Tue: Dec 05, 2017

» The Madness of Airline Élite Status. Glad I'm off that treadmill...     #

Mon: Dec 04, 2017

» Couple of good YouTube videos on soldering (electronics in particular...) This is a skill I'm just not great at yet so this is good info.


» Cool vim feature: sessions! Oh, nice!     #

» Evolution of Winning Race Cars: 24 Hours of Le Mans. Amazing.     #

» The United States mapped by trees and forests. I could stare at this all day...     #

» Shooting a Day-to-Night Timelapse the Cheap and Easy Way     #

» White Elephant Gifts. There's some hilarious stuff in there (earth worm jerky???) If you have a White Elephant party coming up you definitely need to peruse this...     #

» GadgetBridge lets you have control over the data your fitness tracker outputs (instead of only "sending to the cloud".) Apparently works particularly well for cheap trackers that include the Nordic CPU     #

» Mint Rafaela 17.2 - No ethernet with onboard Intel I217-V. I ran into this issue on a Mint 18 install that was running fine previously. Turns out it was the Intel driver update that Windows performed (I believe this bug is only triggered if you dual-boot). I went into the driver in Windows and disabled "wake on LAN", then the ethernet started working fine under Linux. Super frustrating and this was the only post I found online with the right answer.     #

» The Instant Pot Starter Guide for Me and You     #

Fri: Dec 01, 2017

» FreaKOCHnomics?—?How Stephen Dubner botched the opportunity of a lifetime. That episode made me unsubscribe entirely from their podcast. It was such a softball puff-piece, he kept letting Koch repeat "but it makes people more free" without pushing for HOW that was supposed to happen, it was such crap.     #

Tue: Nov 28, 2017

» Firefox 57 (Quantum): hide the tab bar. This is a must if you are using the Tree Tabs add-on.     #

Fri: Nov 17, 2017

» Affordable Alternatives to Classic Luxury Watches. I like the idea of (some of) the luxury watches but think spending that kind of money on one is just insane.     #

Wed: Nov 15, 2017

» DJI Flight Log Viewer. Well THAT is going to potentially be very handy in the future...     #

» The Road to Inspiration - a Sprinter van conversion to a mobile home for travel photography. I love it.     #

» F3 - an alternative to h2testw. It will stress-test your SD memory cards and tell you what you *really* have. There's a whole world of counterfeit cards out there, this will help you figure out if what you got is worth keeping.     #

» Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi. Most of the so-called "Kodi boxes" are just Android so you should be able to install Netflix as a native app, but this would be great for something like a Linux based media center...     #

» The World’s Favorite Climbing Areas In One Map. Looks great, would go well on the gear room wall.     #

Fri: Nov 10, 2017

» Is that a wolf or a coyote? There have been a couple posts on Nextdoor in my neighborhood lately about "wolves in the area", which isn't true (though we do have coyotes pretty close).     #

Sat: Nov 04, 2017

» Cupid on Trial: A 4-month Online Dating Experiment Using 10 Fictional Singletons. Men and women have *very* different experiences with online dating...     #

Wed: Nov 01, 2017

» WorkBee CNC Machine. Ohhh, nifty! Not terribly priced either.     #

» Home Control 2017. I'm doing baby steps in this direction but I love reading about things like this.     #

» Putting a Designer’s Polish on Ikea Products. I love the idea, I've been a big fan of Ikea for a long time and to be able to get a custom finish on it would be great.     #

» This is decent advice if you are in the back country and may run across bears: reacting to bears. I don't carry bear spray nearly as often as I should (especially since one of my favorite trails generally doesn't have many people on it so there's a better chance for an encounter...)     #

» Stitchlines Outdoor Gear Repair. Local to the Denver area, I'll keep them in mind for future issues.     #

» Zip Code zones. I love maps like this.     #

» Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution. More interesting than the title would lead you to believe.     #

Tue: Oct 17, 2017

» HTML and CSS Monopoly Board. That is seriously impressive.     #

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