Sat: Aug 24, 2019

» LittlevGL Brings GUI Tools To Micropython. That is very cool.     #

» youtube-dl-webui. I've been doing batch downloading lists of urls but this looks handy for one-offs.     #

» Reddit zenburn and Hacker News - Zenburn Dark. Both have been installed and work great.     #

» Thingiverse: Cable Organizer. I need one of these... Or two.     #

» MQTT Dash, Android phone/tablet app to watch an MQTT stream.     #

» Algo VPN Creator. Just installed on my NAS, mostly for the Wireguard implementation. I have OpenVPN already installed at home on a Raspberry Pi, but it's always good to have options.     #

» Tape Boss - a voice recorder that attaches to your tape measure, because you don't always have a pencil handy...     #

» How to spin weld at home. Basically only makes a pill bottle but neat nonetheless.     #

» Ultimate Smart Home Media Server with Docker and Ubuntu 18.04 – Basic. Hmm, more docker for my NAS!     #

» moz://a SSL Configuration Generator, always worth reviewing what you have in place.     #

» Example Home Assistant Configs. Wow, 300+ automations is impressive. I have about 10.     #

» Build an air quality monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi. Hmm, I should pick up some BME680 sensors...     #

» Circuit Simulator Applet, neat - play with electronic circuit designs.     #

Thu: Aug 22, 2019

» Make a Rain Alert System with Raspberry Pi. That's next to add to my weather station...     #

Tue: Aug 13, 2019

» Things I Learned Managing Site Reliability for Some of the World’s Busiest Gambling Sites. Documentation is so crucial. My current role definitely gets that, the last company I worked for did not.     #

Sun: Jul 28, 2019

» The Four Horsemen: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling     #

» doitlive - replay shell commands as a screencast. I can definitely see this being handy as a teaching tool at my current job.     #

» The Big Blocklist Collection. Handy.     #

» You Are a Rocketship (it's about personal productivity and goal-setting). I dig the idea of quarterly reviews, something to put on the calendar I think.     #

» Arduino with NeoPixel Optocouplers Controlling Many Relays. That's pretty genius.     #

» jq Tutorial. jq is super-powerful and super-confusing to me.     #

» Pushsafer - send & receive of Push Notifications to iOS, Android and Windows 10 Devices. My current flow of notifications with my Home Assistant setup is to have it send me an SMS via Twilio (I like that SMS will still work even in places with no data service.) The prices for Pushsafer are reasonable ( 1000 additional API calls 0.99 EUR (0.99 EUR / 1000 API Calls) ) so I may give it a go as well.     #

» Know only 10 things to be dangerous in OpenSCAD     #

» Block Facebook from your home network with your pi-hole. I am doing it on my router with DNSmasq, but this will absolutely get added if I go the pi-hole route.     #

» How to install and use pi-hole on Linux – A black hole for Internet advertisements. I've got a NAS, might see if I can dig up a Docker image...     #

» CyberPower UPS on Linux. Got this hooked up, need to tweak it. I do like that it keeps track of when power outages happen.     #

» Potholes to avoid when migrating to IPv6. Uggh.     #

» TLDR pages, Simplified and community-driven man pages. I dig the idea, usually when I'm searching the man pages it's because I want a practical example.     #

» OSSEC Introduction and Installation Guide

OSSEC is a Host based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS). Using a HIDS allows you to have real time visibility into what security events are taking place on a server.

Probably worth installing on some of my systems.     #

» Stencilfy. Does what it says on the tin, takes your text and outputs an SGV file in stencil format, you just need to size as you want and print.     #

» Electric curtain track with DOOYA motor (when searching for motorized curtains the DOOYA seems to be the keyword to look for.)     #

» Filmulator --- Simplified raw editing with the power of film. Open-source film emulation for photos, make them look like the days of old...     #

» script-manager for the Darktable photo manager.     #

Fri: Jul 05, 2019

» Allision – Nautical Word of the Day. Huh, who knew there was a different word depending on if the thing being run into is fixed (like a dock) or floating (another ship).     #

» OpenSprinkler Pi. I love it, it's still amazing to me how poor remote communication is for commercial sprinklers.     #

» How I got my Radon levels down with DIY mitigation. Had mine tested recently and it was just past the "too high" mark. I'll be running a second test with a different lab to see how it compares but in the meantime I was looking at DIY mitigations. I also don't spend a lot of time in the basement where I tested, but I suspect this is an "any amount is probably too much".     #

» Map of Denver Neighborhoods. There are so many there that I rarely have any idea where people are talking about.     #

Wed: Jun 26, 2019

» Circadian light with Philips Hue, independent from world clocks. That's neat, he changes the color of the lightbulb based on sunsets, but only on the Philips Hue right now.     #

Fri: Jun 21, 2019

» Watch 'Still Ill,' A Short Beastie Boys Documentary Celebrating 'Ill Communication'     #

Wed: May 29, 2019

» SR-71 Cockpit Checkout. Wow, there's a lot happening on that panel...     #

Wed: May 08, 2019

» How to configure Backblaze B2 with Duplicity on Linux     #

» Claudio - WakeUp Alarm based on ESP32. Nifty.     #

» How to create a dark\light mode switch in CSS and Javascript. Neat, wish more sites had this.     #

» Frequency Check. Nice, give it a mobile phone you want to use and it'll tell you if you can actually get on the right cell phone bands (as in if you can get service with it.) I'd been debating getting a Pocophone F1, this tells me how well it'd work.     #

» AFTER A DEATH OCCURS: A CHECKLIST, this is for Washington State in particular but there's still good advice in there.     #

Mon: Apr 15, 2019

» Dog and cat data - focused on Australia but this is a neat breakdown of public data.     #

» Reddit User Analyzer. Interesting.     #

» Default Filename TV. This is genius - it just auto loads videos on youtube that are the default filename a camera generates. This definitely implies no editing, nothing slick about it, just straight from a camera (or cell phone) into youtube.     #

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