Sun: Feb 18, 2018

» A super elegant way to migrate user accounts from one Linux server to another. That's incredibly handy.     #

Sat: Feb 17, 2018

» NASA | A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2. That's pretty interesting (especially look at Australia, they have so little...)     #

» Export a Command Line cURL Command to an Executable. Huh, simple enough.     #

» This enormous underground salt mine in Romania has been converted into an incredible amusement park. How the hell did I not know about this when I was there??     #

» On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git. I've started playing with git lately so this is timely.     #

» MPEG-2 license key. Unlocks the ability for your Raspi to play MPEG-2 (with hardware decoding). Only a couple bucks, worth it if you need that sort of thing.     #

» AWS-VPN-Server-Setup, Setup your own private, secure, free* VPN on the Amazon AWS Cloud in 10 minutes.     #

» $950 DIY 20 Bay NAS build : 2018 Edition. Huh, that's pretty slick.     #

Fri: Feb 16, 2018

» Dialect Survey Results: COLORADO. That is super interesting, and while I've lived here a very long time I also don't pronounce everything with the majority...     #

Sat: Feb 10, 2018

» Britain's Giant Airship: R.101. That was fascinating, and I loved the little twist at the end.     #

Thu: Feb 08, 2018

» The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery. I don't know I've ever stolen from a self-checkout but they have made me rage. King Sooper's software is loads better than Safeway but neither is worth a crap to someone who knows what they are doing (self-checkout is at least 3x slower than having someone check me out, simply because the software will not keep up with me.)     #

Tue: Feb 06, 2018

» OpenBSD 6.2 + CDE. Whoah, someone put Common Desktop Environment on their machine on purpose? I was never a fan, using it back in the SunOS days...     #

Mon: Feb 05, 2018

» What Are Those Hieroglyphics on Your Laptop Charger? I knew about some of them but not others, glad I read this.     #

» An 8-Minute Crash Course on Blending Modes in Photoshop. Interesting.     #

Wed: Jan 31, 2018

» The Best Emergency Preparedness Supplies. Though if you fully stocked everything you'd have no room in your house for daily life...     #

Mon: Jan 15, 2018

» Searx, a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Most importantly you can self-host.     #

» Official Malware Removal Guide. That is very... extensive.     #

» Setting up mpd + ncmpcpp + others on Windows & OSX. Streaming audio via mpd (Music Player Daemon). If you do port translation in your firewall you can stream anywhere.     #

» The All-Seeing Pi. Touch-screen photo booth that auto-tweets. I'm interested in 1/2 of this project.     #

» Yongnuo YN360 LED light Wand. Hundred bucks, tiny fraction of what the Ice Light costs.     #

» Home automation with Z-Wave, Home-Assistant, Aeon Multisensor, HUE lights, and a Raspberry Pi 2. I think of stuff like this all the time but the dog would definitely trip the motion sensors, and I work from home quite a bit. For years I've had a table lamp just on a timer so there's always light when I need it in the living room (and it's an LED bulb so it doesn't take much electricity). Still trying to find my use-case...     #

» How to Build a Simple Sound Trigger for High-Speed Photos With Arduino     #

Sun: Jan 14, 2018

» North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns. That is fascinating.     #

» Barn Hunt. I have GOT to get Chai into this. Considering how she was when I had the mouse problem in the house she'd have no issue at all with finding the rat in the hay pile.     #

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