Wed: Apr 20, 2022

Cast iron seasoning with flax oil. Did this with a cast iron pan and a couple of carbon steel pans. It worked amazingly well with the cast iron and worked with the carbon steel though the steel pans it's not lasting as long so I'm going to end up re-doing it on a regular basis it looks like.     #>

Motorcycle Electrics: Why Use Relays? I'm adding a USB power port to my dual-sport motorcycle and definitely using this to tap into the key on/off so I'm not drawing so much electricity through the key switch itself.     #>

Fix Rubber Contact Buttons With a Pencil (Logitch Harmony 650 Remote). I did something similar but I used some (kinda dried up) wire glue, the important part is get something conductive on the contact point of the button.

I've actually gone one better and just implemented an IR remote in Home Assistant with a physical switch I can just flick to turn everything on and off (more advanced stuff still needs a remote).     #>

Programming Fonts Test Drive, excellent way to see what each font looks like in a real-world situation.     #>

The Science of Cardboard, pretty fascinating and I like how they covered the recycling process, makes me feel better about setting out boxes without removing tape and such since the process accounts for glass, metal, and tape being a part of the cardboard...     #>

thang010146 on youtube which contains amazing animations of any kind of mechanical linkage you can imagine.     #>

Hell's Half Acre. Definitely putting that on my "to visit someday" list!     #>

The McAfee central America Travel Guide. I just don't even know what to say about this...     #>

K9 Moto Cockpit. Now that my dog has aged a bit this might actually work though I can't imagine she'd enjoy it to start...     #>

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