Roatan 2000: September 13

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Sight Seeing the Island

We finally got moving about 9am (it would a lie to call it sleeping in, the roosters guaranteed no sleep) and drove down The Road to BIBR to pick up Michelle, a Texan who'd come to the island with her husband only to find out a medical condition wouldn't let her dive. Faced with nothing to do but hang out at the resort all week she jumped at the chance to go exploring with us.

We drove back to the unfriendly bank (hey, it was clean and there were no lines), changed some money then went across the street to fill up the Samurai at the Texaco. Since it was a full-service pump we went inside for munchies. I paid then we tried to leave. As we were pulling out a whistling, waving attendant stopped us for not paying. Insisting we did, he went inside to ask, then came back out and said that we hadn't. I went inside to argue only to discover the woman who took my money was no longer at the counter, replaced by two other women who hadn't seen me pay. I again insisted that I did, even quoting exactly what we'd bought and the total it came to. They didn't seem happy about it but did finally let us leave. We went and got our picture taken in front of Fantasy Island (I kept telling Kate we just had to "how can you not get a picture of a sign marked Fantasy Island and surrounded by tropical plants??"), then drove to the "shopping mall" for the island, a small collection of shops known as Las Palmas in Dixon Cove. We occupied ourselves looking at carvings (imported from Guatamala), t-shirts, and cigars while it poured rain.

After the rain slowed we walked back to the car only to find the footwells completely full of water (making driving so much more fun). Heading into Coxen Hole we stopped at Paradise Computers (and Cafe!) to see technology for the only time this whole week. At $15US/hour I made a quick check of my email and the weather forecast, then logged off while Michelle spent some time on the net.

We walked down to H. B. Warren's grocery store (not as touristy as Eldon's and with better prices)and stocked up on some green beer, bread and Pringles chips while Michelle loaded up on the munchies (she'd taken requests from everyone at BIBR for their favorite foods). Leaving the store we stopped to buy some cotton candy from a couple kids who had an old machine perched on the side of the road. (And at 8 Lemps, about $0.50 it was much cheaper than back home). We did notice after eating it down though that the stick they'd used appeared to be just an old chunk of palm leaf they'd picked up off the ground, so we ate around that carefully. Back to the cabana for a refreshing dip in the pool and we were off to the Oceanside Inn for Lobster Night!

Too Many Lobsters

Kate often goes to great lengths to get lobster (in Hawaii she ordered the $50 lobster dinner on the last night we were there) and this was her chance. We ate until we were both full (and I'll admit, she out-ate me by a long stretch on this night) then were presented with the check, some $75US. Scrolling down it I asked the waitress if she could explain something, without even coming over she proclaimed "it's the service charge". I have to admit I was confused, it was $23 each for the dinner, a couple dollars each for beer, the tax, then just an $8US charge that that wasn't labeled on the receipt at all. Still confused, and more than a little disappointed (while it was ok, Kate wasn't that impressed with the food (since I hadn't ever had a full-on lobster dinner I didn't know what to expect and I was still disappointed) and we were both upset at the mystery charge), we just paid the bill and left.

In bed by 8pm (it's the lack of sleep from the rooster, I just know it).

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