Mon: Nov 16, 2015

» How To Cook Spaghetti Squash in the Microwave. This combined with the spaghetti squash lasagna that I recently made is a match made in heaven. Start with the microwave, finish off in the oven.     #

» we're ready to kidnap the sandy claws. The best Lock, Shock, and Barrel costumes I think I've ever seen. If they'd showed up at my door they would have won all the candy.     #

» License Plate Readers Exposed! How Public Safety Agencies Responded to Major Vulnerabilities in Vehicle Surveillance Tech. That sucks that it's even legal.     #

» Reddit Gif Recipes, recipes in animated form, usually easier to follow than a video or a full printed recipe. I've seen some of these floating around before but didn't realize there was a full sub-reddit for them.     #

» coursera-dl, lets you download all of the lessons from a Coursera course. Handy if you spend time offline or want to do your own review after the course ends.     #

Fri: Nov 06, 2015

» Pyrex information. Apparently over the years they've changed the formula and it's not nearly as high quality now (except in Europe...) I also like the ideal behind the website - Buy It Once. Some things are fine being cheap and disposable but I wish more companies would focus on long term quality, I will pay more for that.     #

» 133 Years Later, Gaudí’s Cathedral Nears Completion. Sweet, heading there in not too much time.     #

» Task Scheduler View, because Windows doesn't just have Services that run whenever they feel like it, sometimes things like "updaters" hide in other places.     #

» Mapillary maps, creating an alternative to Google Street View with crowd-sourced photos, I think it's a great idea.     #

» Sublime Theme for Netbeans. Nice.     #

» The $24 Billion Data Business That Telcos Don't Want to Talk About. That should be illegal, period.     #

» Living the Road Dream in a 25-Foot Stealth Office. That's pretty awesome (as is the video to go with it.) I'd like to put a trailer hitch on it though, then you could take dirt and mountain bikes...     #

» Connecticut Police Announce Plan To Open Unlocked Vehicles And Seize Valuables. Uhh, what?     #

Thu: Nov 05, 2015

» System process (PID 4) constantly accessing the hard disk. Had this issue on my laptop recently and the fix of disabling Superfetch really cut down on the disk IO (it was a concern since I recently put an SSD in it and I didn't want to burn it out too fast.)     #

Thu: Oct 29, 2015

» Time Zone News. You wouldn't think something as basic as timezones would need a news feed but you'd be wrong.     #

» Hello, this is Lenny. This is hilarious, it's a set of voice scripts that you can install on your own PBX (like Asterix). And it'll waste the time of the telemarketers who call you. The first link goes to a playlist on YouTube of recordings of these calls, they are hilarious if you've had your phone get spammed with telemarketing.     #

Wed: Oct 28, 2015

» Crab, SQL for the command line. Nifty but I see that only being useful for a small subset of IT people. Still, neat way of thinking of things.     #

» Connect an Ice Maker to Your House with Leak-Free Fittings. I have two of these saddle valves in my current house I'll be replacing very soon. I've found them to be too fiddly and too prone to leaking at random times. The replacement t-valves are $10 a piece but that's an easy decision to have something not leak. Will just need to shut the water in the house off for the 20 minutes or so it'll take me to install both of these.     #

» The Eye Doctor on Your Laptop Will See You Now. I was recently in the ER for a scratched cornea (always wear safety glasses kids!) and they gave me an "eye exam" by pulling up an eye chart on a mobile phone and having me read off it.     #

» Command-Line OCR with Tesseract. Well that seems simple enough, I'd been wondering about tossing Tesseract onto a server and playing with it, now I know how simple it is.     #

» How to stop Firefox from making automatic connections. In case you want some actual privacy from your browser. This is nice and something Google sure won't provide for Chrome...     #

» Using IFTTT with Adafruit IO to Make an IoT Door Detector. The kid in me wishes I had something like this before to know if someone came into my room!     #

» Two interesting things about disk drives: Diagram of Hard Disk Drive Manufacturer Consolidation and Disk Drive Prices (1955-2015).     #

» How-To: Raspberry Pi media SERVER (easy). Slick.     #

» Halloween doll. Hah, that turned out great.     #

» Geoguessr, a game where you figure out "where you are" based on Google street view. Neat premise, totally frustrating when you get dropped into a generic suburb.     #

» How secure is your hotel safe? Not very is the answer, unless you use something like the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock (which is $70 so you really want to be sure you are locking valuable things up...)     #

» Console Improvements in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Took them long enough to make a console that's actually worth using.     #

» Crack and Cider. That's a pretty unique take on a homeless charity. You purchase an item from their store and they make sure it gets handed out to a homeless person. Their store mostly includes clothing, which is great since winter is coming.     #

» Magnolia Trails set to expand to almost 50 miles! Whoah, I haven't ridden Magnolia in years, I'd be psyched to get back up there (outside of Nederland, Colorado).     #

» Spaghetti Squash Sausage Lasagna Boats. Made a variation of this last night for dinner and it was excellent, I'll make this again for sure.     #

» REI Shocks Retail World By Closing For Black Friday, Paying 12,000 Employees to 'Opt Outside'. That is excellent and should be applauded.     #

Tue: Oct 27, 2015

» Justice sells ... but who's buying? The private prison system in the US is criminal all by itself, it's ridiculous how bad we treat the prisoners and it's terrible we let corporations profit off this.     #

Mon: Oct 26, 2015

» Lenovo collects usage data on ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation PCs. I hope my current ThinkPad lasts another 4 years because I'm not buying from Lenovo again and nobody else has the build quality I want.     #

» Paul Sellers' Poor Man's Hand Router. That's pretty clever.     #

» Tonke Woodline, that is a hell of an RV.     #

» The human costs of workplace monitoring     #

» Cryptomator, Free client-side AES encryption for your cloud files. Reminds me of the containers you could make in TrueCrypt (and still work great in VeraCrypt which works excellent as a replacement.)     #

» My Open Source Photography Workflow. Worth checking in on every once in a while to see what a full open source workflow looks like, it gets better every year (Darktable in particular is looking great.)     #

Wed: Oct 21, 2015

» Making the Ultimate DIY Headphone Stand (aka Spectrum Dock!). That came out great and has me seriously thinking about a CNC router (always wanted one, wasn't sure what I'd use it for...)     #

Sun: Oct 18, 2015

» Modern, Mortgage-Free Tiny House Built for Just $33K. If I ever get that property in the mountains I keep thinking about...     #

» What It's Like to Buy a Mattress Over the Internet. Someday I know my mattress is going to need to be replaced and on that day I will definitely be buying online, the store experience is horrible.     #

» Lightroom’s Old Import System is Coming Back After Outcry From Photographers. Well that's good to hear.     #

» How to Age Gracefully. I love it, well put together and the advice ranges from the profound to the hilarious.     #

» How to Make a Soup Can Forge. That's pretty clever, some people are using this to make knives out of things like drill bits and flat files.     #

Fri: Oct 16, 2015

» ATX breakout board bench power supply. Pretty smart, taking an old computer power supply and turning it into a power source for electronic projects (having a -12v rail isn't something I would have thought of but I can see it being useful in certain instances.)     #

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