Mon: Apr 18, 2022

PiKrellCam - OSD Motion Detect Program. I like the idea of doing capture on motion but there's so much wind here so regular I'd have to crop out every tree and bush from the field of view of the camera, there would be very little left...     #>

The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services, there's just so many things they touch that a guide like this is necessary.     #>

Rebuilding Coleman Two or Three Burner Stoves. I have one of the white gas ones that's from the 1970s, still runs fine but I'm saving these pages for the day that it needs to be rebuilt (which is probably around the time this old website will go off-line...)

Also huge shout-out to the old school web look of this, I love it, reminds me of better times online.     #>

Create Custom IR remote w/ Home Assistant & ESPHome. I did something very similar but added a couple features, I'm going to do a video and a write-up soon. This was an excellent starting point however.     #>

Yamaha FZ6 - Chain Slack Adjustment. Recently swapped my tires out on the bike (after only 17 years of riding on them!) and making sure the slack was proper (and the chain was aligned correctly, for which I've ordered a Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool) was an important part of re-installing the rear wheel.     #>

Material Design Icons v6.6.96. This is a nice and easy to browse version of all the icons available in Home Assistant.     #>

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