Thu: Oct 23, 2014

» Why Britain Uses Separate Hot and Cold Taps. Interesting.


» Custom Framing is a Racket. Agreed but the alternative he proposes (a website he made) is still pretty pricey. I can get quality poster-sized prints at Costco for less than $15 but the cheapest custom frame for it still runs into the hundreds.     #

» Dark Sky Finder Helps Nighttime Photographers Find the Least Light Polluted Spots. This and the previously mentioned ClearDarkSky are helpful for night photographers. Also shows just how bad the East Coast is, and how good we have it in the Western US. Also be sure to read the comments for other site recommendations.     #

» Digital Day Counter. Honestly had no idea something like this existed but it's a great idea (especially for tracking your left-overs and such...)     #

» Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise. Interesting.     #

» TripTips,uses locals as tour guides for trips you want to take. Interesting idea though I wonder about the quality, and they have limited cities available right now. See also Voyando.     #

» GEOS for TV - Global Episode Opinion Survey. See what the rest of the world thought about a particular TV episode. Also gives a ton of information about each series, season, and episode. I see this being more useful than the Internet Movie Database (which is fantastic for movies, not as great for TV...) Not comprehensive yet (I can't find a couple shows I watch) but I expect it to keep growing.     #

» Denver Clear Sky Chart. There are other cities of course, this is just linked straight to Denver to help me out. This gives the sky forecast for a particular area, helpful if you are trying to decide to head out for night photos (star trails, etc).     #

» What we give away when we log on to a public Wi-Fi network. Long story short - use a VPN. I've been using Private Internet Access and have been happy with them. This won't stop the initial leaking of all the WiFi SSIDs you've connected to but it will stop any further snooping once you are online. Also, don't forget your phone if you use WiFi on it (PIA has an Android client as well.)     #

Wed: Oct 22, 2014

» Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash. Made this for breakfast today, pretty tasty.     #

» 10 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview. Great list.     #

» Gooey, Turn (almost) any Python command line program into a full GUI application with one line. That is pretty damn cool.     #

» How to Cut and Juice a Lime. Definitely more optimal than the way I've been doing it...     #

» Katie's Bumpers. Met a dog at a local dog park with one of the Sqwuggies. It has a plastic water bottle inside so it makes a satisfying crunch sound, Chai really enjoyed playing with it too.     #

» The Only 8 Moves You Need to Be Fit. Make yourself a simple workout list...     #

» Hacked-DB, find out if your email address was one of the millions captured in any of the hacks that have scooped up private data.     #

» Video Tutorial Shows You How to Mount and Frame Your Own Photographs. This is the right way to do it. I have a couple large prints that I had done at Costco, I used spray glue and foam core. Looks ok but not quite like this (also cost considerably less and it's just for my own walls, I didn't sell the prints.) If you were going for a sale this is the way to go.     #

» Storm Chaser Captures Mesmerizing Time-Lapse of Clouds Rolling Like Ocean Waves. Beautiful.     #

» SEATYLOCK- Bicycle Saddle & Lock in One Amazing Product. Nifty!     #

» What It's like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class. Hmm, I have a pile of airline miles, now I just need an excuse to make this trip...     #

» Fair Credit Reporting Act, If you are being harassed by creditors, especially creditors you didn't owe your original debt to then you should definitely read this post on Hacker News.     #

» Rivers' cause of death: Lack of oxygen to brain. Yikes, I've had endoscopes done and didn't even think of this as a possible side-effect.     #

» Your Favorite PHP Framework, CodeIgniter, Has a New Home. Interesting. I'm planning on moving to Laravel but just reading the docs has me wishing for some of the simplicity that CodeIgniter has...     #

» wild kangaroo street fight Aussie style. Hahaha.     #

» Send Spot - Earth Treks Golden. Nice breakdowns of the routes in my local climbing gym.     #

» The Brick. I love that it can be either a stand-alone phone for a bluetooth handset for your normal phone. For when you really want to make sure you have something to hang onto.     #

Tue: Oct 21, 2014

» 25, 465, 587... What port should I use? That's interesting, I'd seen the alternative ports when configuring different mail software but I wasn't aware of the history (I knew about Port 25 of course but the others were something that got added after I gained my initial knowledge so I just wasn't up on the numbers and the reasoning.)     #

Mon: Oct 20, 2014

» Lakewood passes measure, takes on Colorado's construction-defects law. Yup, that's my city council - not giving a shit what the residents want...     #

Fri: Oct 17, 2014

» What Happens When National Geographic Steals Your Art? Apparently a whole lot of nothing.     #

» POODLE Attack and SSLv3 Deployment. Yikes, be sure to secure your server and secure your client (Firefox also has an add-on: SSL Version Control).     #

» The [qudos] Action: A Bright and Brawny Action Light for Your Action Shots. That's pretty cool, I can see that being super useful in some instances.     #

Tue: Oct 14, 2014

» Yellow warbler on Russian Sage, taken out of my home-office window... Wallpaper size if you want to download.

