Wed: Apr 16, 2014

» Leaked Report Says CIA Tortured Illegally; Feinstein's Mad Somebody Leaked It. WTF.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said she was absolutely outraged by this. And by "this," of course, she meant the leak. "If someone distributed any part of this classified report," she said, "they broke the law and should be prosecuted." (That goes double for the part about how none of the torturers have been prosecuted.)

» Record Beef Prices May Lead Grillers To Cheaper Cuts Of Meat. Huh, should have bought another cow last November.     #

Mon: Apr 14, 2014

» They Really Said This. Wow, just wow. Actual messages on OKCupid.     #

» What happened to Jai Alai? Since I'd only ever seen any part of a game as part of the opening credits for Miami Vice I had no idea it was as popular as this says it was...     #

Fri: Apr 11, 2014

» Why Google Is Broken for Debugging. I wasn't aware of the "soft 404" but I do know googling for error messages has resulted in me stumped more often than not lately.     #

» RX Burn Rocky Mtn Arsenal 3/14/2014 . Wow, a fire-nado.


» GateOne HTML terminal emulator. Awesome, chekc out those screenshots.     #

» Chineasy: The easiest way to learn Chinese. Wish I could have gotten in on this. Hopefully it'll be a product available in the US as well.     #

» Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts. What the hell? You expect this from a debt collector but not the government.     #

» The Invention of the Slurpee. Sweet.     #

» This American Bro: A Portrait of the Worst Guy Ever. Unfortunately (based on a sample size of 2) "bro" is becoming a term of affection among teenage girls.     #

» Zion Ice: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. I honestly never would have thought to look for ice in Zion National Park...     #

» Data recovery from accidentally deleted files or crashed drives in Redhat, CentOS and Fedora Linux. Good to see TestDisk is on Linux, I know there didn't used to be any "un-delete" tools for Linux.     #

» Incredibly Creative Stop-Motion Film Made with Only Rubber Bands & Thumbtacks     #

» Free Campsites. There's always the tried and true method of just finding some BLM land and making camp (works great in the West, not sure about in the Eastern US...)     #

» KindleBerry Pi. That's pretty cool, using a Kindle as the display output for a Raspberry Pi.     #

» The “Telephone Tower” in Stockholm, ca. 1890's. Wow.     #

» Drop Condoleezza Rice or we will #dropdropbox. Knowing this I certainly trust Dropbox much less, time to fire up Tresorit and Owncloud.     #

» Motorcycle Rope Swing. I don't know if this is idiocy or genius but I like it either way.


» Energy Scavenging Ring – Part 2 – Ring Design/Machining. Awesomely creative.     #

» How to Break Nylon & Dyneema® Slings [Vid]. Yikes. Minimize your slack and never tie a knot in the sling.     #

» Police Disabling Their own Voice Recorders. Absolutely no surprise there. The question is what will the LAPD do about it? Punish those with missing antenna? Somehow I doubt that...     #

» DXOMark: The Latest Sigma 18-200 OS is the Best Superzoom for Canon APS-C.     #

Wed: Apr 09, 2014

» Icon search engine. Some great stuff in there for designers.     #

» CNAME flattening. That is very clever, being able to use aliases (CNAMEs) for your root domain.     #

» Chef - Official Trailer. I'm in.


» I tried a Japanese wonder toilet. Americans need to drastically rethink the way we clean our butts. I still have fond memories of the toilets at the company office in South Korea (as one of my cow-orkers delicately put it "oh yeah, the ass-showers!")     #

» Sleep Like the Dead Mattress Reviews. Not in the market for one but this looks pretty comprehensive.     #

» Exoskel Tactical Shin Protection. I was thinking "nifty and useful!" until I got to the price. Pretty sure I can modify a set of BMX or Motocross shin guards (or even hockey guards) and get something similar for 1/8 the price.     #

» Google, your IPv6-related email restrictions suck. Amen, I recently got bit by this with a new Linode instance (they assign IPv6 to their servers, which is great until you run into this.) There seems to be an easy fix with Postfix: Fixing Google's new IPv6 mail policy with Postfix and for Sendmail I had to add a line from here: How to stop Sendmail sending mail from IPv6 instead of IPv4.

