Fri: Apr 17, 2015

» Chevy Truck Sway Bar Information. I love it when people compile information like this. I'm getting ready to do a solid front-end rebuild on my truck this weekend and this saved me from having to go measure when ordering some parts.     #

» Instagram Posts Near Me. I like the concept, he pulls photos that people have geo-tagged that are near him, not his own photos (which means he never gives his exact location away.) Clever use of the technology.     #

» The Sun-Blaster: How to Build a Powerful DIY 1000W-Equivalent LED Light for $40. Damn.     #

» How to spot a counterfeit bill - Tien Nguyen. Definitely worth watching if you are selling things on Craigslist and want to be sure you aren't getting screwed.     #

Mon: Apr 13, 2015

» aria2, is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. Alternative to wget and curl maybe?     #

» Blockposters. A website that will slice and dice your photos into sections that you can then print out and assemble into large posters. Cheaper to get a bunch of 8x10 prints and put them together than get a large poster printed (though if you go with Costco Print Services the prices really aren't bad, especially compared to what you may spend on a frame for the print...)     #

» Three Ingredient Beignets. Interesting.     #

» Hamster-GTD, a setup for those using Evernote to do GTD (Getting Things Done).     #

» SMSSecure, picking up where Whisper System's "TextSecure" dropped the ball and removed SMS in favor of just being their own messaging platform.     #

» Responsive Data Tables, using CSS.     #

Sun: Apr 12, 2015

» 0h n0. Interesting puzzle/logic game. Kind of like minesweeper but more fun.     #

» WhyTheName, short histories of the names of Open Source projects.     #

» EFF Busts Podcasting Patent, Invalidating Key Claims at Patent Office. That is excellent.     #

» Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Pretty sure I've linked to this before but it's worth mentioning again.     #

» Buying or Selling Used Gear on Craigslist? Arrange the Meetup at a Police Station. Not a bad idea.     #

» Amazon Prime Instant Video finally comes to Android tablets. Took long enough.     #

» MailStore Home. Free version of commercial email archiving software.     #

» Recovering deleted records from an SQLite database. Interesting.     #

» Best Ways to Spend Your Connection in 10 U.S. Airports.     #

» Colorado Bill Would Punish Officers Who Interfere with Photographers. That is amazing, go Colorado!     #

» Kuku Kube. Check your color perception by clicking on the different cube. Interesting that on my laptop I was able to get a better score than on my color-calibrated desktop monitor...     #

» Republican Senators Just Voted To Sell Off Your National Forests. WTF is wrong with those people?     #

Tue: Apr 07, 2015

» Datacolor Launches Spyder5: Next Gen Devices for Perfecting Your Monitor’s Color. Wow, I still have a Spyder2 that I've been running under Win7 (it didn't like doing that but it's been working out). I wonder if I should upgrade at some point. At least the prices have dropped, this is about half the price of the older versions.     #

» The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground: Ai Pioppi. I adore the fact you only get the energy out that you've put in.     #

Fri: Apr 03, 2015

» How to Deadlift [VIDEO]. Interesting, based on this I am definitely doing too much "squat" when I deadlift.     #

» Clean Up the WinSxS Folder. My understanding is that with newer versions of Windows they are actually trying to manage this, but Win7 doesn't get any of those benefits, that thing can grow to ridiculous size. Currently running 12gb on my desktop, and I regularly prune it.     #

» Documentary Heaven, watch documentaries for free.     #

» Kangaroo with Rope Dog Toy. This is Chai's favorite toy so naturally they've stopped making it. Emails to the manufacturer go un-answered so I can't even find one that's still for sale...     #

» Fake TV - Burglar Deterrent. Make some flashing lights you can put on a timer so it appears your TV is on and someone is home.     #

» The Wacky, Wiggly, Razor-Thin World of the Flexi Disc. Wow, I remember those! Pretty sure I had one off a cereal box, though I have no idea what happened to it.     #

Thu: Mar 26, 2015

» Life in Chains: Finding Home at Taco Bell. I'm not a big fast food person but Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure.     #

» Dance on the Circle. Mesmerizing to watch.


