Mon: Jan 15, 2018

» Searx, a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Most importantly you can self-host.     #

» Official Malware Removal Guide. That is very... extensive.     #

» Setting up mpd + ncmpcpp + others on Windows & OSX. Streaming audio via mpd (Music Player Daemon). If you do port translation in your firewall you can stream anywhere.     #

» The All-Seeing Pi. Touch-screen photo booth that auto-tweets. I'm interested in 1/2 of this project.     #

» Yongnuo YN360 LED light Wand. Hundred bucks, tiny fraction of what the Ice Light costs.     #

» Home automation with Z-Wave, Home-Assistant, Aeon Multisensor, HUE lights, and a Raspberry Pi 2. I think of stuff like this all the time but the dog would definitely trip the motion sensors, and I work from home quite a bit. For years I've had a table lamp just on a timer so there's always light when I need it in the living room (and it's an LED bulb so it doesn't take much electricity). Still trying to find my use-case...     #

» How to Build a Simple Sound Trigger for High-Speed Photos With Arduino     #

Sun: Jan 14, 2018

» North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns. That is fascinating.     #

» Barn Hunt. I have GOT to get Chai into this. Considering how she was when I had the mouse problem in the house she'd have no issue at all with finding the rat in the hay pile.     #

Fri: Jan 12, 2018

» Tape Measuring Tool. That's pretty smart.     #

» Shakespeare Insult Generator. I love it.     #

» Rent Someoneís Camper, Earn Money with Yours. Huh, I'd be worried about damages if I was renting mine out.     #

Thu: Jan 11, 2018

» HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons. Pretty decent and simple explanation.     #

Tue: Jan 09, 2018

» Your Family: Past, Present, and Future. That was surprisingly interesting.     #

Mon: Jan 08, 2018

» The Blank Box. Fires a blank (like from a gun) to scare the hell out of someone trying to steal your packages. This is fantastic, everyone should own one.     #

Fri: Jan 05, 2018

» How the Elderly Lose Their Rights. What in the actual fuck?     #

» Bayangtoys X16: Inexpensive, durable, hackable GPS drone. Kind of amazing something so inexpensive works so well. I also read good things about the Sky Viper v2450GPS Streaming Drone.     #

» Dodge and Burn. That's pretty smart, and non-destructive.     #

» DRY ICE Tools by Furnace Industries. Interesting and I think the fiddly bits of using leather straps would very much simulate how fiddly dry-tooling can be...     #

» Unofficial Patch Unblocks Windows 7 and 8.1 Updates for Kaby Lake, Ryzen. I keep thinking about building a monster new desktop machine but I don't want to be forced into Windows10 (for those few things I need Windows for). This is super handy for that.     #

» Gateway app IP Camera snapshots. Interesting idea, rather than relying on your camera to do motion sensing it'll just tell the camera when to fire...     #

» Mapzen Alternatives. That's nice of them to post that since they are shutting down.     #

» simple command line interface to the built-in Windows Firewall. Fantastic.     #

Tue: Jan 02, 2018

» Making the World's Largest Telescope. That is fascinating.     #

» A new kind of map: itís about time. Neat!     #

» Edward Snowden Introduces Baby Monitor for Spies. I wonder if this is available in F-Droid so you could install it on a rooted phone without Google Play Services...     #

» Open Source Game Clones. Great list, I had no idea there were so many free (Open Source) games available.     #

Sun: Dec 31, 2017

» Tiny House Mansion. That's pretty cool, they built on a 40-foot trailer so it actually is livable (with full size appliances). Watch the video at the top of the page, I could see myself living there...     #

Thu: Dec 28, 2017

» Web trackers exploit browser login managers. Interesting technique. I guess the solution is to use a 3rd party password manager that requires an action to trigger (I'm using 1Password right now and I have to hit the control-\ key to get it to auto-fill...)     #

» Resistor Calculator. Well that's handy.     #

» After having my trees taken care of for years by a local company they stopped responding to me altogether when I need a tree taken down. So based on some recommendations from I called Manny's Tree Service. Manny and his son Pedro came and looked the next day, quoted me an extremely reasonable price, and started a couple days later. It took them two days and they didn't even use a bucket truck (this was a tree that'd been struck by lightning, I thought for sure it was too delicate to climb). They also hauled off all the wood and cleaned up so well I couldn't even tell they'd ever been there. Highly recommended for Denver area tree service!     #

» Mt Elbert 3D Print. It's not a typical plastic print, they liken it more to a piece of sandstone when it's done. I love that it's colored.     #

» Recoll is a desktop full-text search tool. It will search inside of documents, including nested ones. As their site puts it:

Recoll will index an MS-Word document stored as an attachment to an e-mail message inside a Thunderbird folder archived in a Zip file (and more...). It will also help you search for it with a friendly and powerful interface, and let you open a copy of a PDF at the right page with two clicks. There is little that will remain hidden on your disk.

» TCP/IP Access Using bash and More on Using Bash's Built-in /dev/tcp File. That's kind of amazing, I had no idea.     #

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