Tue: Jul 26, 2016

» Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories. That is beautiful, I wish there was more.     #

Sat: Jul 23, 2016

» Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk. That is absolutely genius.     #

Fri: Jul 22, 2016

» The Pet Care Card. I picked up some of these, I think it's a great idea.     #

» Case Relay is a Hot Swap System for Non-Stop Power to Your Camera. This would be handy for night photos where you want to do either long exposures or taking a ton of short photos for stitching.     #

» Graphing when your Facebook friends are awake. Super creepy.     #

Sat: Jul 16, 2016

» Three On A Rope (1938). First ever recorded climbing movie?     #

» Decibel Testing Safety Whistles. You really can find anything on the Internet...     #

Fri: Jun 17, 2016

» Wooden Tape Measure // How-To. I really don't know why Bob doesn't have more subscribers - his channel is solid and interesting. Maybe it's because he doesn't let his ego get in the way? People seem to flock to the egos...     #

» DIY Bed | 3-Tool Series. That's pretty creative, nice use of the Ikea shelf brackets.     #

Fri: Jun 10, 2016

» Now that summer is apparently running full blast it's nice to know that our local power company has rebates on cooling systems: Xcel Energy Cooling Rebates. My existing swamp cooler (aka "evaporative cooler") was manufactured in January 1999. It still worked but had a decent amount of scale and rust going on so I was planning to replace it anyway (actually saw the sign for the rebates inside the store). So $350 to replace the cooler, and a $200 rebate coming back - I got to upgrade to a new unit for a whopping $150. This applied even to the unit I bought, a "Champion WM28C", which is made to be window-mount and not whole-house.     #

Thu: Jun 09, 2016

» The Wheel Size Explainer. Personally I think it sucks that mountain biking has become so fractured you even need an explanation of all the wheel sizes available.     #

» Apache Guacamole, a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH. I wonder if it will run on a Raspberry Pi and give me access to my home machine...     #

» Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 15.10. I'm a little surprised you have to use a PPA and MariaDB isn't just the default in the repos.     #

» Review: The MIOPS Smart Trigger Makes High Speed Photography a Snap. Looks like a handy device if you do that kind of photography, decent price too.     #

» The Polycade. That's pretty cool but I don't think it's $2500 cool...     #

» The Tech Boom’s Second Cities. It's funny, Akamai is hiring a ton here in Denver, the stated reason is because it's so cheap. And I guess compared to Cambridge and Santa Clara it is, but housing prices have really risen in the last couple years, I wonder how long it can go on.     #

Tue: Jun 07, 2016

» Flyover Country Tells You All About the Places You See When You Fly. I have a whole string of photos for the flight between Denver and Burbank. I can recognize a good chunk of what I was seeing but something like this would have been super helpful.     #

» Oddnetworks Open Source OTT. This is kind of amazing, you can make your own Internet TV service.     #

» Build a 'blackbox' datalogger for adding on screen display gauges to your videos. That's kinda cool. Not great if you are documenting your moving violations, but for off-road or trail use I think it'd be awesome.     #

» Perch and Salient Eye. Both will turn your old mobile phones into security cameras. Interesting use, I have a spare phone I may play around with on this.     #

» Sealander boat camper. It's a boat! No, it's a camper! No, it's both!     #

» LED filament light bulbs. That is awesome, I've really liked the look of the Edison style bulbs but had no idea you could get them in LED format. I'm tempted.     #

» Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages. Super helpful, especially when pip or easy_install isn't helping.     #

» Changing Your Pidgin Theme in Windows. Finally got me the dark look I'd been wanting. I did have to change one of the font colors for the conversation (the other person was showing up too dark to read on the dark background) but that was simple with the Conversation Colors plug-in.     #

Sun: Jun 05, 2016

» Bentley the Bulldog's Helicopter Adventure. That's pretty awesome.     #

Fri: Jun 03, 2016

» The Messed-Up Story Behind Alberta’s Sad Tradition of Throwing Loonies at Strippers. W.T.F.     #

» The Ringinator Table Saw. Clever use of the drill to make a tabletop saw.     #

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