using certbot right now but always willing to entertain something new.     #

» EPDiy E-Paper Driver, helps control e-paper displays you harvest from old ebook devices.     #

» Lennart Green: Close-up card magic with a twist | TED Talk. Pretty great.     #

» Slow TV Map, tune in and watch an 8 hour train ride...     #

» Jerry Hargrove - Cloud Diagrams & Notes.     #

» AWS CLI Cheat Sheet. Super handy.     #

» JSON on the command line with jq. Good starter, wish json was just pretty-printed by default.     #

» AndroidEnv: The Android Learning Environment. As I understand it a way of writing bots and automations on an Android system.     #

» How To Talk Yourself Up (Without Turning People Off). Worth a listen to.     #

» Fire and Smoke Map. Terrible in Idaho right now. Unfortunately this will become a permanent bookmark of mine.     #

» Discouted Lyft fares to four Jeffco trailheads. Interesting way to keep the congestion of cars down a bit.     #

Fri: Jul 16, 2021

» Photography backdrop for under $100 - IKEA HACK. Clever.     #

Thu: Jul 15, 2021

» Direct Flights from Denver. They do a bunch of cities but I live here so... Neat to see what my options are for direct flights.     #

» Cache Cap. I like the idea but the way I sweat this wouldn't work for anything besides a credit card...     #

» HTTP Digest/Basic Auth with Python Requests module. I built a power sensor for the house recently (that will text me if the outlet loses power, needed it for a basement freezer) and the ESP8266 runs Micropython which means it doesn't have the ability to just load and run the Twilio Python module, thus me trying to figure out how to do basic auth to call the API directly.     #

» Guide to Engineering Interviews for Notion. This is specific to Notion but oh how I wish all other companies had a guide like this. I've been doing interviewing lately (not seriously, I'm more enjoying my summer off) and the level of prep and info some companies give is just terrible.     #

» VSCode draw.io integration. Nifty.     #

» Ultimate Guide to Logging, for a variety of OSes and languages.     #

» 99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice. Took me a couple passes to get through, hard to read the whole list all at once.     #

» What if the worst happens? (Building a woodworking emergency kit). Great video, and it's something I've thought about before even viewing it.     #

» encpass.sh, run-time passwords in bash (super handy for some things, I'm thinking about a time I could have used this for a script that called an API based on username and password...)     #

» Pintr Sketchbot. This is neat, upload an image and it'll give you a "point to point sketch" output. I can totally see using something like this for a social media avatar.     #

» The School for Sysadmins Who Can’t Timesync Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. Of course systemd throws ntp out the window, you can check your status with systemctl status systemd-timesyncd.service     #

» Periodic Table, wow I wish I had that in college!     #

» Index of MDI Icons that are suitable for Home Assistant. Interesting way of adding the full list of icons available into your Home Assistant panels itself. All I was really looking for was a simple list though, this seems overkill (I'd tweaked something the other day and had no idea what my icon choices were for it.) What I really wanted was just the raw git list of icons, which I'll just bookmark instead.     #

» DevOps Roadmap, seems overwhelming and I already know a bunch of it...     #

» My Personal Creed of Employment. I like that.     #

Wed: Jul 14, 2021

» RouteConverter, Java tool to edit GPX files (from a GPS). I found it really handy dealing with the files from my Vietnam trip, trying to combine into one giant route over the 7 days.     #

» DeleteFB, python script that hooks into Chrome to delete Facebook items (posts/images) in case you want to scrub your history. Of course there's no way they are actually deleting things on their server but at least it won't be visible anymore to users.     #

» MQTT Explorer and MQTTCute. I ended up using MQTT Explorer when I was first setting MQTT up just to verify everything worked.     #

» TPLink Light Bulb Disco Mode. Not sure why this made me giggle but I might give it a try at some point.     #

» Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter. I pointed this out to a few friends last year during the "everyone is making a sourdough during the pandemic" period. The thing is this is a good starter but after a few refreshes your local yeast are taking over anyway so it's not like in a couple months you'll be making "authentic Oregon trail bread".     #

» cheat.sh and tldr pages - both online resources to make figuring out command line tools simpler.     #

