Wed: May 27, 2015

» Mount Evans, one of the local 14'ers near Denver. wallpaper version.

Mt Evans     #

» Death Star Pinata. Hah, that's awesome!     #

» Equipment Review: Best Knife Sharpeners. Everyone has moved to the 15° knife angle? Nuts, I'm out of date!     #

» Harley Guy. I have one of these jackasses in my neighborhood. He feels the need to shift into neutral and rev the shit out of the engine as he coasts up to the stop sign by my house.     #

Wed: May 20, 2015

» Two Videos, Two Cities, Two Attitudes. W.T.F.?     #

» Real Gone. Hah, that was great. There's also the making of Real Gone, part 1.     #

Tue: May 19, 2015

» How To Make a Miracle Safe. Creative.


Mon: May 18, 2015

» Name Age Calculator. Uses census data to take a guess at your age based on only your name.     #

» Film on the Rocks 2015. Yay, they finally released the schedule.     #

Thu: May 14, 2015

» SSDs lose data if left without power for just 7 days. Something to keep in mind if you are storing your computer for a while, and definitely stick to mechanical drives for cold-storage backups (off-site and such.)     #

Wed: May 13, 2015

» Looks like the Lakewood (Colorado) outdoor pools open May 22! Unfortunately the page doesn't list the hours but the city does claim to have listened to last year's survey results where people uniformly slammed the pools for having terrible hours (they used to close the pool at 5pm, even when it stayed light out until 9pm and was 100 degrees...)     #

» How to Eat Pho. Informative.


Tue: May 12, 2015

» Fun City entertainment complex to close May 31. It will always be known as "FunPlex" to me (of course when they tear it down and turn it into medical offices it will be known as "hey, you remember FunPlex?"     #

» Forekast Crowd-Sourced Internet Calendar. Handy for finding out what's happening.     #

» Pole Shift Survival Information. Once again imagine something preposterous and the Internet delivers.     #

» Real Estate Interview - no asians. I laughed (watch to the end).     #

» Floor Plans of famous Tv Apartments. That's pretty cool.     #

» Engineers of addiction. In spite of how well I have done with slots - my first trip to Vegas was a huge win entirely on slots - I really can't stand them. They just seem so pointless and dreary to sit and play.     #

» Subaru Parts Catalog. That is ridiculously handy, I love that it gives you exploded diagrams so not only can you ID your parts you can figure out how hard the replacement is going to be (helped someone replace their ball joint, wheel bearing and wheel hub over the weekend, this was incredibly helpful.)     #

» I had a user have someone guess their password and use it to start sending out spam. This resulted in one of my servers getting it's IP put into several spam black-lists (no surprise, some 30,000 emails were sent before I caught it.) Here's a list of places you can check to see if you are being blacklisted.

I've also installed SendmailAnalyzer, now I just need to figure out how to have it alert me when the amount of sent mail goes nuts like happened this time.     #

» curl --data. I had no idea you could do a POST with curl.     #

» 279 professional resume samples in Word. You could spend your entire job hunt just trying to find the "right" template you want to use...     #

» empty - run processes and applications under pseudo-terminal. Nice replacement for "expect" when doing scripting that requires interaction. Also available for Cygwin which is awesome.     #

Sat: May 09, 2015

» Cube in a Cube in a Cube. This is amazing to me but the really staggering thing is he made the entire thing on a lathe. I would have thought a mill would be involved but I guess not. Shows what can be done in the hands of a skilled machinist.


» You Can Now Bulk Download from Flickr. While I maintain a Lightroom catalog that indicates which photos I've put on Flickr a full backup would still be nice (pretty sure the early ones I put on there were from before Lightroom existed so having a count of those would be good too.) Now if they'd let you pull all the metadata too (comments, favorites, etc) so you can have a true "backup" of your Flickr space that'd be great. At least they are finally moving in the right direction.     #

» Cops: We Need Rights More Than You, Citizen. Wow, just wow.     #

» Classic Google Maps, since the current maps sucks so bad. Just add "/lochp" to the end of and you should be back in the fast and feature-rich application you remember.     #

» Bartop Video Arcade from an Old PC. Awesome.     #

» The Best Private Roku Channels, and How to Install Them. While I prefer my WDLiveTV Western Digital has made the curious decision to remove Netflix on the more recent models makes me think when mine finally dies I'll end up on Roku (which pisses me off since they require a credit card just to boot the damn device.)     #

Fri: May 08, 2015

» Vagrant Command Line Interface. Someday I'll learn about Vagrant, right now it's just a bookmark...     #

» Mann Lake Beekeeping Starter Kit. Every once in a while I think this would be fun to get into, still not sure though.     #

» All Mountain Collective, a group of European adventure photographers, their work is amazing.     #

Thu: May 07, 2015

» Berlin in July 1945. It's shocking how "normal" this looks with so much destruction. I also noticed the giant picture of Stalin as soon as you drive into the Soviet side.


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