Mon: Sep 26, 2016

» 2006 Self Made Man: Norah Vincent chooses Female Privilege over Male Privilege. I hadn't heard about that before, I'm going to give the book a read.     #

Sun: Sep 25, 2016

» Starting Plex on an Amazon Fire TV without internet access. I had this happen the other day, I lost internet access at home and it turns the Fire TV into the dumbest piece of hardware I've ever seen. Fortunately it is still possible to start Kodi (or Plex or other local video players) without requiring internet access. The short answer is to drill down via settings -> applications -> manage installed apps and open it through that menu.     #

Thu: Sep 22, 2016

» The Universal Bug Out Bag Rating System. Just been listening to this in the background while I work but something just caught my ear - the difference between a "first aid kit" and a "medical kit" (and then later a "hygiene kit"...) First aid is for breaks, bleeding, breathing, and burns. Other stuff goes into medical (ibuprofen, etc). I like this idea since my first aid kit always ends up at the bottom of the pack since it's the least used but medical type things are usually used frequently (he includes things like sunscreen in the medical...)     #

» 9 Knife Care Tips We Learned from a Master Bladesmith. I didn't realize about the amount of pressure, I definitely haven't been pushing hard enough.     #

Wed: Sep 21, 2016

» Kill Sticky Headers. You know, those stupid f-ing "hover toolbars" and shit that is so in vogue with web designers these day? The ones that cover up the things you are actually trying to read? This will kill those, just drag the button to your toolbar where it will create a bookmarklet. I use a similar one called PopStopper and it's invaluable.

Popstopper is just a bookmark with the following:


» This Gym Bleacher Wood Planks but this full-length reclaimed bowling alley would make the ultimate workbench, if you could come up with the legs to hold it up.     #

» Squeeeeek No More Kit, stops your floor from squeaking when you walk on it...     #

» Stickvise - low profile soldering vise. Looks great for it's application, you can buy the Stickvise here for $30.     #

» Turris Omnia: hi-performance & open-source router. That thing is a beast, they are right that it's more than just a router (I mean it can run virtual machines!)     #

» Heart - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors). Take some serious balls to sing that song to Led Zeppelin...     #

» Ebony lumber, looks amazing but holy crap that price!     #

» Lasermad, making and selling cool stuff in the Lasermad Etsy store, like this Nixie Button Desk Ornament .     #

» CoreThird solar panels an USB chargers. I know GoalZero set the bar for these kind of travel/adventure rechargers but it's always good to see some competition in that space.     #

» Suspension Sessions: Anatomy of a Fork. Good stuff to know in general.     #

» PiBakery - The easiest way to setup a Raspberry Pi. Fired this up to build a new Pi, worked great, especially for doing stuff like setting up a wireless network so it'll just connect on first boot.     #

» Forge Your Own Neon Signs With EL Wire. Clever.     #

» Eggplant Lasange. Made this the other day and it's a definite win.     #

» DEF CON 23 - Chris Rock - I Will Kill You. That is amazing that it's so easy to do.     #

Mon: Sep 19, 2016

» Photographer Tim Kemple Climbs and Shoots the Frigid Crags of Iceland. Stellar results.     #

Fri: Sep 16, 2016

» Instantly Free Up Almost 1GB on Your Raspberry Pi By Ditching LibreOffice and Wolfram. If you are using your Pi more in server mode than say a desktop there's quite a bit you can strip out to save some space.     #

» Setting up an SSH Tunnel with Your Linode for Safe Browsing. Really it's for any Linux server you have, not just Linode. I do like the addition of showing how to configure your browser to not expose DNS requests though.     #

» Vietnam Motorbike Tours | Cuong Motorbike Adventure. I was curious if this was real - the character of "Slater" in Archer is always wearing a t-shirt with their logo. Turns out it's real and that's awesome.     #

» Jennie Cook's Zucchini Butter. Hmm, turning zucchini into a spread you say...     #

» Magic Serial Number Decoder for GE Appliances. Apparently GE recycles their year code every 12 years, so my oven is either a 2008 or a 1996... (And I do know it's not a 2008 since I was living here then...)     #

» The Open Gapps Project, creating an open source alternative to Google Apps, which are generally installed when you put a new ROM on your phone.     #

» Office 2013 theme for LibreOffice. I really don't mind the default theme for LibreOffice but some people get irrationally upset that it doesn't look like Microsoft Office. This should help those people.     #

» How to “Work Offline” In Lightroom Mobile.     #

» How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again. Long story short - wash vigorously.     #

» The Ultimate Guide To Travel Plugs Infographic]. Pretty nice list to consult before leaving the country.     #

» HOV 3 is coming Jan. 1, 2017. Blatant money-grab, there's no way this solves the congestion problem. This now means that starting Jan 1 you have to have at least 3 people in the car to qualify for HOV use in Colorado.     #

» Recycle Health, you can recycle your wearable personal tracker (Fitbits and such) and they use them in research studies. Way better than tossing into the trash.     #

Thu: Sep 15, 2016

» Motorcycle Lift using a trailer tongue jack. Pretty clever design.     #

» Profoto OCF Beauty Dish (Silver, 24"). I like the portability of this, and the spread would be much better than the home-made beauty dish I have...     #

» Retro Arcade Cabinet. That came out amazing.     #

» Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? That genuinely made me laugh.     #

Wed: Sep 14, 2016

» The Guide to Creating Quality Technical Screencasts and Tips for Screencasting. Good stuff.     #

Tue: Sep 13, 2016

» TREG Poly Block Coupling. That thing is amazing, talk about articulation! Quite the trailer hitch.     #

» Canadian Parks Ban Radio Receivers, Blame Overzealous Photographers. Huh, I had no idea that was a thing, tracking wildlife from their beacons.     #

» Spare Parts #12 - Heat Bluing A Set Of Steel Clock Hands. That is pretty fascinating, I didn't know about this process. This is part of a series where he is making a working clock from scratch.     #

Mon: Sep 12, 2016

» Druid Arch. I've done this twice and it's been spectacular both times.     #

» IoT Security: Tips to Protect your Device from Bad Hackers. Basically how to secure your Raspberry Pi, so it's still useful.     #

» Captain Ahab and Hymasa mountain bike trails in Moab. These are the newest trails that I know about and I rode them both earlier this year - they are amazing.     #

» Podcat - "IMDB" for podcasts. If you've ever wondered if a particular person has been on a podcast this should tell you.     #

» Laura´s Custom Bike Part 1 // Screwdriver - Handlebars. That is very cool and practical...     #

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