» TrendWeight, tracks uploads from a wifi weight scale. Too bad it's only a wifi scale, I'd love to be able to have an account and manually add my information...     #

» Automysqlbackup: Skipping the data of table mysql.event. Bookmarked for myself, ran into this issue once, believe I will run into it again.     #

» The evil genius of airlines, It takes work to make flying this miserable. But it pays. No kidding.     #

» The Shut-In Economy. Outsource your menial tasks so you can get more work done!     #

» Nomad SMS, you "buy" a local phone number in the country you want and any text messages sent to it get converted to email.     #

» Boris - A REPL for PHP. Basically an interactive shell for PHP to let you command-line test things before having to deal with a web server parsing it out.     #

Wed: Mar 25, 2015

» Three Emergency Trail Fixes You Should Know. The mudflap one is meh but the tire patch is gold. And I always carry duct tape with me on a ride (you could do a length of it taped to itself and use it the same way as a lift ticket...)     #

» Sonoma and S-10 vacuum switches. Found this pretty invaluable to help track down a vacuum leak I'd had. I also had the same issue with replacing my transfer case actuator, the three hose tubes don't form a solid enough seal to keep it from leaking.     #

» PriceJump - Amazon Price Checker. They aren't always the cheapest (though if you are a Prime member they are likely so convenient it's worth using Amazon as your default...)     #

» The Best Way to Mince Garlic. Well that certainly is thorough.     #

» mkcast, A tool for creating GIF screencasts of a terminal, with key presses overlaid. That's pretty impressive, very useful.     #

» Most popular word used in online dating profiles by state. Interesting.     #

» Flight Stream. A visualization of flights in the air around the world right now, looks great.     #

» How to Set Up a Facebook "Legacy Contact" for When You Die. Probably a good idea if you are active on FB.     #

» The Ultimate Firestarter: How to Make Char Cloth     #

» Amazon Smile. Shop with Amazon and they give 0.5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. Not bad if you are shopping with them anyway.     #

» youtubedown handles 1080p and 4K now. Wonder why they split the audio and video? Storage purposes perhaps?     #

» Stop Using LinkedIn. The language is a little bombastic but the logic is that LinkedIn will be seriously restricting their API, which makes 3rd party tools way less useful. Sadly it seems the standard operating procedure these days - built a website, make it useful and open, then restrict the hell out of it when you become to defacto site for that application.     #

» Team PostgreSQL. I'm slowly migrating some of my personal projects over to PostgreSQL and tools like this are helpful.     #

» Lance Havana 150 scooter. Been thinking about buying something like this as a runabout for nearby places.     #

» How To Cut and Peel Hard Winter Squash     #

Tue: Mar 24, 2015

» How I Ended Up in Solitary After Calling 911 for Help. Holy crap.     #

» Bread Proofer - Sarah’s Microwave Bread Proofer. I usually end up running two loaves at once in two separate bowls, this may be a fun test - put one in the microwave and one not, see how they compare for rise time.     #

» State Rainwater. As insane as it sounds in some places it's illegal to capture rainwater that falls on your property. In case you live on one of the non-insane places this is pretty nice: DIY Rain Collector. There is a little hope for Colorado though:

Colorado had some of the nation’s strictest rainwater harvest laws, essentially prohibiting the practice. In 2009, two laws were passed that loosened restrictions.
CO SB 80 allowed residential property owners who rely on certain types of wells to collect and use rainwater. Colorado Revised Statutes §37-90-105
CO HB 1129 authorized 10 pilot projects where captured precipitation was used in new real estate developments for non-potable uses. Colorado Revised Statutes §37-60-115

» Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik – review. Sounds like my kind of book.     #

» Kickended, shows campaigns with zero backers, it's the saddest part of Kickstarter.     #

» Meanwhile... This is really well done, worth watching.     #

Mon: Mar 23, 2015

» Massimo Banzi: Fighting for Arduino. Sucks when 1 out of 5 guys can screw something up like that.     #

» Parametrek Product Search Flashlights. That takes obsession to a whole new level, so many search options.     #

» How to convert .crt to .pem. Saved for next year, some mail servers require a pem certificate and not the standard crt that is issued by the Certificate Authorities. Also helpful: Certificate Exam in case you have a few scattered around and are trying to find the right one. Not that it happened to me...     #

Fri: Mar 20, 2015

» Conference call in real life. No kidding.


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