Thu: Feb 04, 2016

» Churros: a secret history. I had no idea, but I did love the churros we got in Barcelona!     #

» How I rigged my Hyundai Santa Fe for traveling.. At about 7 minutes in he shows how he does showering/washing dishes and it's pretty clever.     #

Mon: Feb 01, 2016

» Popurls Classic Black Style 2016. So glad I found this, they really ruined that site with their "redesign".     #

» Smartphone Tripod Adapter and $1 Socket Tray. Making some practical things from wood. I like the idea behind the smartphone adapter but I don't think it'll travel well, I'll stick with my Joby adapter for that. The socket tray though is a solid idea.     #

» Denver Weather Prediction. Just came across this the other day and like it, seems to be better information than what the news pumps out.     #

Fri: Jan 29, 2016

» Wooden Counterweight Desk (or Table) and you can buy the counterweight desk plans for $29 to make your own. That is really clever and a great way to go from a sitting to a standing desk fast.     #

Fri: Jan 22, 2016

» Android IMSI-Catcher Detector. Nice and it looks like they are on F-Droid: AIMSICD on F-Droid.     #

Sat: Jan 16, 2016

» Hiérophante - Clichés. Wow, very cliche.     #

» The Kinda Large List O' Colorado Youtubers and Streamers     #

» The Truth about Violence. Read this.     #

» Un Petit Tour Dans Paris. I've been a bit burned out on stop motion lately but this was pretty good.     #

» Photographer Captures Powerful Waves on Lake Erie as Liquid Mountains. Beautiful.     #

» Honest Trailers - Minions. I thought the Minions added the right amount of humor to the first Despicable Me but they are definitely played out, this is truly honest.     #

» Detect and disconnect WiFi cameras in that AirBnB you’re staying in. Illegal to do (of course so is being watched like that) but good info to know.     #

» [OFFICIAL] Xposed for Lollipop/Marshmallow, I upgraded my phone to CyanogenMod 12.1 and this was one thing that was missing, glad it's been updated.     #

» Freetserv, An open-source hardware build-it-yourself device to remote-control up to 48 devices via their RS-232 serial port. I don't do much with terminal servers these days (hooray for iLO on an IP network!) but a few years ago I would have been all over this.     #

» The Mercat Sant Josep de La Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain. I love these kinds of markets and I keep managing to stumble into them when I travel (I rarely research any areas I go to - I rely on serendipity and it's been working great for me...)     #

» Tribalpedia, Native American Indians. I could easily get lost in this site.     #

» The Four Yorkshiremen, a remake of the Python classic with Harry Enfield, Alan Rickman, Eddie Izzard, Vic Reeves. Nice update, especially watching them all try to keep a straight face.     #

» Uses This, What do people use to get stuff done? Neat idea, seeing how other people work (I'd love to see a "roll-up" though that says something like "65% of our interviews use xxxxx for xxxxx").     #

Fri: Jan 15, 2016

» Red Roy Barcelona, really fantastic jewelry (and I saw that as someone who almost never wears any.) They also have an Etsy shop: Red Roy Barcelona on Etsy. They have a store on the Grand Via in Barcelona and I loved almost everything they had. Unfortunately when I asked for a business card I was met with skepticism since they were afraid people wanted their website just to steal their designs (a legit concern to a designer who is selling their own things from a small space in a small country.)     #

» HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven. Listed here not because I want anyone to buy it but more that I'm amazed this exists as a product (though I shouldn't be surprised.) I didn't realize there was even a market for a portable oven but I think it's a clever solution (basically an enclosed hot plate).     #

» United Airlines - free snacks are back. Interesting, they take so much away then trumpet that a few snacks are back?     #

Thu: Jan 14, 2016

» The State of Frequent Flyer Miles in 2016. It's grim out there for a traveler.     #

» US Department of Labor Retirement Toolkit. PDF, nice resource of what should happen when and a list of links for more information.     #

» Rust removal with molasses. I had no idea molasses could do that (though on some forums I found people moved to either vinegar or citric acid instead.)     #

» Copycat Recipe: Chipotle’s Vegetarian Black Beans. Finally made these today, they are definitely going into regular rotation in my house.     #

Tue: Jan 12, 2016

» My payphone runs Linux now. That's fantastic.     #

» How to create a tiny USB condom. Removing the data pins on a port adapter so you don't have to worry if the thing you are plugging into is trying to mess with your device (for instance the seat-back USB power port on some planes...)     #

Sun: Jan 10, 2016

» US Zip Code Zones. Pretty interesting.     #

» Denver council approves 2016 budget, rolls back panhandling rules.

The upshot is that panhandlers legally will be able to solicit for handouts near ATMs and after dark, ask a person for money repeatedly after being turned down, and solicit on light-rail trains and buses.

Wait, how is that an "upshot"?     #

» making of spätzle. That's amazing, I had no idea.     #

» Installing VirtualBox Guest additions using the command line. Handy when running a headless server (say a remote Linux server0.     #

» Henry Rollins Driving App Tells You How Hard It Would Have Been to Get There in the 80's. Hahaha, that would be awesome.     #

» Magic cakes: the miraculous recipes that make three cakes in one. That's pretty neat, I may try to make one.     #

» Installing microG GmsCore. GmsCore is a replacement for Google Play Services on Android phones, this lets you run useful applications without having to give all your data to Google...     #

» Replace MySQL with MariaDB on RedHat (Fedora). I have a couple RH servers that I was looking to upgrade to RH 7 and noticed MySQL has been deprecated and was blocking, this was a quick and easy replacement.     #

» CIA’s Secret War in Tibet. I had no idea about any of that (especially about them being trained in Colorado.)     #

» Security in Times of Surveillance 2015 videos. They are all good, but the one to watch is the 2nd one down - Aral Balkan: "You Are The Product". This is a revised and updated speech I saw a while back.     #

» Olympus Unveils a TG-870 Tough Camera Update. I nearly always have a Canon PowerShot with me but this looks like a great idea and the fact is has a 21mm equivalent lens is what sells it for me.     #

» COTrip Map (Colorado Road Conditions). There are so many cameras out there monitoring the highways now that it's always worth a look here before heading out anywhere.     #

» Banana Pi vs. Raspberry Pi. So a stronger version of the Raspberry Pi... Except I can't seem to figure out how to buy one.     #

» FLUID - The Learning Water Meter. I like the idea behind this project, I look forward to them shipping.     #

» Windows Explorer Navigation Pane Configuration. Neat! "WENPCFG enables you to show or hide the following nodes and their sub nodes in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer and also in the Open- and Save-File-Dialogs". You can remove stuff you never use (like Libraries...)     #

» Luuv Camera Stabilizer. I like the idea, I do not like the price (ranges from €199 to €479). For that price I'd rather have the $239 Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal.     #

» What We Do in the Shadows. Oh yeah, definitely in when Jemaine Clement is involved.     #

» Mexican Street Corn. How did I not know this was a thing when I was in Mexico?     #

Sat: Jan 09, 2016

» Stain Devils. Specific formulas of laundry cleaner targeting the type of stain you have. Good to know about (though I've switched to clothing that doesn't show stains so much these days...)     #

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