e.g. if your IPv4 address is, specify:

It's especially frustrating because I do have a reverse PTR record, it was required to be able to send to Comcast. While Comcast seems ok with it Google just flat refuses mail no matter what I do.     #

» NPR - Borderland. Not sure what I was expecting but I really got pulled in and enjoyed this.     #

» Outdoors Retail Behemoth Cabela's Goes 'Fast & Light' With New Product Line. Good for them! I love REI but I can't help but think some competition will be good for customers.     #

Thu: Apr 03, 2014

» This: forgotten root password combined with this: KVM/virsh (look for Console) equals fixing a virtual machine remotely in spite of the customer deciding to mess with it.     #

» America's Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders. Compared to a solid bike by a big manufacturer the bespoke isn't out of the price range... I also didn't realize this:

Additionally, just four companies—Dorel Industries, Accell Group, Trek Bicycle Corporation, and Specialized Bicycle Components—own about half of the 140 bicycle brands available in this country, including Schwinn, Cannondale, Raleigh, Gary Fisher, Trek, and Specialized, Townley said.

» Babes Chicken. Went last week while in Plano and it was pretty good. Also interesting, the sides are unlimited and "family style" (big bowls are placed on your table), all you do is order your meat (3 kinds of chicken or 1 kind of fish.) I walked away stuffed and happy.     #

» What women want on the dance floor, according to science.     #

» Juggernaut trike. I bet it's a pain to pedal uphill...     #

» The Business Recipe Behind Taco Bell's Waffle Taco. I will definitely be trying one of these.     #

» Practical Advice for the Obsessive Compulsive Traveler. I've built up a similar system over the years (I can be packed for a month of international travel in less than 10 minutes.) Having the second shaving kit fully stocked and already in the suitcase is the way to go.     #

» This Company Buys Every CD, DVD, And Video Game That You Don't Want Anymore. Interesting. I keep thinking about getting rid of all my music and movies but the thought of dealing with people on Craigslist (or shipping) gives me nightmares.     #

» "What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?" . Kudos to McDonalds for not being jerks about it and admitting that it's on the net. I was with him right up until he added a Kraft Cheese Slice on there, wonder if that's what they really use?


» The Science of Facial Hair: What Signals Do Beards, Stubble, and Mustaches Send to Others?     #

» Let the Good Times Roll: The Incredible Bowling Bubble of the 1960s     #

» How to Make the Perfect Meatball. Now that's a skill.     #

» Disconnect Search for Android Makes Your Web Searches Private. Awesome, I'm in.     #

» The Sufferfest with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright - The Full Movie. My favorite part was when they discovered they were on the wrong mountain...     #

» "Craft in America: Industry: Handmade in the Creative Economy" to premiere on PBS in May. Season 6?? This looks like something I'd watch but this is the first I've heard of it.     #

» Kitchen 101: Cooking Fats & Oils. Awesome graphic, worth printing out and having in your kitchen.     #

» CryptSync Keeps Folders in Sync and Encrypts One of Them. Handy for thumbdrives and "cloud storage". I'll stick with TrueCrypt but for simplicity this could be a great option for folks.     #

» Know-Nothing Investing: Index Funds For Beginners. I had an Etrade account and it was just too much work to deal with (even though I took a long term position.) I went ahead and closed it, I should probably go ahead and look into an Index Fund instead...     #

» C&C THE BOTTLE CUTTER. Interesting, not cheap but I like the design.     #

» Piper Security Camera. I like it.     #

» Some resources on customizing your bash shell (I've hit on a setup I like, it's two lines and has great info for the prompt. It also changes to red when I am root...)


» The Big 7 Body Breakdowns, specific to running.     #

» Some resources for converting IP addresses into locations (not entirely reliable but generally not bad.)


» Price Zombie, Price Tracking across multiple sites.     #

» Are you are a good liar? Find out in 5 seconds. Confirmed, I'm a terrible liar. What, you don't believe me?


