Mon: Aug 22, 2016

» evive: a prototyping platform for makers. That is a very cool platform to start learning about Arduino from, I'm definitely backing them on Indiegogo.     #

» Congressmen Introduce Bill to Allow Mountain Bikers in Wilderness Areas. The whole calling "mountain bikes motorized vehicles" never made sense to me but I'm torn since I also like the idea of spaces that only people under their own power can get to (or I guess their own plus horse power...)     #

» The Last Dirtbag - James Lucas. I've read things online lately about how accessible gym climbing is getting to be and how few people are translating that into actual outdoor skills, how they don't know the lingo and the culture. This sounds like another song of the end...     #

Wed: Aug 17, 2016

» Make transparent wood by replacing most of the wood with other chemicals but keeping the cellulose. Kinda neat, I wonder how strong it actually is? Maybe worth just making some bookmarks or some such using this process.     #

» About a month ago I finally got sick of getting spam email that claimed to be from myself so I implemented SPF checking on my side, these were useful links for me:


Sat: Aug 06, 2016

» How Old Is She?! Hah, that's pretty good.     #

Thu: Aug 04, 2016

» DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince | Summertime | Sesame Street Mashup. Hahaha, that's awesome.     #

Fri: Jul 29, 2016

» Outdoor Meal Shootout: We Rated and Compared 11 Meals So You Don’t Have To. That's pretty nice, some of those companies I hadn't even heard of. I did have an idea years back of getting the people I knew who backpacked together in early spring to do a "cook-off" of their favorite trail recipes. Never got around to doing it and I don't really know anyone who backpacks anymore so that isn't happening anytime soon for me...     #

» RZ Mask discount, by name dropping April Wilkerson (one of the YouTube channels I subscribe to). I think the idea of a mask is great, and these don't look nearly as terrible as the paper dust masks actually are so I'm in for an "M2" (I like the idea of mesh way more than neoprene, I sweat too much as it is...) They say with the discount code you get a free pack of filter refills (and free shipping), but I couldn't add them to my cart since they show as sold out, I guess I'll have to find out if they will toss them in the box or not...     #

Tue: Jul 26, 2016

» Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories. That is beautiful, I wish there was more.     #

Sat: Jul 23, 2016

» Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk. That is absolutely genius.     #

Fri: Jul 22, 2016

» The Pet Care Card. I picked up some of these, I think it's a great idea.     #

» Case Relay is a Hot Swap System for Non-Stop Power to Your Camera. This would be handy for night photos where you want to do either long exposures or taking a ton of short photos for stitching.     #

» Graphing when your Facebook friends are awake. Super creepy.     #

Sat: Jul 16, 2016

» Three On A Rope (1938). First ever recorded climbing movie?     #

» Decibel Testing Safety Whistles. You really can find anything on the Internet...     #

Fri: Jun 17, 2016

» Wooden Tape Measure // How-To. I really don't know why Bob doesn't have more subscribers - his channel is solid and interesting. Maybe it's because he doesn't let his ego get in the way? People seem to flock to the egos...     #

» DIY Bed | 3-Tool Series. That's pretty creative, nice use of the Ikea shelf brackets.     #

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