Roatan 2000: September 08

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No Ride to the Airport

Due to circumstances (working the night shift, no working phone near his room, etc) Nathan sleeps through his alarm and doesn't answer the phone. With the deadline to be at the airport coming quick, we make the decision to call Pat & Heather for a ride to the airport since they'd both taken the day off work to pack for a camping weekend. Fortunaly for us (and sad for them since traffic was mounting that the airport was quite a bit in the wrong direction for them), they did drop us off. We got checked through the line, then made our way to the terminal to wait for the plane, which we were about 2 hours early for.

The plane ride was uneventful, no problems at all. Then we're in Houston, Texas. The airport in Houston (the George Bush International Airport?) has a pretty neat little train that moves around between all the terminals, or you can choose to walk between them (walking is probably faster, but it's a good distance between each terminal). Even better, they have a Marriott hotel stationed right between Terminal B and Terminal C. Roatan Charters managed to get us a room rate of $69 for the overnight layover, which was pretty good for any Marriott, and really good for an airport one that we didn't even have to leave the building to get to (the train and walkways are all underground).

We got up to the room, settled in, then went downstairs to see what the hotel restaurant had for breakfast. Turns out they had a buffet, so we decided to get up a bit early and make use of it. Good thing, that was the last time we saw that much food for a week...

R2K Home || Sept 09


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