» A few things that helped me moving some virtual servers from ViaVerio to Linode:

I do have some personal notes for things that needed to be done (partly because I was moving from FreeBSD to CentOS) but these are things I found worth bookmarking. Sendmail stuff is in there since I was migrating in a hurry, already had a Sendmail configuration from my previous server, and I couldn't seem to get Postfix to work right (I'm sure it was me and not Postfix but I just didn't have the time and patience to troubleshoot when I already had a working config.)     #

» Cheap Summer Lodging at Universities. Interesting.     #

» How to Hide Your Google+ View Count. Sigh, yet another thing turned on by default that I had to go disable. Screw you Google.     #

» massren renamer, lets you rename files using a text editor (say vim). Also see the vim plugin: renamer.vim.     #

» tmate, a fork of tmux that gives you instant command line screen sharing. Especially nice that you can host your own server, no need to direct it through theirs.     #

» Best Android Photography Apps for Planning Photos. More weather and lighting apps than say a shoot location database but some good stuff in there (and in the comments as well.     #

» And then I was like... Uses your webcam to record animated .gifs.     #

» Second-screen apps? Viewers say ho-hum, but execs see potential. Second screen is hot for the companies deploying video but I don't know of many users (outside of having IMDB open just so you can see what else that one person was in that you might recognize them from..._)     #

» Ice Pillar Snaps with Climber on It, Here's How He Survived | Sub-Zero, Ep. 3. Wow. The actual fall is at 2:40 but it's worth watching the whole thing.     #

» Incredible Photos of Spectacular Volcanic Eruption in Chile, Lighting Storm Included. Beautiful.     #

» Freesolo - an original webseries with Mich Kemeter for EpicTV. Just signed up for EpicTV, looks like some great stuff there.     #

» How to create a self-signed SSL Certificate ...     #

» The 2014 SEO Checklist     #

» 123D Circuit Simulator. Neat idea but they've been acquired by AutoDesk to expect the web app to either go away or begin charging a ridiculous amount of money...     #

» Mountain Project Beta Creator. Lets you easily annotate images for inclusion into Mountain Project. Great for letting others know where the routes go and any additional information (beta) a climber might need.     #

Wed: Apr 02, 2014

» Low Power, Small Form Factor, and High Utility Home Server. I've thought about doing something similar, I like how he got everything into a tiny case...     #

Tue: Apr 01, 2014

» Crazy fast deadlines and workflow. Photographing the Olympics...     #

» Masterchef Synesthesia - Swede Mason. The amount of time and editing is amazing, plus it's kind of catchy.     #

» Exterminate All Rational Testaments. Hahahahaha.     #

» Nuclear Cowboyz. This was a surprisingly fun show to go to, I'm amazed at what they were able to pull off inside the very short track at the Pepsi Center.     #

» Not Fooling Anybody, a sub-Reddit full of pictures of places that used to be something else (the previous thing is usually very recognizable.)     #

» Electronic-Lab in a Box. Turned out nice.     #

» Mini-Lathe. I don't have projects off-hand that would use one but that doesn't stop me from wanting it... See also: Little Machine Shop value packs.     #

» Install LAMP Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) On RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux 6.5/6.4. Bookmarked for the single step of "mysql_secure_installation", which is something I hadn't run across before.     #

» Installing RPMforge. First thing I did when I spun up a couple new CentOS instances, the default software is sadly out of date.     #

» Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR). Sounds awesome.

This is a route that starts in the 4 corners area of Colorado, and traverses all the way across the state to Wyoming, mainly on Backroads.

» Apache, suEXEC and Virtual Hosts     #

» how to poach an egg in olive oil... Yum.     #

» The Tough Guide To Fantasyland. I may try to find a copy of that...     #

» What Photographers Need to Know About Model Releases     #

» Climb Out Of Cave: World's Longest Overhanging Roof Climb Conquered. Wow, just wow.     #

» Auto Pilot Mode Puts Your Phone in Airplane Mode When You Lose Signal. Pretty genius.     #

» Shelf Life of Pantry Items. I've blown right past a few of these, I'll take them more as "recommendations" than hard rules.     #

» Science: Gluten-Free Pizza Dough. That is really interesting but it appears the gluten free flour recipe they have linked off that video doesn't contain the same ingredients...     #

» MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display!. Awesome.     #

» The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch). This is my life.


