Fri: Feb 10, 2017

Legal Briefing for People Considering Non-Violent Civil Disobedience. Prepare yourself.     #>

Surveillance Self-Defense (from the EFF) and 14 ways to Trump-proof your life. So relevant these days...     #>

Stalker's bolt. Every time I watch one of his videos I learn something new. I knew you could make a bolt in a lathe (I've done it) and just mill the head of the bolt, but I love how he reverses it and makes the bolt in the mill then uses the lathe to cut the head. I especially like the format of this videos, I can learn without having to hear him speak (and considering I don't speak Russian it's better this way...)     #>

I've been thinking about resurrecting my old physical Franklin Planner but I don't want to deal with refill packs that give me things I don't actually want like address book pages. I'm also not a fan of the color schemes they are using on the pages, so I've been looking into printing my own. There's a surprising number of DIY templates you can download and print on your own, as well as some places offering Word files so you can actually edit them. I'm going to end up making my own (I have it in my mind how I want them to look) but these are a couple great starting places: Personal Planner - Free Printables, D*I*Y Planner Kits, D*I*Y Templates (user contributed), and D*I*Y Planner 3.0     #>

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