Tue: May 23, 2023

» The Making of Tron (1982) (Full Documentary) (YouTube link). The amount of work that went into post-production (starting about 40 minutes in) boggles the mind with the number of transparencies they had to have to animate a live action film...     #

Fri: May 19, 2023

» Road Side Inspection Record Request. Colorado's air quality efforts include emissions testing. They also park vans with sensors in different places, as long as you drive past two of the vans within a set time limit you don't have to take your car to get emissions testing performed. This tool lets you look up the times your car passed a sensor van...     #

» After 20 Years Of Welding, I Learn How To Weld (YouTube video), as someone who knows how to stick metal together in a functional but not very attractive way I felt this, made me interested in taking a class myself.     #

» Refuse Uline, a garbage company run by garbage people, do what you can to not give them money.     #

» List of world cities by population density. Wow, number one is far and away ahead of number 2. That... does not sound pleasant to me at all.     #

» Route Setters of the Tokyo Olympics. Having a home climbing wall has taught me that route setting is a heck of an art.     #

» Tony Koski youtube channel, lots of great videos on planting / xeriscape gardening in the Denver area. The "Right Plant Right Place for Low Water Landscapes" is over 3 hours long but full of good info.     #

» DIY plastic car body panel crack repair using hot staples ( plastic welding ). I had no idea that was a thing, but neat.     #

Thu: May 04, 2023

» Random Airport View and that's what you get looking at the page...     #

» $13 voice remote for Home Assistant. Several people had mentioned the ATOM was now out of stock but when they are back in that's a neat idea.     #

» Every Engine Sensor (youtube video) gives a great explanation of sensors in a modern vehicle, what they are for, generally where they are located, and what kind of error codes they might put out.     #

Sat: Apr 22, 2023

» Lagrange Points of the Earth-Moon System. Best explanation I've seen yet.     #

» Young Frankenstein Movie Documentary (with Mel Brooks). Thirty minutes well-spent.     #

» The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility, specifically with HTML and CSS. Good info.     #

» Zenpower3 - Linux module for reading information on AMD Zen CPUs     #

» United States Navy - Electricity & Electronics Training Series (NEETS) Modules. A comprehensive set of PDFs that'll get a beginner up to speed quickly.     #

» Github Active-Forks, quite often you'll find something on github that's no longer really being worked on but is something you need or want. This will help you figure out which of the forks of that thing are actually being worked on... I especially appreciate the bookmarklet version.     #

» Raspberry Pi security alarm. That certainly is extensive.     #

» Snibox snippet manager, I appreciate that it's self-hosted with a docker option. I generally use a scattering of text files but something like this would help me share with some of the work stuff I do...     #

» FastLED Animator for working with addressable LEDs like the WS2812 and such.     #

» List of common misconceptions from Wikipedia. That's... an extensive list.     #

» AtGames Pinball Micro : Small table - Big fun (Youtube video). Looks really interesting and it's only $500 on Amazon (which isn't cheap per se but very reasonable for what it is.)     #

Mon: Apr 17, 2023

» Kill Sticky bookmarklet. I use this for annoying web pages and a more focused one called PopStopper for specific elements.     #

» A Comparison of the NGINX and Apache Web Servers     #

Sun: Apr 16, 2023

» ANNUAL RAPTOR CLOSURES (specifically for climbers in the front range of Colorado). Happens ever year, always worth looking at a list like this before heading out.     #

» Stop Killing Your Trees With Unnatural Landscape Beds. Interesting how many people just put a ring around the tree, makes it look so much tidier.     #

» Advanced Blind Control, automating window blinds based on how bright it is outside.     #

» Import Contacts Vcards Into Nextcloud. This is a pretty fantastic use of AWK. I sure wish I'd known about the difference between the Record Separator and Field Separator years ago, I can think of some giant files that would have been way easier to split up using that trick.     #

» The EASIEST Way to Connect to a Car's CAN Bus. Well that's neat and reasonably priced as well at under $40. Considering what some straight ODB readers cost this is a great deal.     #

» Unknown Pleasures, Python script takes in a heightmap image and turns it into an Unknown Pleasures album art style image. Nifty!     #

» FreshTomato Feature Matrix. I have an ARM router and all along I've been using the All In One (AIO) version but as I've added devices to my network I've run into some performance issues so I'm swapping out to the VPN only version as I realize I don't use any of the extra features.     #

» How I Fixed a Parasitic Drain on my Car in 408 Days. The tenacity is impressive and the troubleshooting method is interesting. I too have a parasitic drain in a car and it's infuriating. I've taken to just leaving a trickle charger on the car when it sits more than a day.     #

» How I Train My Body For Film & Television (YouTube link with Katee Sackhoff). There's a lot I appreciate about this video, her frank discussion of her weights in various roles is the first time I've heard this discussed. She also mentions the difference between "looking like you can lift a car, and actually being able to lift a car", and she's pretty goofy about some stuff which is refreshing. Worth a watch!     #