» The Coolest Homemade Tub & Shower Cleaner EVER: The DIY Scum Buster Bar     #

» MuPDF. Used this to add my details to an RMA form before printing, worked great.     #

» Falling for the Stars, The Lives of Hollywood Stunt Doubles     #

» Expired Domain Names. There's more behind an account sign-in link but this is kind of interesting, I like how you can sort by date first registered.     #

» A tour of the British Isles in accents. That's pretty good, but I think I'll stick with Jimmy Carr teaching accents...     #

» The Definitive Guide to Starting a Successful Photography Business. I've had people over the years tell me I should do photography as a business but they don't understand how much business and how little photography there is in that line of work. I'll stick to hobbyist thanks.     #

» Making crispy chicken breasts (I've avoided their bombastic title but this video is still worth watching if you cook chicken in a skillet.)


» Use Virtualbox to Host Your Own Site, Mirror Your Tumblr or Wordpress. Clever. I've used it as a dev environment but not as a mirror.     #

Mon: Mar 31, 2014

» One Man And His Dog. Nice twist.     #

Tue: Mar 25, 2014

» Trader Joe's Extravirgins (and Floozies). Not every bottle is a winner.     #

» Linode StackScripts. There's some fantastic stuff in here (not to mention their documentation in general is great, what a huge step up from Verio, who gives you jack-all.)     #

» Trader Woes. Not sure what they expected building in Boulder but there you go.     #

» Database Changes Done Right. Comprehensive.     #

» The New TextSecure: Privacy Beyond SMS. I like the sound of that.     #

» I find it sadly funny that when using the official page to give feedback on the crappy new Flickr photo beta you are asked to sign in using Facebook or Google. Seriously, feedback for a Yahoo property doesn't even let you use your Yahoo account? Dumbasses.     #

» Sensor Gel Stick. Yikes, $50.     #

» Learn regular expressions in about 55 minutes. Now you have two problems...     #

» Two programs to analyze your Lightroom photos and tell you the statistics (favorite lens, focal length, etc): PhotoStats (stand-alone Java app) and Lightroom Analytics (two-parter, requires a plugin to export your metadata then an app to read and analyze that export.)     #

» The Secure Web Series, Part 2: How to Avoid User Account Harvesting     #

» A tcpdump Tutorial and Primer. I use tcpdump just not quite enough to remember what options I need when I use it, worth having a quick tutorial to review.     #

» Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow with Nothing But Water     #

» The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The 1939 short story in The New Yorker, not the recent movie.     #

» Eat Your Books. Turn your cookbook collection into an online resource.     #

» Nasty Icons. 45 free vector icons to spice up your designs!     #

» Retro Outdoor Gear Gallery. Wow.     #

» BetterFacebookIsBetter. Nice way to cut down on the clutter of the crappy Facebook interface.     #

» Comcast SMTP Error Code 554. I started getting these when I moved my domain to Linode. Turns out that since Linode is fully IPv6 capable I ended up connecting to a Comcast mail server via IPv6. That mail server (and this error) comes from not having had a reverse-lookup DNS AAA record for that IPv6 address. Added that in, set it as a reverse pointer (PRT) record and it was all set. Took about 5 minutes to fix.     #

» Why Thieves Steal Soap. Interesting.     #

Mon: Mar 24, 2014

» Colorado Court Okays Retroactive Reversal of Marijuana Convictions. Not all of them but some is better than none?     #

» Vertical corner garden out of pallets. Clever.     #

» Printable Paper. Worth bookmarking now that I've added a lazer printer to the house (inkjets with this kind of thing just look bad.)     #

» Pasta Jay’s goes retail with its marinara sauce. The one in Moab has been a semi-regular stop for me over the years...     #

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