Yellow Warbler     #

» 5 ways Amnesia Improved my Life. Written by a friend of mine.     #

» EVOO Marketplace here in Denver. I picked up a sample pack of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) at the local farmer's market not too long ago, came with an interesting selection of balsamic vinegars too.     #

» How to Run Android Apps Inside Chrome on Any Desktop Operating System. Potentially useful.     #

» How To Shrink Your Virtualbox VM And Free Up Space For Your Hard Disk. Knocked 30Gb off my work virtual machine. Something I think I'll start scheduling to do every 6 months or so... The issue is that dynamic disks under VirtualBox only grow, they never shrink. So every time you save a file to your VM the disk grows, even if you delete it immediately. Running SDelete and then cloning (and then just using the clone) will free up that space since the cloning process doesn't copy empty disk space.     #

» The ham sandwich standard. I am flabbergasted at how this kind of theft is ruled legal.     #

» Nintendo Pi. Clever, and with that number of emulators you have a whole range of games to play.     #

» Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible. You do have to reapply often though, so be aware of that. Personally any time I'd need to use my phone I would just take my glove off (if it's so cold I can't remove my glove it's too cold to have my electronics out anyway...)     #

» I'm still very happy with my Lifetime Tent Trailer but I still appreciate these two off-road camper trailers: Moby1 XTR and XVenture Offroad Trailer. The challenge I have with the teardrop is how do I get my dirt-bike and quad to the campsite and trail heads?     #

» DIY Hydrophobic Coating [Never Wet, Ultra Ever Dry Replacement]. Clever.     #

Wed: Oct 01, 2014

» An illustrated guide to the Atomic Bombs. That is an amazing collection of images.     #

Mon: Sep 29, 2014

» Bill Weaver Mach 3+ Blackbird Breakup. Holy crap.     #

» Middle-School Dropout Codes Clever Chat Program That Foils NSA Spying. Good, I hope it's uptake is massive, especially among the younger crowd (who will use it more.)     #

» Birthday Statistics. Interesting, mine is near to one of the more popular days, other people I know are either right on one or very near a popular day as well.     #

» A New Way Insurers are Shifting Costs to the Sick. Multiple tiers for generics?? What the hell?     #

» Mechanical Loops. Hypnotic.     #

» DeepSkyStacker, for dealing with astrography photos (pictures of the night sky). Looks like an alternative to StarStax but with additional features. For examples of some of my night sky photos check out my Night Sky album on Flickr.     #

» DIY All-Natural Bug Spray. Wonder how well it works?     #

» InsideTracker review - blood analytics and nutrition recommendations. There's an old maxim: you cannot change what you don't measure. Getting a solid baseline is the first step to that.     #

» Baïkal - Lightweight CalDAV+CardDAV server. Interesting alternative to Owncloud if you are only looking for those two features. I like how it uses SQLite databases, that makes it pretty simple and portable as well.     #

» Android without the mothership. Using an Android phone without the constant spying from Google. It looks difficult but it can be done (I prefer to use things like Xposed Xprivacy and such to restrict wherever possible.)     #

» Build a Bug Out Kindle: A Digital Survival Library at Your Fingertips. Pretty solid list of books, though if you wait to read them until you absolutely need them it may be too late...     #

» OSTel Encrypted Voice phonecalls. You'll need a client application and the people you call will need to have an OSTel account as well but if you want encrypted voice it's worth grabbing.     #

» Moab - Captain Ahab bike trail. Something new I haven't ridden yet...     #

» What to Store in Your Refrigerator Humidity Drawers. So it's not like when you first live on your own where everything goes in any available drawer?     #

Sat: Sep 27, 2014

» TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion). Ever since he got his Phantom high speed camera he's been doing fun stuff with it (not just the standard "oh look, something blowing up after being shot")     #

» The 24th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. In case you missed the live stream you can now watch it on YouTube.     #

» Shellshock: How does it actually work? Best explanation I've seen yet.     #

» Save your Google Voicemail to Google Drive as MP3 Files. I rarely save voicemails anymore but this could be handy.     #

» Mike's Super Long-Exposure Cheat Sheet. I'm getting to be where I know what I need to do to get the effect I'm looking for but this is still valuable.     #

» Official MEGA CM11 Theme Chooser Thread. That's remarkably comprehensive.     #

» Bits Sysadmins Should Know. Some good stuff in there, things I'd like to come back to.     #

» IPSec/L2TP VPN on Linode Ubuntu server for iPhone/Android. Lets you create a VPN on your Linode that will exit out to the Internet (not just internally to your Linode system). Very handy if you travel (for either protecting all of your communications over open WiFi or being able to get around geo-blocking for things like Hulu and Netflix...)     #

Fri: Sep 26, 2014

» Sheet Metal Gauge Thickness. I pulled up some lawn edging and I have some ideas on how to use it but first I needed to see how thick it is since air nibblers seem to be rated by what thickness they can cut. Unfortunately most seem to be 16 to 18 gauge and my stuff is measuring out by the calipers closer to 13 gauge...     #

» sign language: the [new] asl "New S#*t". I know very little sign language and I was captivated by this.


» Find Your Computer’s BIOS Version From the Command Line. In Windows. Potentially very handy to know.     #

» Fantastic Workshop Helps You Master the Timeless 1940s Glamour Shot. This is a touch old but the B&H video is still available on YouTube so spend the hour and a half watching if you can...     #

» Knife Block, pretty funny DIY.     #

», generates plausible but entirely fake details for things like social networks.     #

» If Girls Proposed to Guys. Made me laugh.


» How to Make the World’s Best Paper Airplanes. I could have used this years ago...     #

» Since Wednesday night was a new moon I took the dog camping up to a spot I know outside of Idaho Springs. I figured being a ways from Denver would let me get out of the light pollution and have some solid darkness (and I was right). The result is a composite image built using StarStax. This is a series of 25 second photos that cover just over 4 hours of time (before the camera battery died.)

Kinda makes me feel dizzy...     #

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