Mon: Mar 20, 2023

» Colorado Web Cam List. Neat!     #

» Linuxserver.io list of containers. As I've grown my local set of services I've found I prefer Docker containers and more specifically I prefer the Linuxserver.io containers. They are updated regularly and they have good documentation.     #

» Docker Mailserver, everything you need (minus the DNS records) to run a mail server in a container.     #

» Open Source Game Clones. I've been really enjoying Beyond All Reason, it really scratches that RTS itch for me (used to love C&C Red Alert and Total Annihilation)     #

» ESP8266-HTTP-IR-Blaster and zmote. I've had really good luck with my entertainment center (tv and stereo) and the new mini-split heat pumps with just using the esphome IR climate and esphome remote transmitter. I did have to setup a receiver and do some capturing but that's easy to do.     #

» Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi, this is on Linux specifically.     #

» 20+ FFmpeg Commands For Beginners. One of these days I'll remember...     #

» Lost Highways, a podcast about Colorado history.     #

» electrical engineering textbook covering electricity and electronics, free and worth a look through if you are tinkering with electronics and circuits.     #

» Video Post Production Workflow Guide, really well done on everything from the capture in the camera to editing (including color grading!) and output to a screen. Impressive guide for free.     #

» Standard Resume, templates look nice and clean.     #

» Waveshare EPaper and a RaspberryPi. I have an older Pi Zero W with a 2.4" epaper sitting on my bench, I just haven't figured out the right project for it yet...     #

» Easer Android Automation, I like the idea of the phone doing things with say a geo-fence, or just letting apps interact in general.     #

» Splash Maps, printed fabric maps. I especially like the idea of the printed fabric, maybe a chalk-bag made with the topo of your favorite crag?     #

Sun: Mar 19, 2023

» Raspberry Pi Camera, like an actual old school walk around with part of a brick camera.     #

» Circuit Simulator in a browser. Neat!     #

» Y2k Year 2000 Best Buy "REMEMBER" Sticker. I bought some and they are glorious.     #

» Keith Lynch's timeline of net related terms and concepts I actually remember a fair amount of this, I think I was first online in fall of 1992 with a shell account via my college's system named "Clem".     #

» backblaze-personal-wine easy way to backup your personal linux system via Backblaze Personal unlimited.     #

» Tech Startups in Colorado. Interesting, wonder how complete the list is.     #

» Biohazard: Iconic Symbol Designed to be “Memorable but Meaningless”     #

» Here’s How You Can Build Bee Hotels To Help Save Native Bees. Simple enough.     #

» How SMS Fraud Works and How to Guard Against It. Another one of those "this is why we can't have nice things".     #

» The Johnny Decimal System, I like the idea and the thought behind it.     #

» Mozilla SSH Configuration Generator, gives the config files you need to setup SSL/TLS websites on different web servers.     #

» Backups - Android to NAS. Right now I'm just using a basic rsync command that I run whenever I happen to think of it, I like the idea of doing the script, wonder if I can setup a trigger to do it every night (does cron even run in termux?)     #

» MTA-STS explained, if you run a mail server I guess it can't hurt...     #

» The Plant Finder, handy if planning a garden.     #

» Lakewood Speaks, city council meetings and things under consideration for the local government in Lakewood, Colorado.     #

» Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued. Long but worth reading.     #

Mon: Feb 20, 2023

» LED MATIX PHOTOBOOTH, neat, gives you a countdown timer after pushing the trigger,t hen your dSLR takes the photo at 0.     #

» Network UPS Tools (NUT) Ultimate Guide, and there's an integration with Home Assistant which is really nice.     #

» How to publicly access your homelab behind NAT (using Wireguard with port forwarding on a public VM)     #

» Docker-OSX, fired this up on my desktop machine (running Linux so it was all native to the system anyway) and within a few minutes had a fully functioning OSX system in a window, amazing. I have no idea what I'd do with it since I don't care for OS-X but hey, neato none the less!     #

» ESP32 Buyer’s Guide: Different Chips, Firmware, Sensors. Super handy, especially since they make so many models now (used to be a lot simpler with the ESP8266...)     #

» Weatherman Dashboard for ESPHome, that came out really nice looking.     #

» 121C Skate Boards, made from the carbon shells of rockets, neat idea and I like their designs.     #

Sun: Feb 19, 2023

» Making a Bling Bag With Recycled Bubble Wrap Fabric! I really like the touch pads to change what the leds are doing.     #

» The Mystery of Downtown’s Lost Tunnels. I had no idea Denver had tunnels...     #

» SwitchBot Lock, to add some smarts to your front door deadbolt. I like how simple it is and that you don't replace your existing lock (mine currently has both a keypad and a key slot, having both is important to me.)     #

» Building a website like it's 1999... in 2022. That's pretty rad.     #

» Don't Let A Power Outage Leave You Without Heat This Winter! Hmmm, my only issue is my heating system is on a 20 amp circuit and the biggest Duplex Switch Outlet is only rated for 15 amp. I wonder what the actual power draw of that circuit is, though this is definitely something to do in the summer and not now.     #

» The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets. This is nearly 20 years old and still relevant (I also generally knew about UTF-8 but this cleared a bunch of details up for me.)     #

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