Wed: Jul 02, 2014

Google Nexus 4 (LG E960) Screen replacement.DIY tutorial. This is one of the better videos I've found (and one that gets to the point - there's another video on YouTube that is 28 minutes long! I don't think it took me 28 minutes to do the whole replacement and it was my first time...) Two weeks ago my phone fell off the patio table and in spite of having a bumper case hit just right to shatter the digitizer (screen). The LCD was ok, I just couldn't get the phone to respond to any screen presses that happened below the top 1/3. So I ordered a replacement LCD/Digitizer combo from Repairs Universe and a solid set of phone tools from Amazon. Both items came fairly quickly, today was just the first time I felt I had the time to devote to it.

The dis-assembly went fine, the biggest trouble I had was getting some of the old glass out of the corner where it had fractured the worst (and where there was the most surface area for glue to hold all the little pieces.) Fortunately also I have an industrial heat gun, so being able to heat the thing up without using something slow like a hair drier was nice. Put it all back together and everything is working as it should be. Since I'd bought a replacement Nexus 4 off Craigslist in the interim I am now taking the time to do a full phone backup and flash an updated CM11 ROM. Then I'll have my old phone back and have a nice upgrade for Jenn...

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