Wed: Aug 06, 2014

I bought a used Polaris Magnum quad for Jenn to drive while I'm on the dirtbike and noticed the petcock (aka "fuel shut-off valve") is leaking. Looking for a replacement leads to insanity, it's $45 for the official Polaris part. Turns out someone found (in this Polaris forums thread) that a Yamaha petcock is a perfect replacement. That Yamaha valve is only $18 on Amazon, so I've gone ahead and purchased it, will know within a couple days if that person was right (and I really hope so, I'd like to save 50% off the crazy price.) As a bonus the Yamaha valve is user-serviceable, I should be able to take it apart and replace the o-rings if the new one starts leaking (not to mention the new one is metal and not plastic...)

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