Roatan 2000: September 12

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Wreck Diving

The first dive of the day we were given the option of a wreck dive or a shallower coral dive. Opting quickly for the wreck Kate and I discussed what we'd do if there was a swim-through (we didn't have that much experience and were both a bit nervous). Deciding we'd just hang out at the edge of the wreck we quickly dropped the 110 feet (with some huge grouper following us the whole way) and worked around the wreck. The wreck was a smaller freighter that had sunk then been torn into a couple of pieces by Hurricane Mitch when it passed through in 1998. The upper control room was laying at about a 50 degree angle to the ground and Andy, the divemaster, swam through it and into the ship. Giving Kate a shrug and seeing the same back we headed on in then swam around inside of the first wreck I'd ever seen. Everyone came into the room then we went out the door on the other side (now facing up). Along and over the main compartments, then drop back down the bow to the ocean floor. Just past the wreck were a couple of large rocks about 15 feet apart. Between these two rocks swam a 6 foot long green Morey Eel.

The second dive at "Canyon Reef" was less exciting, more just a time to relax in the water. We did see spider crabs inside of a coral formation. Working into one of the canyons a movement caught my eye (and a couple other people's) just in time to watch another green eel swim directly under Lydia, close enough she could have grabbed it as it went by. Kate also spotted a pretty good sized crab underclinging a shelf. We swam through a couple of tunnels and headed up to find the boat.

Lunch was PBJ sandwiches and leftover chowder in the cabana, then Kate took a short nap while I wrote up some notes about the trip so far.

Evening/Night Dive

The afternoon dive was very relaxing, just swimming among the coral (and big groupers hanging with us, they really seemed to like the attention).

The night dive mainly consisted of Kate and I swimming around looking hard for anything we could find (this was only our second night dive so it was exploration time!) We saw quite a few large lobsters moving around, tons of shrimp eyes staring back at us and a quick glimpse of an octopus hiding under a ledge. The end of the dive came rather abrupt with Kate and I noticing there were no other lights in the water. We surfaced to find everyone back in the boat (including the dive master which ticked me off a bit (he should have at least come over to make sure we knew the dive was done I thought)).

We Find Milliways!

Deciding we were hungry after the night dive we headed into West End. Driving past "42" we noticed that Milliways was now open (apparently they close on Mondays). We stopped in, both had the seafood crepes (amazingly good) and cheap green beers. Total? $6US each. The best food we'd had on the island yet, for the best price. We decided to make sure we came back again before leaving.

A second beer at "42", then back to the cabana for sleep.

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