Roatan 2000: September 14

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Last Day of Diving

Between the two morning dives we did our surface interval at Half-Moon Bay, tied to a pier across from West End. It was apparently "Cruise Ship Day" as the water was full of so-called Boat People snorkeling and generally running amuck. As we went to leave the bay on guy in particular proved annoying, he'd taken a paddle boat out and tied it off to the channel buoy then snorkeled right into the channel (it should be noted that the channels in and out of the bays on Roatan are very narrow, the boats need the full width to fit through. After some yelling back and forth between us and him he finally got the picture and got out of the way. Seems the cruise ship people are only liked by those with something to sell and barely tolerated by everyone else.

After the second morning dive Kate and I hung around BIBR for lunch since it was the last day of diving. Kathleen (the chef for BIBR) had cooked up Patillas (not sure about the spelling), which were basically fried fish and meat tacos. Very tasty stuff.

On the third (and last) dive Kate and I spotted a pretty big barricuda, just hanging out on the reef. The teeth looked enormous, but he had no interest in us, swimming away as we cautiously approached. We got back to the resort, asked Cam to figure up the total cost of the diving and such for us then went for a dip in the pool at the cabana.

Milliways Again

Dinner was at Milliways for the second time (it was hard to argue with both the quality of the food and the price). This time I had beef stroganoff while Kate had the lobster bisque. Both were excellend, and after a couple of greens we wandered around West End looking for somewhere new to try the next day.

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