Sat: Jan 18, 2020

» The 10 Ultimate NM Hikes. When Chai and I road-tripped through Northern New Mexico in October I hadn't ever heard of the Ri?o Grande Gorge, but we made it a point to stop and walk out to the middle of the bridge (Chai was less enthusiastic about that than I was...) It's really amazing and just kind of comes out of nowhere on the road.     #

» Quick Home Assistant Shortcuts for Android. If you use a toggle (for a switch or something) frequently this may be the way to go.     #

» Canary domain - At some point the Pi-Hole folks will release a new version that has this by default, I'm looking forward to that.     #

» HOWTO: Using pi-hole as LAN DNS server. Neat-o, I'm tired of trying to remember my whole network...     #

» Geo Heatmap - Generate an interactive geo heatmap from your Google location data. This looks pretty cool but I have location data disabled (in "theory" Google isn't saving it). I wonder if it'd work for the alternative I do use, which just outputs GPX files.     #

» Z-Wave graph. Neat addition to my Home Assistant setup.     #

Mon: Jan 13, 2020

» Triple Divide Peak and Beyond. Huh, three watersheds, that looks neat.     #

Mon: Jan 06, 2020

» How to install Wine on Neon 18.04 Bionic     #

» This comment on Hacker News tells how to disable Ubuntu from phoning home regularly.

Basically these steps:
To disable the part of the MOTD which calls home, setting
in /etc/default/motd-news should be sufficient.

To get rid of the entire "dynamic" MOTD, disable the timer unit:
  $ sudo systemctl disable motd-news.timer     #

» How I Became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | STORYTIME. I found this really interesting, and he has a great story telling style.     #

» The First 15 Seconds Of A Coyote Attack Are Critical – Here’s How To Protect Your Dog. I didn't realize going for the throat was the way they operated.     #

» Why I’m Sticking with Lightroom Classic… for Now. I've never used the "CC" version and absolutely will not. The day they drop the Classic version is the day I fully move over to DarkTable (which I will likely do anyway but that will certainly accelerate things.) If I didn't have so much time already invest in Lightroom I would have been gone long ago.     #

» How Much Land Does a Man Need? A Tolstoy short story.     #

Thu: Jan 02, 2020

» Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator. Made me laugh, and it's not just Brooklyn, I see a lot of that kind of text here in Colorado too.     #

» Blockchina - A script to block all connections from China. I'll probably end up using this on a couple servers. The other day I was randomly checking some connections and saw a few from Russia and a couple from Iran apparently.     #

» Mail Tester. Basically checks some things on your mail server, if you are setting up a new one and want to see what other systems see then this is the way to go.     #

Wed: Jan 01, 2020

» ESP cookbook. I'm mostly using microPython on my ESPs but this is still a great resource.     #

» Structured Text Tools, A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data     #

Tue: Dec 31, 2019

» MoovIt - RTD Light Rail Line W. I find the RTD website (and stop listing) not great, the MoovIt site is significantly better at displaying stops and route information. Bookmarked for when I hit other cities that have public transit...     #

» DeleteFB, Automate Scrubbing your Facebook Presence. It uses the Chrome browser in automated mode to delete things from your Facebook account.     #

» WTF - the terminal dashboard. I dig it, too bad I can't get a Linux laptop at work, this would be perfect and already integrates several tools I use...     #

Mon: Dec 30, 2019

» The Cornell Note-taking System. Concise and easy to follow. I remember learning about splitting the page like that (and I have done it plenty of times) but didn't get the full idea of building questions and such in the left, I usually just put annotations or synopsis there.     #

» Carabiner Beauty: Handmade Climbing Jewelry You Need to Check Out. The hold earrings made me smile.     #

» Is it me or is it USB? Hah, lets you see if you have a real USB data cable or if it's charge-only.     #

» ZWave to MQTT. If you have a lot of Z-Wave sensors and want to stuff them into MQTT for any reason this is what you'd want. Bookmarked for later, at some point I may pick up a packaged ZWave sensor or two...     #

» Hauk, Open-source realtime location sharing. I've opted for sending my location to a Nextcloud instance, which apparently can connect to Home Assistant (that's next).     #

» The sad state of personal data and infrastructure. I agree with this, part of the reason I run so many of my own services (including email). Still, I doubt you are going to get any one of the big services that are monetizing you to actually care.     #

» The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen, Web Edition. bunnie has made what was formerly a print guide into a free download. He admits it's not up to date, but it's still interesting to scroll through.     #

Sat: Dec 28, 2019

» Advertising is a cancer on society. Very well-written and worth a read.     #

Fri: Nov 29, 2019

» DigitalJS, an online circuit simulator.     #

» Awk by example. Handy.     #

» Miriam Makeba = The Click Song Distinct Version. Chalk that up as another thing I would have no idea how to do...     #

Tue: Nov 26, 2019

» In defense of 'flicks'. Interesting, I like the explanation of how they got to 705600000.     #

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