» Self-hosted videos with HLS     #

» xsv is a command line program for indexing, slicing, analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files.     #

» Blynk Server, lets you build custom apps for your phone that do things as part of your home automation. I'd originally thought about using it for some MQTT stuff but that was when I was first experimenting with Home Assistant and now I just run the HA app.     #

» Software to verify the integrity of a flash/SD card? I've used F3 (Fight Flash Fraud) before but lately I've just been buying cards from Microcenter or Best Buy so at least I can be sure of them.     #

» Wera Koloss ratchet and hammer. Makes sense to combine those two functions...     #

» Off Grid Winch: Making a Flip Flop Winch. That's pretty genius.     #

» Mise-en-Place for Knowledge Workers: 6 Practices for Working Clean. I like the idea of some direction like this.     #

Tue: Jul 06, 2021

» Songs from the Markov Chain. This guy fed an AI system a bunch of each band's songs and let it generate a new one. I first heard the AC/DC song a while back, didn't realize until last night he'd made more. They are generally pretty brilliant.     #

Mon: Jul 05, 2021

» FFmpeg Cheat Sheet for 360º video. I like the output of my Insta360 camera but dealing with the files is... challenging...     #

» John Perry Barlow's Rules to Live By. Worth a read.     #

» Bash RC Generator, handy way of generating the status line in your bash prompt without having to know all the details.     #

Sun: Jul 04, 2021

» Lode Runner (Web Version) and "Scavenger" for X-Windows. I spent many an afternoon with our Apple IIc playing this game, good times.     #

» Upgrade Home Assistant for ZWave-JS. That wasn't a terrible process though I wouldn't call it fun either. Everything transitioned ok except for the FirstAlert ZWave Fire Detector. I'm thinking I might try and remove it from the network and re-add.

The only other pain is the websocket server wants to run on port 3000 but Grafana is already there so I just had to remap and point Home Assistant to the IP:3001 instead, which works fine.     #

» Firefox user.js by arkenfox. Tweaks some things to make your browser better. Do read the "implementation" wiki first though.     #

» Material Design Icons, free icons you can download and use.     #

» Animagraffs, wonderful moving illustrations about how things work... Check out a sample, How a Sewing Machine Works.     #

» x265-converter, will transcode your media files into x265 (takes way less space than the x264 most files are in these days).     #

» Making Home Assistant’s Presence Detection not so Binary. I like the idea of HA presence detection but on the other hand I know when I am home or not... Still neat to see how someone would do something like this.     #

» One Hit Wonderland, a youtube playlist. Some nostalgia in there... With the current state of not really albums and spotify and everything else will there still be one hit wonders?     #

» Mdadm Cheat Sheet. Bookmarked and saved since my NAS is running MDADM and it's been so long since I set it up I don't remember any of the commands...     #

» spotify-backup, been using this to capture my liked songs in case I ever drop Spotify I'll be able to go looking for them...     #

» MakerCase box maker. Feed it the params you want and it'll generate a template you can use to cut it out of your material.     #

» Draw.io Desktop, make diagrams simply. This is the desktop version of the draw.io website. Not quite Visio but a WAY better price (free).     #

» Droneception - How to create mind-bending drone photos. Does require work in a photo editor after but it's a neat idea.     #

» Huginn: An Open-Source, Self-Hosted IFTTT. I keep waffling back and forth on "I need this but I don't know what I'd use it for..." It's still very cool and at some point I suspect I'll find a good reason to install on the home server.     #

» LibriVox, Free public domain audiobooks; Read by volunteers from around the world. So great.     #

» Managing Your Money Like a Billionaire: Part 2 (and part 1). An interesting take on dealing with spare cash.     #

» s5cmd, gives you a better experience working with Amazon AWS S3 files.     #

» GPS Correlate and GPicSync. Two programs that will take a gps track file and add the GPS location to a set of images. Since clocks on regular digital cameras (not phone cameras) tend to drift pretty bad over time I've taken to taking a picture of my smart watch (which has the second hand displayed) with the camera so I can figure out what the offset is for the group of pictures.     #

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